Brent Kuecker


Boulder, CO

For nearly two decades, Brent Kuecker has helped people to feel at home in their bodies through teaching the practices of Yoga. He is not only a Yoga and meditation teacher, but also a professional musician, videographer, and photographer. He teaches with a humanistic vision and compassionately shares what he has learned through his life and teaching work. His studies are very wide and Brent is indeed a polymath in the field of Yoga - with expertise in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, meditation, metaphysics, cosmology, tantra, mantra, kirtan, sutras - there is literally not one facet of Yoga that Brent is not interested in or willing to investigate and integrate. Brent meets students where they are at, and is exceptional with therapeutics. Brent moved to Boulder, CO with his beloved partner, Sheela Bringi in 2016. Together they have toured the world playing music and have developed a method of Yoga practice called the Sound Soma Method. What is Sound Soma? A Deeply Nourishing Yoga of Sound and Movement Class This practice seamlessly weaves together yoga āsana, functional & therapeutic movement, sonic meditation, and guided Indian singing and chanting. Be inspired by Sheela & Brent’s deep synthesis of yogic sound, musical magic & movement. In this workshop you will: - Practice accessible and therapeutic movement led by Brent, and accompanied by Sheela’s divine music - Regulate your nervous system with vagus nerve toning exercises - Experience deep and nourishing self-care.
Sat 3/25 10:00am: Sound Soma Method Yoga with Brent Kuecker, Sheela Bringi, Miles Shrewsbery, and Clinton Patterson at Treefort Music Hall
Sat 3/25 11:45am: Kirtan with Sheela Bringi, Brent Kuecker, Mx Puja Singh, Clinton Patterson, Miles Shrewsbery at Treefort Music Hall
Sat 3/25 4:30pm: Clinton Patterson + Sheela Bringi at Basque Center
Brent Kuecker