Montreal, Canada

Bodywash was formed in 2014 as a vehicle for the sonic bond between Chris Steward and Rosie Long Decter. The Montreal duo conjure a dreamscape with airy vocals, wet guitar textures and pulsating synths over a heavy rhythmic foundation. On "I Held the Shape While I Could", the sophomore record from Montreal duo Bodywash, home is a mutable thing; a location that is fixed until it isn’t. Over the album’s twelve tracks, Chris Steward and Rosie Long Decter reflect on their separate and shared experiences of losing a sense of place, the way something once solid can slip between your fingers, and their attempts to build something new from the fallout. In 2021 they took these songs into the studio, sharing them with longtime drummer Ryan White and recording and mixing engineer Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes). The result is a record that lives in the sonics of decay and renewal: breaks that burst forth from a squall of fuzz guitars, drones that glitch and stutter like ice willing itself to thaw.
Sat 3/25 7:50pm: Bodywash at Neurolux