Big Gay Paycen


Boise, ID

Big Gay Paycen is a big, gay, and now with more Paycen than ever before. His quick wits and man tits have been making Boise audiences laugh since 2013. His hosting credits include "Boise's Next Drag Superstar - All Stars," "Boise Burlesque Showperson," and "Femme Von Follis." His unforgettable performance as Dr. Frank N Furter in the Boise Horror Picture Show is legendary. If you ask him, at least.
Wed 3/22 8:00pm: Dragfort Kick Off! at The Balcony
Sat 3/25 8:00pm: FEM FEVER ft. Kerri Colby & The House of Ada at The Balcony
Big Gay Paycen