Andy Van


Los Angeles, CA

Andy Van is a Vietnamese American standup comedian. An actor and wedding MC for many years, Andy is known for his perfunctory storytelling style, quick wit and willingness to discuss any topic. His charm and charismatic delivery is consistently an audience favorite. After half a decade of performing standup, Andy has focused on highlighting Vietnamese American comedy and has dedicated his time to bringing that humor to the forefront in the form of the only Vietnamese American standup comedy showcase, Embarrassed by Night, which he co-produces with fellow Vietnamese American comedian Fred Le.
Thu 3/23 8:00pm: Thursday Mad Swede at Mad Swede Brew Hall
Fri 3/24 10:15pm: Comedy! Friday - Late Show Boise Center at Boise Centre East (Room 420A)
Sat 3/25 12:00pm: Comedy Brunch Show in Alefort at Alefort Lounge
Sun 3/26 8:00pm: Comedyfort Sunday Night Showcase! at Mad Swede Brew Hall
Andy Van