5Rhythms with Heather Riley


Boise, ID

I have always had a love of dance since I was young. I spent much time dancing on my own as a child and young adult, and finally worked up the courage to take my first dance class when I was 30. I instantly knew I wanted to teach others how to move more freely and began studying many different forms of dance and group movement locally and abroad. I have studied in Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Dubai, Canada and Belize. I have taught Zumba, Nia and am thrilled to now be teaching 5Rhythms regularly in Boise. I have a passion for world rhythms and dance styles, including salsa, zouk, flamenco and belly dancing. My other passion is being a visual strategist and creative coach, helping people and teams clarify and visualize their dreams and goals in order to bring about positive impact and change in the world. Through the use of visual media and embodiment practices, I help people "see" pathways to their goals. I spent 20 years a licensed clinical social worker, organizational development consultant and leadership coach in the child welfare system learning about the ways trauma impacts the body and how secondary trauma impacts those how are trying to help others heal from it and have a deep appreciation for the power of movement and art to heal and transform.
Sun 3/26 12:50pm: 5Rhythms with Heather Riley at Treefort Music Hall
5Rhythms with Heather Riley