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Let’s Go Big for Treefort 10!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve watched Treefort grow, change, expand, shift – much like the city in which it takes place.

The lineup has swelled from 120 to nearly 500 bands over the past nine festivals. Venues have popped up in parking lots, coffee shops, abandoned storefronts, bars and buses. Facets of the broader Boise community materialized into the 11 forts of the festival. Children grew up spending their spring break Treeforting. New bands formed and various collabs were born. Band Dialogue and Rigsketball became rites of passage. It became common to witness giant spiders, peacocks and gorillas prancing down the streets of Boise and large-scale finger puppets scurrying about. And let’s be honest, any kind of bunting now triggers memories of bouncing around stage to stage.

Since its inception, thousands of bands, artists, performers and more have played Treefort Music Fest and have signed the iconic flag that hangs in the artist lounge.

Do you remember when Lizzo and her all female crew performed on Main Stage at Treefort 2017? Or when Run the Jewels shouted “F*ck Ronald Reagan” back in 2014? There were also times we’ll sadly never be able to experience again, like in 2013 when Sharon Jones was belting out, dancing and radiating positive energy from stage on what may have been the coldest Treefort ever. And who can forget Charles Bradley’s funky dance moves, incredible fashion and red roses he handed out from Main Stage in 2016…and this is just the tip of the memory bank. Who will you discover in 2022?

After a rocky start to Treefort 9 in 2020 (which turned out to be a very rockin’ fest in September 2021), we are super excited to return to spring to celebrate a decade of Treefort Music Fest.

We look forward to continuing the tradition of discovery, unforgettable moments, lasting friendships and returning to normality with a stacked playlist and a smile on your face.

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Join us for another festival of discovery of epic proportions, March 23-27, 2022!

5-Day Festival Passes are ON SALE NOW at the Discovery Price, so get yours now before prices go up with the first Artist Announcement (coming soon!).

Happy Treefort 10, y’all!

Your Treefort Crew