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Tiny Treeforter Programming at Kidfort

From live performances to workshops to hands-on activities – Kidfort has something for kids of all ages, every day of Treefort Music Fest! 

Programming at Kidfort is geared towards the younger crowds, but it’s so fun & engaging that parents and older siblings will love it too. Kidfort 2024 events are located at The Nest stage in Julia Davis Park and Idaho State Museum.

You can look forward to workshops and performances by Mo Phillips and the Spaghetti Pants Dance Band, Fluff Hardware: Jewelry Workshop, Campfire Music Collective (formerly Boise Music Lessons), Triple Rainbow, 1970’s Disco: Dance with TRICA, UGLY BABY: Comedy reels by kids, Brave Kids Art Club, Rosie & Biff, Cory Strop & Friends, Dom Vegz: DJ set, Kids Yoga with Meg, Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo: Interactive Dance Workshop, Horses Returned: The Y Camp at Horsethief House Band, Asana Aerial Arts Youth Company +  more! 

ALL Kidfort programming is free and open to the public. In addition to Kidfort programming, more than half of the shows at Treefort Music Fest are in all ages venues. The fest allows kids under the age of 12 to attend the festival for free, when accompanied by an adult.

Know a kid that wants to be involved in Treefort Music Fest? Here are two cool opportunities:


An image promoting Treefort Cadet Program at Treefort Music Fest March 17-24, 2024. Blue arms on a green checkered background boast the slogan, "Up for anything, down to help."

Do you know an awesome kid who is interested in the music industry and Treefort Music Fest? We’ve got the perfect way to test the waters: Treefort Cadets! 

Treefort Cadets is a Spring Break experience for 12-15 year old kiddos in grades 7-9. This youth engagement program gives teens opportunities to get behind the scenes of the fest, meet artists, producers, Treefort staff and more! This may include lending a helping hand in the merch booth, backstage, in the hospitality department, at one of the forts of the festival or somewhere else! 

There are only 25 spots available for the Treefort Cadets. Each spot is $65 and includes guided Spring Break programming, a 5-Day Treefort wristband, & super cool Cadet t-shirt. Financial aid is available. Apply to be part of the crew!

If you have any questions about this program, please email cadets@treefortmusicfest.com



Kidfort is looking for young performers to grace the stages of Treefort 2024! If you know a kid who loves to dance, sing, write poetry, do comedy, or has another hidden talent they are ready to share with the world at Treefort 2024, submit to perform at Kidfort’s Youth Variety Showcase! 

Each year, Kidfort invites young people in grades 1-12 to perform at the Youth Variety Showcase, a talent show of sorts that takes place during Treefort Music Fest. 

The 2024 Youth Variety Showcase will take place on Friday, March 22, 2024 at Treefort Music Fest. 

Apply to perform by filling out the form below. Submissions close on Monday, February 19, 2024.

Questions? Contact Kidfort at kidfort@treefortmusicfest.com 


Kidfort 2024 Artists & Performers


(Portland, Oregon)

During Kidfort, Mo Phillips and the Spaghetti Pants Dance Band performs super fun and funny dance tunes that make folks feel good!

Mo Phillips is a teaching artist and a fun time maker in Portland, Oregon. He writes and records songs, makes oddball videos, produces choose-your-own-adventure musicals,  all in Mo-Fi. Mo-Fi is a way of making art centered on joy and exploration, primarily of inexpensive apps that do silly stuff.  

When not teaching song writing in schools or shredding ukulele for the people, Mo is a dad. That’s his favorite job, the rest is just gravy.


(Boise, Idaho)

Fluff Hardware is an Idaho grown jewelry business operating in the heart of Boise, Idaho. Fluff was introduced to the Idaho community by owner Solymar Palm in 2011 and has since become a well recognized locally made jewelry brand. Fluff’s vintage and nature inspired jewelry functions as a creative outlet and labor of love for the women on the Fluff team and lends itself to the company’s ever present commitment to elevate and enhance the unique strength, individuality and beauty of the modern woman. 

Beyond jewelry, Fluff Hardware is an instrument with which to work alongside and partner with local and international organizations that share its core values of empowering women and girls and cultivating confidence and leadership. 

You can find Fluff Hardware at their two brick and mortar locations in Boise, at retailer locations across the globe and on their website. Visit their website for more information. 

During Kidfort, Fluff Hardware invites you to bring your littles down to the fest for a morning of handmade crafts! Kiddos will get to make either a keychain, necklace, bracelet or zipper pull with a huge assortment of beads and a specialty Treefort Music Fest logo hand stamped charm.


(Boise, Idaho) 

Campfire Music Collective (formerly Boise Music Lessons) teaches and empowers adults and families to play and enjoy music at every stage of learning and life.  

Since 2015, Angie and Marcus Marianthi have been on a mission to bring music back into daily life: one person, one song, and one campfire at a time. They created the “Song Cycle Method” to show people that playing an instrument is more than just learning to play the right notes — it’s a way to connect: with music, with yourself, and with others.

Campfire Music Collective has been featured by Good Morning America, KTVB Channel 7, Music Studio Startup, the Happy Musicians, and more.  Join them for a song around the campfire in their backyard classroom, located on the Boise Depot Bench.

During Kidfort, Campfire Music Collective hosts Fun with Folk Instruments. Explore a medley of friendly folk instruments with your family. You’ll leave this interactive demo excited to play music around the campfire!


(Portland, Oregon)

Triple Rainbow is made up of Tender Loving Empire co-founder, Jared Mees and his daughters – 11 year old July Mees and 6 year old Piper Mees. Born in the family garage during the pandemic, Triple Rainbow has come to be known for their colorful cardboard instruments, hilarious and sweet homemade music videos and an unmissable live show. Recently, the band has performed live across the Pacific Northwest at festivals, including Treefort Music Fest, in support of their first album, You Are Magic. Triple Rainbow puts on an uplifting and visually stunning show complete with guest appearances, onstage antics, and a homemade lights and props show that is not to be missed. 


(Boise, Idaho)

Get down and boogie with TRICA Teaching Artists! Kids of all ages have the chance to energetically engage with the history and dances that came out of the Disco Era. TRICA is The Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts. TRICA provides meaningful, world-class experiences in the arts taught by outstanding and loving educators, inspiring children to a stronger sense of Humanity, Community and Good Will. 


(San Francisco, California) 

UGLY BABY is an improv based comedy video show produced with 100s of young artists, musicians, and writers who attend Rock Band Land, a creative arts program in San Francisco. The project started as a creative solution to working and creating remotely during the pandemic, but has blossomed into its own program with legions of fans in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Much like AI, UGLY BABY doesn’t care about you or your feelings, it lives to make itself laugh. We are frightened to present you with a “Worst Of” reel during this otherwise joyous festival. Please wear protective clothing (diapers are encouraged).

More Kidfort performers and activities to be announced soon!