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How to Get Around at Treefort 2022

It’s Treefort time once again! With five full days of events happening at dozens of venues throughout downtown Boise, it’s super easy to jump from one discovery to the next.

One thing is for certain, we love when transportation can be simple and sustainable. At Treefort we encourage you to get around the fest by walking, biking, boarding, scooting or catching a ride on the city bus, which you can ride for free with a Treefort Pass! You can also hop between shows on the Treeline, a special Treefort public bus route (and stage!), presented by Valley Regional Transit. We are all for sustainability and environmental responsibility. How can you make your carbon footprint smaller at this year’s festival?

When you arrive at Treefort Music Fest, the fun of discovery begins. If you aren’t sure where to go, you can always make Main Stage your home base. Here, you can catch all of the Treefort 10 headliners and easily bounce to nearby venues and forts. Soak up the location while you can because Main Stage is moving after Treefort 10! (New location TBA)

Learn how you can get around during Treefort 2022:


Valley Regional Transit will once again operate a super fun, social and easy way to zoom across town festival bus route called the Treeline. The Treeline runs 6pm – midnight, Wednesday, 3/23 – Saturday, 3/26 — just look for the decorated bus stops from 3rd St. – 14th St. along Main & Idaho Streets!

  • Main Street Station (8th & Main)
  • 5th & Main
  • Idaho & Capitol Blvd.
  • Idaho & 12th
  • Main & 13th
  • Main & 11th

BONUS! There will be bands performing on the Treeline – lineup TBA!

The Treeline is free for anyone (no festival wristband required!) PLUS, anyone with a festival wristband can ride any regular Valley Regional Transit bus route for free during the duration of the festival. Just show the driver your wristband. Note: There is no bus service on Sundays.


Whether you ride your own bike or borrow a friends, biking is a super fun and easy way to get around the fest. Boise Bicycle Project will be back with a huge bike lock station near Main Stage to support bike commuters during Treefort, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a VIP parking spot.


There are so many efficient and affordable ways to get from place to place during Treefort. Switch it up by dusting off those Heelys from the depths of your closet. Grab your skateboard, blades or rollerskates to get around and head to Skatefort while you’re at it. Boise also has electric scooters (Lime & Bird)! Roll out!


Let’s be real — cars can be a hassle during Treefort. If you have to drive, bring your friends along or hop into your friend’s car and park near downtown, then walk the rest of the way in. You can also utilize parking garages in downtown Boise to park for the day.

How to weekend warrior Treefort:

The easiest way to Treefort is with a five-day Treefort Pass. This will get you into every music venue, fort event, and everything in between. Don’t want to wait in line? You’ll want a ZIPLINE, which allows you skip to the front of the line at every music venue!

We also have single day tickets, which are great for those who can only Treefort for one or two days.

If you are looking to see shows over more than two days, the best deal is going ALL IN.

  • A 5-day pass is about $50/day to see 530 artists from across the globe…yes, 17 countries will be represented at Treefort 10!
  • Not to mention there is way more talent where that comes from. With the full pass you can attend Comedyfort, Filmfort, Hackfort, Yogafort, Artfort, Dragfort and so much more.
  • If you’re in the 9-5 grind, no problem! You have plenty of time to catch events during the week to make it worth your while. There are over 100 events between 5pm – midnight on Wednesday-Friday…then it’s the freakin weekend!

If you are still getting a feel for Treefort, walk around and check out the free forts & festivities!

  • Alefort is a great place to start. Sip and sample local and regional beer, wine, cider, and cocktails. You can also experience Artfort, Comedyfort, Dragfort, and Foodfort within Alefort, plus enjoy live music from the Radioland Stage right outside.
  • Experience the forts of the fest. You can access Artfort, Comedyfort, Dragfort, Kidfort, Skatefort, Storyfort, Music Talks, and Podcasts without a Treefort wristband.
  • Looking for more music? Go to a Second Chance Showcase! These shows are completely free and open to the public. This year you can find them at Hops & Bottles, Camp Modern, Payette Brewing and more TBA.



You’ll be doing a lot of walking & dancing so be prepared to run wild all five days of the fest.


Nights might get a little chilly and let’s be honest, it usually snows at least once during the fest (even if it’s for like 15 minutes). If you’re in need of some Treefort swag, check out our merch store at the fest!


We have loads of outdoor spaces and stages! Maybe the sun will be in your face, other times the wind, or maybe you just want to look cool. (hint: search “outdoor” on the TMF app schedule to find all the outdoor stages)


Gotta stay hydrated! Main Stage only serves alcoholic beverages in steel pint cups to eliminate waste. Buy a Treefort water bottle or steel pint cup or BYO (must be 16oz)! Alefort also uses reusable cups. You can snag one of those at the Alefort tent.


For your phone, wallet, merch purchases and other belongings. Don’t have a fanny pack? Treefort has your back (or rather, your hips). Check out our merch store at the fest and scoop up a fanny pack!


Five days of rocking out will take a toll on your earholes! Protect yourself from hearing loss with your own pair of reusable earplugs or find some onsite, provided by our pals at St. Lukes.


The faster you can get to that show, screening or panel discussion, the better, right? Plus it’s more fun to glide around the city from one amazing event to the next. You could join the skaters at Skatefort, Boise Bicycle Project sets up bike racks all over the festival so your whip has a home near every venue, and if you don’t have any of these alternative transportations, you can easily rent a scooter!


For you yogis who will be attending a Yogafort class or two, please bring your own mat…and an open mind.


What if you see Kim Gordon at Guided by Voices show but your phone’s dead so you can’t take a selfie? On-the-go charging will save your life when you’ve lost your friends or can’t remember when LP Giobbi starts. (FYI: it starts at 10:30pm on Saturday 3/26 at The Knit)

Health & Safety

In accordance with updated local guidelines, Treefort Music Fest is lifting its entry requirements regarding COVID for the upcoming festival on March 23-27, 2022. There will be no vaccination or testing requirements to attend and face masks will be optional at Treefort 10.

Treefort is committed to keeping all traveling artists as safe as possible while at Treefort so that they can continue their tours. There will be certain spaces and events at Treefort 10 that will require masks, which will be marked on the schedule and with on-site signage. Treefort will continue to offer free vaccinations, testing, and symptom screening on site. More information can be found at here.

Treefort Music Fest would like to thank its community for supporting the festival and doing their part while we collectively navigated gathering safely over the last two years. Treefort is excited to confidently welcome everyone to attend the upcoming festival and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Treefort Music Fest.

These are so many great ways to get to Treefort, but the only way to get in to ALL the shows is with a Treefort Pass!