FraudGPT: Generative AI and Cybercrime

Thu 3/21, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm
Boise Centre East #410B
This talk will delve into the unsettling realm of cybercriminals leveraging generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to perpetrate phishing, imitation, and other criminal activities. With the rise of consumer facing GenAI technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard criminals have found new and innovative ways to create convincing and deceptive content that targets unsuspecting individuals for fraud at scale. We’ll discuss how GenAI can and has been manipulated to craft sophisticated and personalized phishing emails, video, messages, and websites that imitate legitimate sources for fraud and deception. These fraudsters are able to create highly personalized and contextually relevant materials making it difficult to discern the scam from reality. By exploiting social engineering techniques, they capitalize on human psychology and emotions, increasing the likelihood of success and profit. Dive into the technical, legal, and operational challenges faced by both individuals and organizations in identifying these AI-generated fraudulent materials. Learn how and why traditional methods of detection often fall short due to the remarkable quality of the content produced by GenAI. Finally we’ll explore potential countermeasures, including advanced pattern recognition algorithms, increased user awareness, and the development of AI tools for validation.