BEYOND THE BAND: Diversifying Your Musical Income

Sat 3/23, 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Boise Centre East #420A
Struggling to make ends meet despite recording, touring, and merch? This panel digs deep into beyond-the-band income streams for musicians, composers, and producers.
Dive into:
Monetizing skills beyond live shows: Discover hidden revenue streams in music publishing.
Turning your studio into a cash machine: Learn how to set up for commercial projects and write music for hire.
Landing a music publisher: Get expert tips on securing sync deals and regular pitches.
Partner with brands as an influencer: Leverage your audience and music to create lucrative collaborations.
Merch beyond t-shirts: Explore innovative branding and reaching future-minded consumers.
Our expert panelists of seasoned music industry & branding veterans will share real- world tips and strategies to help you:
Get your music heard and paid for in unexpected ways.
Turn your gear and creativity into consistent income.
Build a powerful brand and connect with loyal fans.
Break free from the hustle cycle and unlock the full potential of your music and creativity.
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