Museum of Modified GameBoys

Sat 3/23, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Boise Centre East #400
Join us at Hackfort 2024 for a journey into the world of gaming nostalgia reborn. Explore the evolution of gaming as you delve into the inner workings of every generation of Game Boy. Plus, get hands-on experience with a variety of uniquely modified consoles, including the SEGA Game Gear, Game Boy Light, a hingeless Game Boy Advance SP (Slab), Game Boy Advance Micro, Game Boy Macro (a Nintendo DS Lite mod), and a GameBoy equipped with a crystal clock mod.
Evan will also have a selection of basic tools and supplies on hand to assist with troubleshooting, and potentially reviving, your beloved devices, as time, schedule, and demand permit.
While Evan's journey into the maker's world began with GameBoy restoration and modding, his latest passion project is a coin-operated, AI-powered fortune telling machine. This unique creation features a GameBoy Color running a custom game ROM as its display. Don't miss the chance to receive a personalized horoscope printed as a special Hackfort keepsake!