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Alefort 2022 Menu Preview

Each year Alefort creates unique and high-quality food and beverage experiences that illuminate the intersection of craft beverage and local cuisine with Boise’s greater culture.

For Treefort 10, Alefort is pulling out all the stops to bring you the craft beer programming you know and love at Alefort Pub + introducing Future Pub: Boise’s favorite foods reimagined as plant-based and sustainable eats of the future. Groove over to Alefort Lounge for cocktails, wine, oysters + plus brunch programming from Comedyfort on Saturday and Dragfort on Sunday!

Alefort is free and open to the public but you can get the most out of your time spent sippin’ in the tent by snagging a Buzz Pass. A Buzz Pass allows thirsty Treeforters to jump the line, tap into a secret menu, and access private bathrooms within Alefort.

Get a taste of what’s to come with the Alefort Menu Preview:


Alefort Pub includes 70 beers picked by Prefunk Nampa and Bittercreek Alehouse, two of our fave local beer bars. You’ll find rare hoppy brews, barrel-aged beers, hard to find wild and sour ales and everything in between!

Take a closer look and you’ll find:

  • Lumberbeard – Cody’s Red Couch, a West Coast IPA collaboration beer with Lumberbeard Brewing and Treasure Valley Beer Buyers
  • Odell – Horchata Barreled Treasure
  • Barbarian – Cry Of The Blackbirds, a Blackberry and Boysenberry Barrel Aged Sour
  • OEC – Coolship Lager, a lager with a character all its own
  • Von Ebert – Volatile Substance, a 2021 GABF Gold Medal Winner for American IPA
  • Rodenbach – Red Tripel, celebrating a 200 year anniversary from a classic Belgian Brewery
  • Fremont – Coconut Cocoa BBADS, a Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Coconut and Cocoa


Introducing Future Pub, Boise’s favorite food reimagined as plant-based and sustainable eats of the future.

Enjoy these delicious menu items below:

  • Smokey Carrot Dog with caramelized onion relish and mustard on an Acme bun
  • Sloppy Mos made with mixed mushroom and sloppy sauce on a mini bun
  • Maitake Wing like a chicken wing but made with fried mushrooms served with buffalo sauce
  • Classic Poutine hand-cut fries with curds and gravy
  • Chips & Dip garlic chips with seaweed dust and a charred spinach dip
  • Popcorn with cricket seasoning
  • Idaho “Eclair” with cinnamon and chocolate sauce by Kula Connection



Alefort’s wine showcase delivers over 50 wines in four days, shown by style & region. 

Check out this amazing selection of wines by table:

  • Sparkles & Bubbles
  • Idaho & the Northwest
  • Wine Shop Picks! We have teamed up with 4 local wine shops for fresh picks every day. Each shop taking a turn to taste what they are excited about. 

There will also be some fun wine events throughout the fest:

  • Thursday: New hip wine shop Shadow Puppet will be sharing their favorite funky wines such as Pét-Nats, orange wines, and biodynamic wine.
  • Friday: Viva Italia! Old Boise wine shop City Center Wines will pick Italian wines top to bottom.
  • Saturday: Six wines, six countries. Discover the wines of the world with Boise Coop Wine Shop and Uncorked Wine Bar.
  • Sunday: Hyde Park Fine Wines knows how to spot rare and limited edition vinos. Explore their selection of exclusive allocated wines from the kings of fine wine.


Alefort’s cocktail showcase is a drinkable dance party. The cocktails exist in the gastro/contemporary cocktail realm. Refresh yourself with an unexpected, eclectic & colorful experience for the senses.

Try a new speciality cocktail every day of the fest:

  • Thursday: “Locally Foraged & Farmed” – KIN: cocktails focused on inspiration from local flavors, be it farm products, foraged, or products from local companies. 
  • Friday: “Summer Camp” – The Modern: wholesome & sunny renditions of your favorite classic cocktails. 
  • Saturday: “Prismatic” – Jellyfish Drinks: Aisling, Jellyfish Drinks, is an amazing local bartender and cocktail consultant.
  • Sunday: “Water Bear Brunch” – Water Bear Bar: Mountain Tiki cocktails are bright & fresh with a tropical side. 


Get the most delcious shag carpet cocktail party-themed snack in the Alefort Lounge featuring:

  • Terroir Pate with fresh crackers
  • Oysters with hot sauce and mignonette 
  • Smoked Deviled Egg with seeds and chervil
  • Macha Cheese Ball by Chicana Foods
  • Macarons by Flourish Bakery