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Explore the Forts at Treefort 10

Discover more at Treefort 10 with art installations, dance performances, tech workshops, fine dining, stand-up comedy, stuff for the kiddos…the list goes on!

Dive into all the various programming our forts have to offer at Treefort 10 in Downtown Boise (March 23-27, 2022) below and get your Treefort pass now to access it all (well, most of it):

Artfort is excited to bring a variety of performance and visual art to Treefort 10.

In addition to WHYTEBERG presents SAD BAR, we’re excited to have Project Flux, a local immersive performance art experience. Trip out with Bleeding Torch Fellowship who will be doing live liquid light visuals at a venue during the fest. Additionally, Boise’s newest community radio station, Tropico FM, will be hosting a showcase featuring local illustrators Miguel Almeida, Bobby Gaytan, Lupe Galvan, and Air.Theurgy.

Local street art collective, Sector Seventeen will be curating an awesome lineup of muralists to produce new art around the city during Treefort, including Evan Lovett, a conservation based illustrator and muralist based out of Philly + more to be announced soon!

Comedyfort is thrilled to have headliners Chanel Ali and Chris Garcia doing multiple standup sets throughout the festival.

Get ready to LOL with the rest of the comedians who are ready to blast your laugh off at Treefort 10: Leah Rudick, Jeff Horste, Ian Aber, Mateen Stewart, Chad Opitz, Dan Weber, Steve Vanderploeg, Papp Johnson, Jolie Dudley, Eric Cole, Theresa Bateman, Lj Sullivan, Ally Weinhold, Matt Ziemak, Val St. Claire, Eric Lyons, Sandi Benton, Fred Le, Christopher Michael Sundberg, Tyler Simpson and Caitlin McDevitt.

Dragfort returns with a fresh polish for 2022 and fan-favorite events like Drag Brunch.

Performing queens include Frida Nightz, Muff Jones, Bulimianne Rhapsody, Virgo Moon, Vice Squiwly Bones, Coco Freeo, Jyo Japonica, Hella Vanilla, Osiris LaMasters Raven, Eartha Quake, Paradox Rei, Empress Lady Delicious, Dolce Vida, Elle Nouveau, Enzo Benzo, Riley Burrows, Not That Jennifer, Whitney Lion, Tucker Wright, Gaia Indica, Lilian Stardust, Arabella de Lioncourt, Big Gay Paycen, Kayla Keller, and if you can even believe it….more to be announced soon.

Rest your toes between shows by watching a film or two at Filmfort!

Telos or Bust, directed by Brad Abrahams, is a pilot film for a series about bizarre folklore that follows the myths and beliefs of citizens of Mount Shasta, California. Otava, directed by Lana Bregar, is about an adolescent girl who tries to dream about memories of Mother while having to be physically present in the surrounding farm with grandmother.

Jethica, directed by Pete Ohs, tells the story of Jessica, who lives in fear of a man named Kevin that follows her everywhere, and her attempt to get rid of him. The Event, directed by Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa, is a short film that answers: It’s 2 AM, and Vince just wants to know why.

Filmfort is also screening W.I.T.C.H., a documentary following the formation of the band We Intend To Cause Havoc (W.I.T.C.H.), who are performing at Treefort 10 and were Zambia’s most popular rock band of the 1970s.

Grab a delightful bite at Foodfort 2022!

We’re thrilled to welcome Food & Wine’s 2021 Best New Chef Chef Carlo Lamagna from Portland, OR for a very special seated dinner and more events TBA! Lamagna’s restaurant, Magna, has brought Filipino food into the spotlight in Rip City and beyond.

Foodfort will also be serving up conversations from Katy Osuna, host and creator of Copper & Heat, the James Beard Award-winning podcast that addresses the complex social interactions at play in restaurants.

Hackfort to bring talks & workshops on technology and innovation to Treefort.

Events to look forward to include: An Introduction to Medicinal Media with Ryan Douglas and Amanda Kruse; Paranormal Pop Culture with Aaron Sagers; Hacking Super Smash Bros workshop with Smash legend Dan Salvato; Hacking Creativity Workshop with Chad Rea; a panel on the Science of Successful Music, Creativity, and the Brain with Dave Rosen, Scott Miles, and Rob Abelow; The dopr Demo with David S. Rosen, Scott Miles, and Rob Abelow; The Future of Streaming Is Now with Chris Longo and Aaron Sagers; Women’s Role In the Progression and Future of STEM with Genevieve Nutting; an animation workshop with Lars C Larsen; telehealth and healthcare in rural communities with AJ Rodriguez and Anson M. Moise and many more!

Kidfort to feature more musical acts than ever before!

Bring the kids down to connect with each other by sharing a song around the campfire with Angie and Marcus Marianthi of Boise Music Lessons. Don’t miss the talented Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson) who weaves folksongs and puppetry and jam out to dad & daughters outfit Triple Rainbow! Experience Cory Strop‘s fun filled adult-friendly kids tunes and enjoy Americana folk-pop group Rosie and Biff.

Double dutch your way to Kidfort to catch competitive jump rope sports team Summerwind Skippers! Be sure to join Fluff Hardware who will be hosting a make-your-own Treefort accessory workshop and get all the wiggles out with a flamenco dance workshop with Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo.

Aaaand, there’s even more to explore at Storyfort 2022!

The lineup now includes: local director, playwright and poet Calvin Pineda; award-winning journalist Carissa Wolf; Seattle author Catherine Kyle; writer and Idaho native Ellen Caminiti; local film and photo storyteller Guy Hand; longtime Boise-based journalist and former editor of Boise Weekly Harrison Barry; local writer, teacher, amateur astrologer and UFO Seeker K Lange; writer, stand up comedian and BSU student Katie Lotz; Boise-based student, human rights and environmental activist Lizzy Duke-Moe; essayist, poet, and fiction short story writer Risë Kevalshar Collins; award-winning novelist Rita Woods; local writer, actor, and general theater-maker Tacet Matthew Bunk; storyteller and movie trailer editor Travis Abels.

Storyfort will also have events with Idaho Prison Arts Collective and the game of TELEPHONE: An International Arts Game.

Whew! Well, that’s all for now! Check back soon for more announcements and buy your Treefort pass !

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