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Day 4 of Treefort 2022

Yesterday was a total blast dancing under the Boise sun! From gettin’ served by Kornbread at Dragfort to laughing & dancing at Main Stage, grooving with Ata Kak and Durand Jones to squeezin’ in films & stories! We’re clocking in over 10k in steps a day and ready to buzz our way right into Day 4 of Treefort 10.

Before we dive into today’s festivities, let’s relive yesterday thanks to our amazing Treefort film crew:

Happy Day 4! Today is full of fort activities, combined with loads of live music and a whole lotta love (and definitely some giant mantises). So, find your friends and we’ll see you downtown! Reminder you don’t need a Treefort wristband to attend Alefort, Artfort, or Hackfort, just an attitude for a damn good time.

Pick up your Treefort wristband on Grove between 12th & 13th from 12 – 10pm to get the party started. Make sure to explore the Treefort 10 souvenirs at Main Stage – everything is in small quantities so snag it up while you can!

Need help during the fest? The Ranger Station has got you covered on. Find our helpful friends on 12th & Grove St.

Dive into all the info here


Bounce your way to Main Stage* starting at 12:30pm the last chance to catch OKC’s Husbands and reggae dub by Pachyman. Celebrate music from all around the world with Zambian group W.I.T.C.H (We Intend To Cause Havoc) and Sinkane‘s Sudanese Pop. Later in the evening, get down with The Regrettes before NEIL FRANCES unleashes their indie pop greatness. In-between sets catch Dragfort’s Pink Runway Party (Pop-Up) and Comedyfort’s headliner Chanel Ali tear up the stage.

Check out the schedule at Linen Building* featuring local contemporary band IFAA Creative Ensembles, Bay Area rock band Thorn, then CHILD and Easy Definition. The Heligoats switch things up with some folk infused indie rock, and closing out the night will be Portland-based rock band SLANG and Canadian pop group Ducks Ltd.

The Olympic is stacked with rock tonight, starting off with upbeat funk from The Barbaras, followed by garage-rock from Low Hums, then Aka Belle brings together the rock-folk-pop for a soulful sound. Ending the night is Austin’s beautifully complex Jackie Venson and New Madrid with some psychedelic pop.

End day four at Neurolux featuring a Kansas City’s indie rock band The Republic Tigers, followed by Deserta, and then listen to some dream pop from No Swoon. Later in the night catch Garcia Peoples all the way from New Jersey and break free from negativity with MONSTERWATCH’s groove-punk!

For more outdoor vibes, check out The Hideout stage in Woodland Empire’s parking lot with loads of rocknroll and metal!

This is just the beginning! Enjoy other shows at El Korah Shrine*, The Hideout* The Shredder*, Sonic Temple, Pengilly’s Saloon, Reef, and The Balcony.

Download the Treefort App to create your own schedule, and share your schedule with friends!

*All ages. To view all ages in the app, go to SCHEDULE > SEARCH and type in “all ages”


Take a stroll in the park this Saturday morn. Cherie Buckner-Webb Park* will be covering a variety of topics from resilience to body talk and even a reading from Grace Ward, playwright and producer.

The Egyptian Theatre will be celebrating our tenth year with Curious Ear and Radio Boise. Come hear celebration in stories at 1:30pm and stick around for a decade of Radio Boise at 2:30pm.


Bring your wheels and get rollin on this beautiful Saturday!

Grab your buddies and join the Community Roll Out with Treasure Valley Roller Derby starting in the Cherie Buckner-Webb Park located at 1100 W Bannock Street, Boise!

Head over to Rhodes Skate Park at 1555 W Front Street, Boise and jump in on the Open Flow Bowl and see the Park Skating Demo at 3:40pm and on!


Get your hands dirty today in Jump’s Share Studio for a cooking class. At 11am dive deeper into the Filipino culture with Chef Carlo Lamagna. Sample some good eats and add a new recipe to your repertoire. Come back at 1pm to learn how to make a small dish that will surely impress your peers! Award-Winning Chef Hugh Acheson will be showing us his impressive techniques.

*ticket required with or without a festival wristband*


You’re in for a treat today! The PINK RUNWAY PARTY will be having a POP-UP at the Main Stage that you won’t want to miss. But if you do, at 5pm grab a drink and bite to eat at Alefort and see Pink Runway Party’s second POP-UP of the day at Alefort.

End your Saturday night at Out & Proud with Heidi N Closet! Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, strait, or in between, tonight is the night to head over to The Balcony, doors open at 8pm.

*Treefort Passholders get in free


Interested in how TikTok can change your business? Head over to Boise Centre East at 1pm to hear the story of Just Basketball and their use of the vastly popular app. Wanting to wrap your head into the future of the metaverse? Hackfort will be hosting a diverse panel at 2pm in Boise Centre East that is just for you. Stick around if you’re itching to build something cause you can Build Your Own Custom Keyboard (Paid, Requires Sign Up) at 3:00pm. Just Sign Up and bring the necessary materials.


Come experience Project Faux’s Movement Class at 1pm at LED as they break the wall between performer and audience member. Interested in large-scale sculptural installations of vibrantly painted and precariously placed household forms and textures that imagine and bring to life other worlds inside/alongside/underneath our own and offer alternative existences for abandoned or forgotten objects? Yeah, same. Stay for Sofie Ramos’ Workshop at 2:30pm.


Any GirlCode fans out there, Chanel Ali will be at Main Stage at 8:30pm for a 15 minute set and then performing in the Late Night Show at the Owyhee Ballroom at 10pm. Definitely don’t want to miss these laughs!


Your mind has been getting a workout with all this new music, it’s day four and about time for some self care. Start with the heart at 10am & meditate through a vinyasa flow for the Radiant Heart Flow at the Adelmann South. Everyone is welcome to Be Free Where You Are at all of Treefort 10, but dive deeper into your state of being it at 11:45am in Adelmann South.

Have you tried Bhakti yoga? Comeback to Adelmann South and listen to The Hare Krishna Temple Band as they call out to divinity and mediate towards a higher power.


The Honest Jams Podcast will be in Boise Centre East at 2pm today. Come hear from musicians of all kinds talk about the joy of musical creation. You’ll even hear them come up with a new song!

Calling all punks! Turned Out a Punk will be on the podcast stage at 6pm tonight. This long-running podcast has had everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Jack Black.


See all band additions & cancellations here! Download the Treefort App for all up-to-date schedules.