The Painted Roses


Logan, UT

Formed in northern Utah as a half-serious bar band in 2018, The Painted Roses have grown and evolved into a mostly-serious touring act with an electrifying performance. Their debut album, ‘Stone Cold Killer,’ was released in July of 2021 and was labeled “the epitome of a musical masterpiece” by Salt Lake Underground (SLUG) Magazine. The band draws influence from the sounds of the folk rock acts of the 60’s and 70’s, such as @Crosby, Stills & Nash, @Eagles, and @Neil Young, as well as more modern folk and psych rock bands @My Morning Jacket and @Wilco. Members include Cole Stocker (guitar, vocals), Nora Barlow (vocals), Alex Schneider (guitar), Shane Wegner (drums), Allie Harris (vocals, guitar), and Niall Thorley (bass, vocals).
Thu 3/23 8:00pm: The Painted Roses at Old School
Fri 3/24 5:00pm: The Painted Roses at Camp Modern
The Painted Roses