The Heligoats


Batavia, IL

He may be a lone guy with an acoustic guitar, but Chris Otepka gives fans a lot of ideas to unpack. Even his backstory necessitates some explanation: The former lead singer of a criminally underheralded band called Troubled Hubble, Otepka performs solo and unplugged as The Heligoats — a strange name for a guy strumming a guitar, but oddly befitting someone who stuffs his songs with so many sideways ideas and observations. Given the yarns he spins, it's easy to imagine Otepka envisioning a herd of goats with propellers and setting the concept to music. It should be noted, as balloons and streamers figuratively flood the room, that Otepka is the star of NPR Music's 100th Tiny Desk Concert. In many ways, he's the perfect act to mark that milestone: His music is best heard in an intimate setting, where his words can unfurl clearly and he can hold a small room rapt with songs and stories that reward the attention and bear repeating. - Stephen Thompson, NPR
Thu 3/23 9:00pm: The Heligoats at Treeline Bus #1
Fri 3/24 10:00pm: The Heligoats at The District
Sat 3/25 2:00pm: The Heligoats at Camp Modern
The Heligoats