Bad Tiger


San Francisco, CA

Bad Tiger is a San Francisco-based band made up of Yasi Lowy (vox/guitar), David Garges (guitar/synth/vox), Tyler Gholson (bass), and Jacob Sherfield (Drums). Bad Tiger was originally conceived in 2018, when Yasi Lowy, emerging from a several year hiatus from performing music, moved to San Francisco with the intention of starting a band. To live up to her vision as the front-person to this imaginary band, she was faced with the challenge of writing songs she could stand. For this reason, Lowy got to work composing what would eventually become Bad Tiger’s debut album, “The Goat and the Bad Tiger,” released in 2020. Following this pandemic release, Lowy met with Mackenzie Bunch at Coyote Hearing Studio to record and produce “Sanctuary” EP. What resulted from these sessions is a project that interrogates the push and pull of safety, growth, and how to move with integrity in the face of your own ambivalence and doubt. As "Sanctuary" was released in early 2022, Lowy joined forces with Tyler Gholson, Jacob Sherfield, and David Garges, finally growing Bad Tiger into its original vision: a full band. It's with this full form that Bad Tiger went into Bunch's studio to record their forthcoming album, including their latest single "Like This," self-released on 9/1/22.
Thu 3/23 6:00pm: Bad Tiger at Old School
Bad Tiger