Nashville, TN

BabyJake is bringing the glamour of the 70’s to modern day, combining latest production knowledge with an undeniably retro feel that can bring your mom back to the pictures of her high school celebrity crushes she pulled pictures of out of her vinyl booklets. He broke through to listeners in 2019, when his “Cigarettes on Patios” went gold with a million-plus streams, gaining much notoriety. Creating a unique mix of influences to develop an entrancing individual sound, the Florida-born, LA-made, and Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s loudest influence is his own personality. He set forth his softer side in 2020 with his debut EP, “Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine”, which includes 7 whimsical-feeling songs. In its wake, Flaunt exclaimed “Babyjake is on his way to superstardom,” as he earned acclaim from Billboard, Wonderland, Lyrical Lemonade, and countless more. Along the way, his evocative flare and raspy, emotional, voice was brought to collaborations with everyone from 24kgoldn to Dillon Francis. Now, his full-length 2021 debut album is the ultimate encapsulation of himself, led by the single “My Anxiety”, his album “The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now” [SB Projects/Republic Records] is 30 minutes of a medley of sounds you can’t expect to hear from anyone but him. With songs such as “Do I fit In Your Shoes?” and “How to Boogie”, or even just his album cover, BabyJake isn’t afraid to display his strange side up front and introduce someone to music you haven’t met before. Unapologetically himself, and with a cohesive grasp on his sound’s inspirations, you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the show.
Sat 3/25 10:40pm: BabyJake at Knitting Factory Boise