American Culture


Denver, CO

"A band is just a Trojan horse for poetry." Denver’s American Culture are DIY scene legacy at this point. Your favorite band’s favorite band type of band. Well respected and revered in underground circles. Since 2014 they’ve stayed true to diy/punk ethos. (Maybe to a fault?) Years of touring, living in a GMC van, lugging that bass cab down countless DIY basement staircases has given this band a patina that can’t be faked. This is punk music. Punk but not rock. American Culture isn’t strict about genre. Like their favorites, The Meat Puppets, Crass, The Grateful Dead, The Feelies, this band does whatever they feel and keep it free. There’s bits of noise-pop, outsider lo-fi, washes of psychedelia and even hints of hardcore influence here. (Again. Punk but not rock.) They’ve been compared to psycho Candy era Jesus and Mary Chain, The Chills and The Feelies.
Fri 3/24 8:40pm: American Culture at Hound Garage (Bus Station)
American Culture