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The Yogafort Experience: How Music Moves Us

At Yogafort, a collaborative space is formed for yoga and movement instructors to work directly with musical artists. Each year, unique combinations are brought together with local and international instructors and performers to push boundaries, open minds to music and hearts to yoga. This year, Yogafort’s headlining experience is renowned yoga instructor Tony G, paired with celebrated musician East Forest, who will show us how it’s done.

Tony G was so touched by what East Forest was creating sonically that he flew him to L.A. and they immediately began working together. They have since shared stages worldwide.

Tony’s newest project Yoga Elementals features a live original soundtrack by East Forest.

“I always say if you can’t hear the music, something is wrong”, Tony G explains. “When we play a class together, I ask students to build the pose from the inside out and weave the music into the shape and form. The vibratory quality of the music and the movement combined, subtly aligns the body and mind in a way that lets one feel and perceive in a new way. It literally changes the biology and physiology of your body, allowing you to reach a blissful state.”

East Forest adds, “Playing music is a process of riding waves.  The ultimate goal is for a flow state, to be in touch with the never ending waves of creativity and pure expression.”

You feel this motion when you practice to East Forest’s meticulously crafted musical landscapes, where the music weaves into the motion and form of your practice.

Tony G and East Forest will teach on Friday, March 24th and Saturday, March 25th and both classes are sure to be unforgettable. Also, make sure to check out East Forest’s Treefort set Friday, March 24th 4:00-4:40pm @ Linen Building!

For live music lovers, Yogafort is your place to find your center, relax, and take a deep breath, while experiencing sonic harmony in a whole new way. We make listening to music while stretched out on the ground socially acceptable, downright encouraged even.

To learn more about the lineup, the instructors and the artists, check out the Yogafort page here.

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