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Yogafort 2020 Lineup

Find your inner peace at Yogafort 2020.

This year, there will be several magical offerings including yogini + artist Micheline Berry, local teacher Marcy Midnight, ambient pop shaman East Forest, musician Masood Ali Khan, and many more!

Yogafort’s 2020 mantra is “We’re so glad you’re here.” Just like Treefort, Yogafort is for everyone, all ages, and all abilities.

Get your zen on at Yogafort Friday through Sunday of Treefort (March 25-29) at JUMP.

Yogafort Passes are on sale now! Admission to Yogafort is also included in a Treefort Pass.

For the full lineup, click here.


Find balance with the yogis and musicians at Yogafort 2020:


( los angeles, california )
Micheline Berry is a yogini, multimedia artist and film maker. Her Liquid Asana™ LIVE vinyasa yoga journeys, teacher trainings and Yoga+Art retreats integrate yoga with creative process, flow with mindful stillness, creativity with intellectual vigor, world art & culture with personal introspection. As a pioneer in the art of integrating live world music with yoga sadhana, Micheline’s work is often accompanied by a live ensemble or DJ. Her trainings, workshops and retreats powerfully catalyze clarity, embodiment and creativity. Empowering the art in others is her passion and over the years she has helped people from all walks of life liberate their creative expression and successfully develop and give momentum to their life art through her unique fusion of yoga, mindfulness meditation and creative process.




( boise, idaho )
Marcy Midnight has been teaching yoga in Boise for nearly 13 years. She formally trained in the Prana Vinyasa Flow method with maser yogini, Shiva Rea for several years. She is passionate about practicing the philosophy and ethics of yoga off the mat, and currently studies with Seane Corn and Off The Mat, Into The World. Her teaching is inspired and influenced by many styles of yoga and teachers including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Tantra, vinyasa, Kundalini. Her offerings are deeply rooted with her formal teachers and yoga philosophy, but her inspiration and teachings are often derived from real life experience. She believes the intelligence of the body, wisdom of the heart and focused mind are our best guides to consciously awaken to our highest potential. Her vinyasa flow classes integrate breath with movement, form and flow, and strength with deep relaxation.




( boise, idaho )
Since 2008, East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound meditation’ ceremonies around the world. While his “blissful” (NPR) and “beautiful wash” (Paste) of ‘electro-acoustic orchestral ambient pop’ can be contextualized along with Aphex Twin, Philip Glass and Sigur Ros, the fundamental mission of his project is to create sonic architecture for others to explore their inner space.

Thus, it is a process of creating thresholds for the listener to cross over — whether through his music, ceremonies, retreats, podcast, meditations/talks or myriad other offerings. His albums and collaborations have charted #1 on iTunes three times (August and May 2019, Aug 2016) and have been among Billboard‘s top ten.




( los angeles, california )
Masood Ali Khan is a musician of prayer and believer in love for the earth and humanity through his gift offerings of ‘Connection to Creation’.

For over 25 years connected to yoga, meditation, and Prana Energy techniques, evolving now into shadow work, earth guardianship, sacred masculine empowerment, and was head of the faculty for M.E.L Universal Energy at the ‘Open International University of Complementary Medicine’ in Colombo, Sri Lanka where he also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Masood has a unique musical performance of prayer, one of the first hand pan players of the world, holding a ceremonial space for a meditative uplifting experience with his mesmerizing combination of the hand pans and sacred mantras infused with the power of the heart and mind’s healing potential to help humanity.




( phoenix, arizona )
Kate Swarm is a yoga teacher, with a passion for creating unique and fully immersive experiences. She has a gift for holding a sacred space of transcendence, while guiding her students to a place of union between mind, body and soul.

Over the last 5 years her devotion and excitement to exploring how environment, sensory input, and intention effects a shift in consciousness, has lead her to work beside some of the most gifted artists, musicians and creatives in the wellness movement; including Walter Yoga, for whom she is both a resident yoga instructor and event producer. Kate has taught at numerous yoga and music festivals throughout the nation, blurring the lines between yoga, movement, meditation, visual engineering, and sound immersion.




( boulder, colorado )
Brent Kuecker has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years to a wide variety of populations from rock climbers, martial artists, youth to older folks. He speaks from his heart to others’ hearts first and makes sure that people know that the essence of yoga is compassion, kindness, and generosity to self and others.

Brent’s Yogafort class will combine the yogic practices of asana, meditation, and mantra along with devotional and classical Indian music performed by Sheela Bringi. Students will be led through accessible yoga asanas flows, seated meditations, deep listening practice, and simple mantra chanting – all to the sublime music of Sheela Bringi – to bring about a sound somatic experience.




( phoenix, arizona )
Gordon Ogden is a man of movement. He is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and wellness events producer who has spent his life utilizing outlets of physical expression to connect to the world around him. His introduction to yoga nearly 20 years ago transformed his passion into a practice and his practice into a way of being. Now a teacher and mentor to countless yogis, athletes, and intentional beings, Gordon has been able to share his passion and wisdom across the globe.

His life has not only been a pursuit of finding what moves him physically, but what moves him emotionally. His fond love of music and stage production has fueled a passionate career in the arts.




( ojai, california )
Oliwa is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and DJ Oliver Newell. After wandering out of the LA psych-rock music scene to the idyllic mountain village of Ojai, he found himself exploring his own genre of deep house music, gently approaching the techno pathocracy from a nurturing place of love and earnest creativity. Endowed with a rich musical performance and composition background, a fascination with the future, and the earthen sensibility of the California coast and its denizens, Oliwa’s unique world of electronic music explores subtle and fantastical landscapes as he weaves together meditative textures with complex rhythms from an array of influences. Twangy and skanky, funky and spacious, elaborate and deep; he strives to inspire dance floors through transcendent epiphanies and emotional release.




( boise, idaho )
Brian Louderbough is a sound healer. Bask in frequencies that will illicit higher brainwave meditative states. A potent and transformative experience for everyone, from beginning meditators to seasoned veterans.




( boise, idaho )
Marisa Radha is well known for her authentic self-expression, humorous yet grounded, as she empowers students to live their highest potential on all levels of being.

Her personal quest to explore the essence of a spiritually charged life has gifted her with many passions, from the tarot to shamanism to plant medicine and meditation to chanting and bhakti yoga. Since completing the Interdisciplinary Yoga and Advanced Teacher Trainings at the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2002, Marisa has dedicated her life to sharing the art and science of yoga. She uses her graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Life Coaching and Pranassage to bring a real-world mix of eastern and western spiritually and psychology to her classes for self-empowerment and awakening. As an ERYT 500, Marisa is the Lead Instructor for Sage Yoga & Wellness’s 200 and 300 HR yoga teacher training schools, and is honored to be a 1000 HR Nosara Yoga Master Educator.




( boise, idaho )
Celeste (The Dance Commander) and Devin (Deeveaux) started a collaboration that is the center of their universe a little over a year ago. She’s a dancer and creative mover with over 20 years of teaching experience (and usually the loudest rabble rouser in the room). He’s a producer and DJ that only knows how to play with pure heart and has been doing so for over 12 years.

Mix that all together, add a lot of intention, love, and mutual motivation to curate experiences of self-discovery, and you have their partnership in movement experiences that has been shared in multiple forms locally and globally. What they really want to know is who you are and make a place for you to share it all on the dance floor.




( los angeles, california )
Rainbow Eric and Stacy Matulis have been weaving their forces together since first meeting in Bulgaria at the Udaya Live festival in 2017. Upon meeting, they had a deep recognition of shared purpose and life mission which led them towards partnering in 2019.

They individually had been teaching and facilitating integrative healing for nearly two decades. Their combined disciplines and trainings cover yoga, depth psychology, breathwork, meditation, energy healing, massage, shamanism, communication, nutrition, astrology, activism, couples work and more. They share a hunger and commitment for awakening and joyful living that guides their studentship, teachership and overall way of life!

Stacy and Eric offer a transmission of love and welcoming which creates a space of profound safety where authenticity and healing can bloom. Come and play…leave transformed!




( nampa, idaho )
A strong practice has helped Teresa grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully. She leads her classes with compassion and joy – inviting everyone to join. Teresa earned ERYT-200 through Sage YTT.

Nicole’s love of yoga began over 14 years ago. She teaches so that others can feel welcomed and respected no matter their background. Nicole completed her 200 hour certification through Sage Yoga & Wellness Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is certified in Yin and Trauma Sensitive yoga as well as having studied with Anna Guest-Jelley to earn her certification in Curvy Yoga.




( boise, idaho )
Compelled by the calling to share yoga with her commUNITY, Jennifer Knight turned her passion into a profession by opening the Yoga Tree of Boise in 2008. She believes that an authentic life is living with love and truth. With 20 years of a dedicated practice, yoga is her primary tool to live with the values she walks, talks and breathes. Trained in an interdisciplinary Hatha yoga, Jennifer draws upon the balance of physical alignment, flexibility, strength, breath, and internal energy for each person to achieve whatever goal they may have. Jennifer has studied with several international teachers to inform her style of teaching while bringing this knowledge to her local commUNITY. She facilitates master classes and workshops locally and abroad. “Come find your yoga!” is a motto Jennifer believes in and invites into her classes.




( boise, idaho )
Creator of HOHM Bodywork and Sound Healing Space in Boise, Idaho, Chrystalina shares her intentional music on stages, in private sessions and in ceremonies all around the West Coast and beyond. Drawing from her deep well of timeless chants, world rhythms, contemporary sonic psychedelia and the science of sound healing she creates an mystical atmosphere beyond chord and measure. Lovingly armed with a multitude of musical instruments and a voice that sings to the heart Chrystalina’s journeys invoke an integrated and unique experience of depth, sweetness and reflection.

Join Chrystalina at Yogafort 2020 for a gently guided meditative experience led by sound, song and the collective energy in the room.




( boise, idaho )
Corrine Hathaway offers herself as a portal to Agape, the highest form of love, through practices in loving awareness such as, yoga, meditation, channeling, chanting/singing, and past life healing. Corrine is a yoga and meditation teacher, an Akashic Records reader, a nagual apprentice, and a vocal enthusiast. As an empath and multi-dimensional channel, Corrine keeps her medicine bag full and loves sharing her tools with others. She offers her own experiences as guidance to empower others in realizing their own expanded potential.

At Yogafort 2020, Corrine will guide you through a meditative dream into your multi-dimensional, limitless self. Reconnect with your own cosmic team in this multi-sensory expansion experience.




( driggs, idaho )
Cate Stillman has been an innovative teacher and wisdom leader of Ayurveda establishing Yogahealer.com in 2001, and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 for wellness professionals. Her books include Body Thrive, released by Sounds True in 2019, and, Master of YOU, with the same publisher in March 2020. Cate is a leader and author in the field of Ayurveda, Peak Performance, Habit Evolution and Dharma. Cate is a global online community leader at Yogahealer with her podcast – The Yogahealer Show has 3M+ downloads, and newsletter that reaches 40k+ people. She runs Yogahealer with her remote team and is an avid recreational athlete with skiing, mountain biking, whitewater paddleboarding, and surfing with her family in the Tetons and Punta Mita, Mexico.




( boise, idaho )
Cathy Benz is the founder of Divine Spirit Healing Center, a psychic reader, and healer for over 20 years. Cathy received her teaching certification from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 2000 and graduated Valedictorian of her class.

Julia Jones is an 500 E-RYT and founder of Meditation in Motion. Julia has been teaching for about 10 years. Her classes are both inspiring and educational. Focusing on mental and emotional well-being.

Ivy Rose is a Russian-American DJ based in Boise, Idaho. Her music style blends elements of a house and deep house- setting a chill but uplifting vibe with melodic notes and enchanting elements.




( boise, idaho )
Idahomie through and through Christina Braun (or Xtina for short) has been practicing yoga in the Treasure Valley for 15 years and teaching at her neighborhood studio, Hollywood Market Yoga, for 7 years. Xtina knew she found her calling to teach when she felt the power of breath based movements transform the anxiety & depression that once overwhelmed her. It is with a mighty desire to create space for students to have their own personal healing through the power of music and movement that she remains forever a devotee to this amazing practice called yoga.

When she isn’t teaching class or training future yoga teachers you’ll find her hiking with her 2 dogs at Harrison Hollow or on the dance floor at Boise’s Knitting Factory.




( boise, idaho )
Naomi Jones has been a yoga teacher in Idaho for the past eight years. Naomi’s focus with yoga is to first apply the life principles in her own life. Each day is an opportunity for growth, renewal and understanding. Through reflection and continued study she is able to share the profound depth and richness of yoga history and philosophy through asana (postures) and philosophy during workshops, trainings, events and retreats. Yoga study has provided a foundation for living a purpose centered life. In 2012, Naomi created the Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Organization. This evolved into the popular “Yoga Week” which happens throughout the state of Idaho every June 3-9th. Naomi co-founded the 200/300 Sage Yoga Teacher Training School with Marisa Weppner and is grateful for the chance to meet the “seekers” and be with community.




( twin falls, idaho )
Sami Ruggles has been teaching yoga for two years. She loves the community that yoga has brought her and believes that through yoga, we can change the world.

Sami recently traveled to Spain and Italy where she took a yoga class in every city she went to so she could learn from teachers all over the world. Her dream in life is to travel the world teaching yoga so she can one day do yoga retreats in countries all over the world for non-profit and give back to the communities I am teaching in.

Sami will lead a powerful, energetic class at Yogafort 2020.




( denver, colorado )
Like all Beauty in Nature, Good Boi Dream Boat came into form without any preconceived expectations or goal in mind. Rather, it blossomed to fill a void that was ready to be whole. A routine hang between Jake Miller (The Still Tide / Esme Patterson) and Austen C Grafa (Grayson County Burn Ban / Bud Bronson & The Good Timers) turned serendipitous when they found themselves on an unexpected musical journey that can only be described as “ambient yoga-core.”

Both Miller and Grafa are avid yoga enthusiasts, but with so many other hobbies and passions yoga has remained a foundational “behind the scenes” element of their identities. Therein lies the uniqueness and authenticity of this newest project — Good Boi Dream Boat is yoga music for the everyday human in this world.




( portland, oregon )
Hallowed River is the moniker of Portland, Oregon based producer and multi-instrumentalist Bryant Syme. On his debut record, Hindsight, the Boise native aims to support creatives and growth seeking anarchists with a collection of guided and focused musical meditations. Each song crafted to take the listener on a journey to belief in its specific positive affirmation.

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