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Treefort 2020 Spirit Week

As we’re all quarantined in our respective homes, we want you to know that we’re thinking of y’all and want nothing more than to be partying with you this week.

In an effort to keep our spirits high during what would’ve been our ninth birthday, starting today, we invite you to participate in TREEFORT SPIRIT WEEK with us (from your own homes)!


Here’s how it works:

  • Simply post your pics and be sure to tag us @treefortfest #treefortspirit

  • Tune into the live Quaranstreams on our YouTube channel


Go back in time today — were you at the first Treefort back in 2012? Regardless of whether you have been to the last eight Treeforts or 2019 was your first, we wanna see your first or favorite Treefort memories! Post your memories using the #waybackwednesday #treefortspirit tags.

Check out some of the cool, exclusive Treefort #quaranstream events in the coming days during TREEFORT SPIRIT WEEK below and be sure to scope all of the Treefort (March and September edition) bands doing their own live streams (this is a working document.




Have you tasted the delicious Fresh AF Mother Earth beer straight off the canning machine at Alefort? What about the Nail Pull? Did you slide your steel mug in the ceremonial TXOTX? Maybe you got caught sippin’ a quarantini outta your decorated steel cup or you are poppin’ tops off Mother Earth’s Timber Giant? Whatever it is, we want you to post it! #thirstythursday #treefortspirit

Kicking off our first ever #quaranstream, DEEVEAUX will perform live on our social channels between 9-11pm MT –>  STREAM HERE 




When you’re not watching a band slay the stage and you find yourself immersed in a Foodfort talk, a block of shorts at Filmfort, watching pro skaters at Skatefort or participating in a transcendental class at Yogafort. Post your favorite fort activity during your away-from-the-stage time at Treefort. #fortfriday #treefortspirit

Enter into another dimension with tonight’s #quaranstream with a MAGIC SWORD DJ set happening live on our social channels between 9-11pm MT. They will be celebrating the release of their newest full length ‘Empress’ that comes out Friday, 3/27 on Joyful Noise Recordings –>  STREAM HERE! 




Get all kinds of dolled up in your new (or old) Treefort merch. We’re talkin’ beanies, hats, tees, tanks, koozies, steel cups, hoodies, pins, patches…hell, why don’t you even load up your fanny pack with last years drink tokens, earplugs, phone charger, etc and act like it’s the fourth day of Treefort, but instead of leaving your home, you could try the following:

…just be sure to snap a pic of your TREEFORT SPIRIT and share it on your socials. #stayhomesaturday #treefortspirit

Tune into CHONG THE NOMAD‘s live DJ set from Seattle on our #quaranstream social channels between 9-11pm MT. If you caught her set at El Korah Shrine last year, you know she knows how to slay the decks. –> STREAM HERE



We’re working with Yogafort on an afternoon yoga session that’s sure to end your Treefort Spirit Week waaaaay less hungover than a typical Sunday at Treefort.

Join us at 1pm MT for a yoga class taught by Marisa Radha, accompanied by a live set by electro-acoustic ambient artist East Forest. Radha’s guidance and East Forest’s music will lead you into a fully restorative, highly blissful meditative state. #stayhomesunday #yogafort2020 #quaranstream #treefortspirit –> STREAM HERE