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Treefort Gallery 2018 Artists

Treefort Gallery is back again for 2018 with some fresh new work from a diverse collection of artists for your viewing pleasure.


Brush through the boundless beauty to be displayed at Treefort Gallery!


Colleen Condon

Colleen Condon is an analog collage artist. Her work is visually abstract though punctuated with a very discernible sense of intimate meaning.

Condon stretches and dislocates images, breaking them away from all conjecture and context and processing them down until she’s created a nakedly aesthetic and completely subjective work.

14″ x 14″, handcut paper collage, 2017

Melanie Billark

Melanie Billark‘s “Greenwashing” comments on consumer culture and the choices people make regarding urban planning within city centers. Billark lives in Toronto, a city that has recently seen an increase of green spaces owned by the city, as well as independent home owners that are using astroturf as a low-maintenance alternative for ground coverage for outdoor spaces.

However, synthetic grasses have similar effects as pavement and concrete do in an urban setting. These hard surfaces do not allow for proper drainage of water, can cause potential hazards and concerns to ecosystems, as well as retains the sun’s heat creating an increased temperature for microclimates, ultimately defeating the beneficial reasons for having dedicated areas for green spaces within cities.

“Greenwashing” pronounces on these absurd, contradictory choices and alters our perception on the beneficial purposes, necessity, and urgency of true green spaces within the city limits.

Greenwashing, 72″ x 26″ x 48″, AstroTurf, antique (Maple Leaf No 2 Beaty Brothers Washer)

Eli Craven

Eli Craven is an interdisciplinary artist based in Boise, Idaho. His work explores the role of images and objects in processes of socialization, specifically within the development of identity, memory, and desire. The acts of looking and collecting are central to Craven’s process. Each project begins with a search for redeemable sources at estate sales, thrift stores, and digital archives. Through photography, video, sculpture, and collage, the reclaimed materials are charged with new possibilities directed at the senses – the familiar, the bizarre, the boring, the erotic.

Craven’s work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally including at the Capture Photography Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia and in the book Unlocked, from Atopos CVC in Athens, Greece.

Sad Landscape, 13″ x 9.5″, found book page, artist’s frame, 2017

Catina Crum

Catina Crum explores otherness, in relation to interactions with those considered ‘mentally ill’ or ‘disabled,’ through both reconstructive and metaphorical means. Crum is interested in the visual exploration of how society interacts with people that don’t fit within the normative structure in the most typical and accepted manner. Each work’s appearance or artistic approach relates to a specific memory or idea. The artworks’ perspective originates from personal experience as a caregiver in group homes, as a witness to the development of schizophrenia in her sister, and as a person diagnosed with PTSD.

Human, 24″ x 48,” oil on wood, 2017

Ashley Carlson

Ashley Carlson‘s work depicts anonymous figures ambiguously pensive, and moving through surreal landscapes inspired by rural and isolated locations. Her work’s vivid and impressionistic color offers a dream-like familiarity and a nostalgic feeling of time past.

The Crossing 2.0, 5″ x 3.5″, graphite, shellac, oil on paper, 2017

Garek Jon Druss

Garek Druss is a Los Angeles-based sound and visual artist who creates work that explores the balance between the physical being and the incorporeal or non-being. Immensity Without Horizon V3 is an immersive audio-visual installation of folded paper, sound, and video projection that quietly underscores the resonant space one feels at the peak of a meditative experience.

Calm and subdued washes of projected color onto folded paper sculptures that gently hover and vibrate in harmonic patterns. The prismatic wave of the wall sculpture reflects and refracts the geometry of the video, which pulses and flickers across the paper in a radiant array of subtle color shifts and form.

This soundscape, combined with shimmering subtle color, provokes a strong emotional response; manifesting empathy and unity with other nearby participants who, like us, are bathed in light and sound. As an environment that stimulates multiple sensory responses, Immensity Without Horizon provokes contemplation, thinking, and feeling as a meaningful, communal interaction.

untitled, 22″ x 30″, watercolor & graphite on 300GSM hot pressed archival cotton paper, 2017

Treefort Gallery will be located at The Owyhee building and open during the week of Treefort:

  • Tuesday, March 20th-Thursday, March 22nd 3-8pm
  • Friday, March 23rd-Sunday, March 25th 12-8pm

Treefort Gallery is free and open to the public (booyeah!), but for a full festival experience, you’ll wanna get a 5-day pass — buy yours today!