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Treefort 2015 Tickets on-sale September 20th

Treefort is all about discovering your new favorite bands.

We want to reward those who come to the festival to explore music with a new pricing structure based around our 5-Day General Admission wristband DISCOVERY price. When 5-Day General Admission wristbands go on sale on September 20th, the price will start at the $119 DISCOVERY price. This price level is time-sensitve; when we make our first Artists Announcement, ticket prices will go to $139. You get the best deal on a Treefort wristband by trusting us to continue to book great bands!

If you suffer from a little bit of lineup anxiety (it’s ok, we all do from time to time) you can wait until after our first Artists Announcement, at which point 5-Day GA wristbands will be available at $139 until March 1st.

March 1st is when the BED HEAD price kicks in. 5-Day GA wristbands will be $159 until the day of the festival; you snooze, you lose. Don’t get caught sleeping on your chance to snag a good price on Treefort wristbands!

Getting a 5-Day wristband to Treefort 2015 is the BEST WAY to see all the music and other events we have to offer, and buying your wristband early is the BEST WAY to get it at an affordable price.

Those of you who want the most music for your money can get your hands on the ever-popular ZIPLINE 5-Day wristband for $299. The ZIPLINE wristband is a music fan’s fast-access pass to every Treefort venue. With a ZIPLINE wristband on your wrist, you can walk to the front of the line. If the venue is full you’ll still have to wait, but lines won’t be much of a problem with a ZIPLINE wristband. We’re only selling 200 ZIPLINE wristbands so that there is plenty of room for everyone at every venue.

Oops, we almost forgot about our most popular wristband tradition…the famous 5-Day General Admission EARLY BIRD wristband. The first 200 wristbands sold when we go on sale will be available at the absolutely crazy price of only $50. EARLY BIRD wristbands sell extremely quickly and are designed as a way to say “thank you” to our loyal fans. We try our best to ensure everyone has a fair shot at an EARLY BIRD pass, but if you’re feeling frustrated that you didn’t snag one please trust us that our $119 DISCOVERY price is an amazing deal and fans paying our DISCOVERY price help keep the festival sustainable.

Single Day wristbands, Main Stage tickets, and other ticket products will become available closer to the festival.

Learn more here: www.treefortmusicfest.com/tickets