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First Wave of Artists for 2016


Treefort Music Fest will be celebrating its 5th birthday this coming March – Treefort V! Can hardly believe it’s that time of year already, but we couldn’t be more excited to share with you what we’ve been up to and the moment you’ve been waiting for…the FIRST WAVE OF TREEFORT ARTISTS who will be gracing stages around Boise in March. A lot to be psyched about!

As interest in being a part of Treefort continues to grow, the selection process becomes harder and harder for our Artist Committee, but that’s great news for the rest of us as that means we have a lot to look forward to. Remember that this initial announce is just the First Wave of Artists and we have a lot more to introduce to you after the New Year. If you or someone you love are interested in playing at this year’s Treefort, you still have time to submit! Deadline is December 20th. Find the Submissions tab under Festival Info or simply go HERE

LISTEN to all the artists we’ve announced so far! Download the New Treefort App. Built just for you right here in Boise by our kickass Appfort Team, who along with our pals at WhiteCloud Analytics have been working long hours in their “freetime” to build off of previous versions to take your handheld Treefort experience to the next level. A lot of new versions are on the horizon as we get closer to the festival, but for now, use it as your primary mode of discovery and listening as you dive in to all of these great artists to get to know before March. Download v4.0.0 now on all platforms. To get you started, we’ve highlighted some of the artists below, but that’s only the tip of the treetop so make sure to dig deeper as there are many of treasures within.


CHARLES BRADLEY & HIS EXTRAORDINAIRES ((( new york, new york )))

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires will provide the festival with a hearty dose of rhythm-and-blues. Ever since we brought Charles to town on a hot August evening for a sweaty show at Visual Arts Collective early in his rise, we’ve been yearning to have him grace our Treefort Main Stage. Well, that time has come — super excited to share Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires with the Treefort community and for them to get another taste of the love that Boise has to offer. To get properly prepared for this experience, we highly recommend watching the great documentary about his music and his life called Charles Bradley: Soul Of America.


THEE OH SEES ((( san francisco, california )))

Thee Oh Sees are the latest incarnation of songwriter, singer, and guitarist John Dwyer’s ever-evolving pop-folk psychedelic group. Dwyer, who hails from Providence, RI, has been active on the San Francisco indie scene since the late ’90s, working with several bands, including the Coachwhips, Pink & Brown, Yikes, Up Its Alive, and Swords & Sandals, among others, and he formed OCS (which is an acronym for Orinoka Crash Suite, Orange County Sound, or whatever Dwyer decided it was on any given day) initially as a vehicle for the experimental instrumentals he was producing in his home studio. /// So very excited to finally host Thee Oh Sees at Treefort. Thee Oh Sees / John Dwyer have been an inspiration on many levels. Start digging deep into their vast catalog and get ready for a wild time.


CHELSEA WOLFE ((( los angeles, california )))

Chelsea Wolfe’s sound is best described with broad strokes: elemental, intense, radiant, ancient yet modern, intimate yet expansive, dark and sparkling. Hues of black metal, gothic folk, and industrial electronics inform her ever-evolving music In 2015 she released her 5th LP Abyss. Followed by almost completely sold out North American and European tours, and incredible reaction by critics and fans alike, it’s no wonder that Noisey proclaims “Chelsea Wolfe is about a step away from becoming the biggest singer/songwriter of our generation.”

YOUTH LAGOON ((( boise, idaho )))

Youth Lagoon’s rise in 2011 to the national stage from within the Boise music scene played a large role in the momentum that helped inspire and build into the first year of Treefort. As we celebrate our 5th year, and with Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers fresh off of the release of his 3rd critically acclaimed album ‘Savage Hills Ballroom,’ it feels all too perfect to have Youth Lagoon back on a Treefort stage. We are grateful that Powers and his band continue to represent Boise so well while out on the road and keep giving back to the scene here at home. Very much looking forward to them helping us play host to the international music scene at large when everyone comes to town in March.




AESOP ROCK w/ ROB SONIC ((( portland, oregon )))

Aesop Rock (aka Ian Bavitz) is a critically acclaimed hip hop artist/producer, recognized for his dense and abstract word-play. His career rose to fame early on as a prominent member of El-P’s now defunct label, Def Jux. Since 1997, he has released six solo albums, three EPs, and a 45-minute piece of music designed for runners, commissioned by Nike. His lyrics have been published in the New York Times Best Seller Hip-Hop Speaks to Children, by author/activist Professor Nikki Giovanni (Oct. 2008), as well as Yale University’s Anthology of Rap (Nov. 2010). Last year, Aesop was also recognized in a study conducted by data scientist Matt Daniels as one of the most verbose MC’s in Hip Hop, today. One of his many collaborations is Hail Mary Mallon (with Rob Sonic), which has released two albums; Are You Gonna Eat That? (Jun. 2011) and Bestiary (Nov. 2014). With Rob Sonic joining him at Treefort, I imagine we can look forward to some Hail Mary Mallon material in the mix as well as some new material as Aesop is preparing to launch his seventh full-length solo album in 2016.


ODDISEE ((( washington d.c. )))

The son of Sudanese and American parents, Amir Mohamed was born and raised in the United States capital city of Washington DC, spending hot summers in Khartoum learning Arabic and swimming in the Nile. Growing up amidst the sounds of New York hip hop, his father playing Oud, Go-Go, and gospel, Amir took his first steps as an MC producer in the analog basement studio of his legendary neighbor, Garry Shider (Parliament Funkadelic). Convincing his entrepreneurial father that he too had business acumen, Amir laid the check from his first commercial release on the kitchen table before his 21st birthday and never looked back. Though Oddisee has gone on to perform with The Roots, produce for Freeway, Jazzy Jeff, Little Brother, De La Soul & Nikki Jean, and has MC’d on production from Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Kev Brown, his proudest moment was the birth of his critically acclaimed group Diamond District with fellow Washingtonians X.O. and yU. Known in the music industry for his independence, Oddisee consistently debunks the scatterbrained artist myth – doing everything from booking international tours to photography to marketing and promoting himself and even other artists. He now works as both artist and consultant with Mello Music Group, one of the foremost emerging independent labels to take advantage of the digital revolution to build a successful business.


HINDS ((( madrid, spain )))

Hinds is a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid, formed in 2011. The original name of the band was Deers, but they were forced to change it at the end of 2014, due to the threat of legal action from a similarly named band. The group chose “Hinds” (female deers) as the new name of the band and announced officially the name change on 7 January 2015. “There is a moment at the beginning of every Hinds show where the four Madrileñas find each others’ eye line and share a communal, assertive, smiling nod. A split-second later, we’re blasted by some of the most energised, fun and inventive rock n roll this side of White Light / White Heat or Raw Power.”The Line of Best Fit




WHITE DENIM ((( austin, texas )))

“It has taken five records to make one that sounds the way we do onstage,” says White Denim frontman James Petralli, explaining the band’s new full-length “Corsicana Lemonade.” Released in October 2013 via Downtown Records, “Corsicana Lemonade” puts White Denim’s freewheeling stage ethos to wax and cements their position as a quintessential, unique American rock band. Featuring production on two songs and a full mix from iconic songwriter Jeff Tweedy, it’s a revelation, merging the group’s manic live virtuosity into a rollicking ten-song mission statement. The Austin, TX four-piece is no stranger to mixing crunchy punk energy, scorched psychedelia, Southern rock and knotty funk, but “Corsicana Lemonade,” the group’s fifth studio album, naturally covers so many bases that it plays like the greatest lost mixtape you could find on your dashboard during a hot summer afternoon.


FRENCH HORN REBELLION ((( brooklyn, new york )))

Super excited to have French Horn Rebellion back to Treefort. They get it. They know how to party and make magic happen and not take anything too seriously. “French horn is hard to play. Making hot beats is fun and easy. LETS MAKE A BAND.” -Robert in 2007 // “We are two brothers who enjoy photoshopping French horns onto things they shouldn’t be photoshopped on.” // LEADERS of the NEXT JACK SWING. // Their new Foolin’ Around EP is SO GOOD. Jam it loud and dust off those dance shoes.




MOTHERS ((( athens, georgia )))

Mothers began in 2013 as the solo project of Athens, Georgia-based visual artist Kristine Leschper while she studied printmaking at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. The discipline instilled in her a strong work ethic and an intense focus to detail, while simultaneously inspiring her to pursue other creative aspects of her personality. A self-taught songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Leschper’s earliest musical influences span a great swath of early aughts rock and folk, such as Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsom, The Microphones, and Athens legends Neutral Milk Hotel; she later developed a love for experimental music, math rock, and noise artists, including Lightning Bolt, Hella, Don Caballero, and Tera Melos. As a result, her earliest demos exhibit a sense of striking catharsis under non-traditional song structures, which flirt between strength and vulnerability, and are often quite linear in form. // Skip forward and Mothers are on the cusp of being a household name in the indie rock world. We’ve been loving everything we’re hearing from them. They’re signed to Grand Jury now. Stay tuned and get psyched to see them at Treefort.


SAN FERMIN ((( brooklyn, new york )))

Brooklyn-based SAN FERMIN, now an eight-piece touring enterprise will bring their dynamic sound to Cape Cod performing their new album, Jackrabbit, live on stage. Composed by band leader, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Jackrabbit is filled with moments in which each member of the band is prominently featured: John Brandon (trumpet), Stephen Chen (saxophone), Rebekah Durham (violin/vocals), Michael Hanf (drums), Charlene Kaye (lead vocals), Tyler McDiarmid (guitar), and Allen Tate (lead vocals). Seeing SAN FERMIN live on stage is a transcending experience feeling a lot like real life—charmed, challenging, and wonderfully compulsory. /// Fresh off of a tour with Alt-J, we’re psyched to have San Fermin back in Boise for Treefort.




SELF DEFENSE FAMILY ((( los angeles, california )))

Your favorite band’s favorite band, Cohoes New York’s Self Defense Family (formerly End of a Year) enjoys a distinct renown within the punk community. Well-respected and critically lauded but difficult and idiosyncratic, the band has done things their way almost to a fault. Eschewing sing-alongs and easy anthems in favor of personal lyrics, Self Defense Family stands apart from their contemporaries in punk and hardcore. Their strangely tense guitar-work framed within otherwise hook laden songs lends the band an unmistakable sound. Opting to be heavy in emotional rather than heavy in sound.



METHYL ETHEL ((( perth, australia )))

Methyl Ethel is the uninhibited alt-pop project from Perth musician Jake Webb. The band started in 2013, as an outlet for the reverb soaked home recordings Webb was working on whilst developing his ambient and textural guitar playing in a variety of local outfits. Methyl Ethel has since blossomed into one of the most critically revered and publicly embraced acts coming out of Western Australia in some time.




ESME PATTERSON ((( portland via denver )))

Esmé Patterson is songwriter, gambler, singer, lover, thinker and explorer. She began as a member of the Denver Folk Pop septet, Paper Bird, and has written two records as a solo act including All Princes, I and her second and most recent release, Woman to Woman, which is a concept album of responses from female characters in a broad range of well known love songs. The Guardian called it “defiant and witty”, the New York Times found her voice “wiry and candid” with songs that “hint at mystery and mortality”. Audiotree touts “By putting herself in the minds of characters like Jolene, Eleanor Rigby, and Billie Jean, Patterson has crafted a witty, dark, and intimate twist on the popular tracks.” Esmé performs in multiple incarnations. She adds members to raise the volume and cadence of her tunes but remains powerful alone. Patterson is a magnetic performer and has appeared on the Leno, Conan and Letterman programs. Her co-writing with Shakey Graves led to sold out shows nationwide and millions of downloads of their collaborations. Esmé lives in Portland, Oregon, happily small under tall trees.


WESTERN DAUGHTER ((( boise, idaho )))

“Western Daughter are ready to turn some heads. Their blend of styles has resulted in a lofty indie sound with the smallest smattering of country. It might sound unusual on paper, but that’s testament to their slightly unconventional sound. Displaying the potential to conform neatly into a preconceived musical box, the five-piece opt to keep things interesting[…]” – Punktastic.com Featuring members of Ancient Psychic, Transistor Send and Telescopes as Time Machines, Western Daughter have been growing quickly in the Boise music scene since their first ever show at Treefort last year. Their debut album ‘As The Sun Goes Down’ will be released next week and we look forward to seeing them have a big 2016, including their return to a Treefort stage.




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This is just the beginning, over the coming months we’ll have two more rounds of artists to announce, all the additional fort lineups and many more exciting Treefort 2016 happenings and surprises. So grab your 5-day wristbands now so you don’t miss a beat!

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