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We’re Turning 5 in March — Celebrate With Us!

Welcome to our new website, built by your friends and neighbors right here in Boise. If you haven’t noticed, last year we ditched our WordPress format in favor of supporting the homegrown, local tech talent pool and thus Webfort was created and they worked their asses off to build treefortmusicfest.com from scratch. For Treefort 2016, we have developed a new Appfort team comprised of members of Webfort and WhiteCloud (those cool guys who created the Lineometer app for 2015) who are working hard to bridge the gap between website and the app. Luckily, the fine folks at Trailhead have donated some co-working space to the team so they can collaborate in-person. We’re looking forward to what they have in store for you! More updates on that soon enough.

For now, we want you to mark your calendars for Treefort Music Fest 2016 — March 23rd – 27th in downtown Boise. We’re so excited to spend our 5th Birthday with all you Treeforters! Timing lands squarely during Spring Break in the Valley which should offer a unique potential for us all to take a break from our normal routine to discover a new favorite band, film, writer, yogi, hacker, thinker, maker, artist, brew, and food while running around in the Treefort playground!

Submissions to perform at Treefort 2016 are now open! Learn more on our Submissions page.

Early Bird tickets and all other 5-Day Pass options will go on-sale September 12th — more information will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for that announcement. Until then, get pumped to spend our 5th Birthday with us by watching the Treefort 2015 Recap video below, created by the talented Bridgetown Creative.

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If you aren’t already following us on social media, make sure to get looped in to keep up with the latest updates for the upcoming festival.

We are looking forward to experiencing Treefort 2016 with each of you! Spread the word among your loved ones and please send us your feedback / suggestions so that we can build the best Treefort yet!