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Treefort 2015 Second Artist Announcement

Family and friends, we are nearly 2 months from Treefort 2015 and the hustle is in full gear at Treefort HQ. We’re excited and we hope you are too. 

We have a big ‘ol second artist announcement so we’ll cut you loose to dig in and start getting to know this music.


Artists: Round 2


OMAR SOULEYMAN ((( Ra’s al’-Ayn, Syria )))

“Most wedding singers would kill to be in Omar Souleyman’s shoes. For years one of Syria’s best-known bards for hire, he’s gone from performing regionally for happy brides and grooms – getting them pumped up with a frenetic brand of Arabic “dabke,” a style of music and dance popular across the Middle East – to playing some of the hottest music festivals in Europe and the United States, winning praise from critics and endorsements from Damon Albarn and Björk.” — Rolling Stone /// Team Treefort is really excited that Omar is able to join us this year as many of us are fans of his Four Tet-produced album Wenu Wenu that came out in 2013 and helped solidify his popularity here in the States. Definitely recommend watching some videos and practicing some dance moves because this set at El Korah Shrine is going to be a scorcher.


JOSH RITTER ((( moscow, idaho )))

Josh Ritter is from Moscow, Idaho. The son of two neuroscientists, he was on his way to follow in their footsteps when he discovered Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country” in high school. He has since released seven studio albums and has been recently named one of the 100 greatest living songwriters by Paste Magazine, alongside Dylan, Springsteen, and Neil Young. Joan Baez has covered one of his songs; Stephen King named one of Ritter’s albums the best of recent years and David Letterman has requested him twice, so far. His debut novel, Bright’s Passage, was a national bestseller. His most recent album is called The Beast in Its Tracks. Josh is taking a break from recording his new record to try out a bunch of new songs live. /// This one is long overdue as Josh is when of Idaho’s brightest musical lights and we’re honored to have him out to be a part of Treefort this year. More details on the special set that he will be playing at this year’s festival will be announced on Monday.


!!! ((( brooklyn, new york ))) 

The band’s name was inspired by the subtitles of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which the clicking sounds of the Bushmens’ Khoisan language were represented as “!”. However, as the bandmembers themselves say, !!! is pronounced by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound. Chk Chk Chk is the most common pronunciation, but they could just as easily be called Pow Pow Pow, Bam Bam Bam, Uh Uh Uh, etc. !!! is one of the best live shows you’ll see this year. They started in Sacramento, but really developed their groove-orientated dance punk sound in Brooklyn within the same scene that produced LCD Soundsystem and others. So very excited to have them back in Boise to lead the ultimate dance battle from the Treefort Main Stage.


BUILT TO SPILL ((( boise, idaho ))) 

We all know that Treefort wouldn’t be Treefort without a healthy dose of Built To Spill. With a brand new album on the ever-nearing horizon, we are psyched and grateful to have them a part of this year’s festival once again. They will be returning to the Main Stage in 2015 to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see them. As of now, only one official set from Built To Spill, but I’m sure some other surprise appearances throughout the rest of the festival are within the realm of possibility. That and they’re likely to use the extra time to jump in on some Rigsketball hoops action.


oF MONTREAL ((( athens, georgia ))) 

Athens psych poppers of Montreal will release their 13th studio album, Aureate Gloom, on March 3rd, 2015 via Polyvinyl Records. of Montreal helped make the very first Treefort achieve the kind of magic that it did. Their brand of psychedelic pop / performance art / glam dance party / introspective rocknroll is one-of-a-kind and we felt lucky to have them close out our Main Stage that first year. Since then they’ve made a point of building Boise in to their tours — a good example of some of our primary goals with Treefort being realized. When they wanted to come back this year, we certainly had no good reason as to why we wouldn’t want them back.. of Montreal? Yes, yes please.


JOYCE MANOR ((( torrance, california ))) 

If you ask the guys of Joyce Manor to describe themselves, they’ll tell you the band is “four guys who have a taste for bad Chinese food, Thin Lizzy guitar solos, and calling ‘shotgun’.” But one listen to their infectiously catchy pop-punk reveals them as much, much more than that. Joyce Manor deconstructs punk rock to its most catchy core with Weezer-esque pop sensibilities and gigantic hooks that beg you to sing along. /// “The optimal balance of maturity and immaturity is right there in the title, so throw on Never Hungover Again when you’re still looking to get into dumb shit, but you just want to be smarter about it.” – Pitchfork /// “California’s Joyce Manor drop pearls of pop-punk wisdom: songs that are rich in melody, short in length, and colored with a gentle-hearted loneliness.” – Spin


FOXYGEN ((( westlake village, california ))) 

“Before listening to this album, I would suggest holding onto those butts of yours and getting ready, because the gutsy Foxygen nucleus of Sam France and Jonathan Rado dive deep into a new phase and emerge with sounds awash with punky noise skitters, psychedelic toggle turns, and an ecstasy of influence. Even before they injected 1970s classic rock with the psych rock it needed, Foxygen were a band scribbling unique sketches from multiple generations, whilst mapping across multiple atmospherics with the inclusion of multiple collaborators. There is the idea expressed through this record — intentional or not — that creating a music offering without excess, ambiguity, or harsh schisms would taint the band, suck the life out of it, and leave it stale and unusable. The piece of work described as “the radio station that you can hear only if you believe” is conducive not to notions of progress but to a sense of unreality, a work of magical ambition reminiscent of the need for more — the stalwart defenders of modern-day culture.” — Consequence of Sound


ELEPHANT REVIVAL ((( nederland, colorado ))) 

That rarified Rocky Mountain air around Nederland, CO has produced some exceptional emerging talent through the years and Elephant Revival carries that notion forward. The music of this young, down-to-earth mostly acoustic quintet of three guys and two gals reveals hidden treasures deep within a vast repertoire of original material and a few carefully selected traditionals. In one show, Elephant Revival can be seen delving into Scottish/Celtic fiddle tunes, original folk pieces, traditional ballads, psychedelic country, indie rock, powerful reggae grooves, 40s/50s jazz standards and an occasional hip-hop beat amongst other styles. Some have dubbed it “neo-transcendental folk” but that moniker just underscores that they can’t be pinned into one corner of the American music spectrum. /// Elephant Revival spent a lot of time in Idaho in their early years, we’re excited we could help bring them back around to some of their roots and think they’ll find Treefort in line with their ideals.


DELICATE STEVE ((( brooklyn, new york ))) 

Each year Treefort has begun to feel more and more like a family reunion. Delicate Steve is certainly playing a role in that. Last year was the first year they weren’t on the festival, and yet, Steve jumped on a plane and flew out to hang out all weekend. He ended up playing guitar with several other bands and took part in Band Dialogue II. With a new album on the way and fresh off of a tour with Tame Impala, we’re psyched to have the full Delicate Steve experience back again this Treefort.



DARK TIME SUNSHINE ((( bourdeaux, france ))) 

Onry and Zavala first met and collaborated while working on mutual friend and rap artist Sleep’s ‘Hesitation Wounds’ in 2009 (Strange Famous). After this session the two continued their collaborative efforts and began amassing a collection of songs, melding Onry’s debonair persona and wordplay with Zavala’s strikingly innovative production to create Dark Time Sunshine’s signature sound. /// Dark Time Sunshine will be a part of a larger NW hip-hop showcase that we’ll be announcing with the full lineup in a couple weeks.


BEAT CONNECTION ((( seattle, washington ))) 

Beat Connection is Reed Juenger, Tom Eddy & Jarred Katz joined live by Mark Hunter. Formed in 2010, Beat Connection has undergone numerous changes, finally stabilizing in its current form. The band has already shared the stage with Jungle, Toro y Moi, STRFKR, Washed Out, Holy Ghost! &ODESZA; and has garnered positive looks from Pitchfork, The Fader and The Guardian. With performances scheduled this year at ACL & CHBP, Beat Connection now looks to the future to focus on constantly bringing something new to their audience by bridging the gap between the mundane and the transcendent, the pop and the avant-garde.


BED. ((( portland, oregon ))) 

In late 2013, Alex and Sierra Haager quit their jobs and escaped their lives in San Francisco and headed north to Portland to start Breakup Records. Although they spend nearly every waking hour working with some of their favorite bands, they still found time to create a new project for themselves. /// “Bed’s Wayward is a kaleidoscopic journey through all what’s good from the 90’s alt-rock aesthetic and the grungier vibes of the indie music scene from the last twenty years.” – P O N D /// “Look for Bed. to make a big impact on the Portland music scene.” -PDX Magazine /// I can’t stop listening to their tune “Wayward”. Get ready to be wowed by this band.



SPACEFACE ((( memphis, tennessee ))) 

Jake Ingalls is a jet setter. When he isn’t touring the world with The Flaming Lips, he’s hitting the road in a short, yellow school-turned-tour bus with his own band Spaceface. In the digital age, there is a new band on the radar every week, and it’s hard to find anything that stands out. But in a pool of up-and-coming bands that blend together, Spaceface has fused psychedelic rock ‘n roll with pop in a way that makes them – dare it be said – unique.



HAPPYNESS ((( london, u.k. ))) 

“British alt-pop band, Happyness, who, aside from getting loads of press in their home country also garnered a lot of eyes and ears during CMJ Music Marathon last fall, have just signed to Bar/None for the release of their recent debut album, Weird Little Birthday. It’ll finally be out March 24. It’s an apt title, as the band’s stage demeanor and deceptively testy tunes kind of feel like slowly coming to grips with the creepiness of a clown at a kid’s birthday party.” — CMJ /// “Happiness is a great feeling; Happyness is a great band. The South London trio specializes in lush-yet-breezy indie rock that conjures all sorts of wistful feelings then takes the piss out of them with wry puns and punchlines. Think of it as Sparklehorse’s mournful dream-pop pocket symphonies infused with Pavement’s winking ironic sensibility, or Yo La Tengo if their public sense of humor seeped into their records more often. It’s gorgeous, gregarious stuff, music that immediately ingratiates itself but continues to reveal new layers of beauty with time.” — Stereogum



MATTHEW E WHITE ((( richmond, virginia ))) 

Like all of us, Matthew E. White was born into a constructed world. His unfolded out of the mingled sands of Virginia Beach and Manila, the youngest son in a family that raised him barefoot between the blurred racket of that far eastern jungle city and the backyard lightning-bug-hum of a trimmed southern lawn. His first moves, from picking up a basketball to picking up a guitar, were cast in the dual glow of these latitudes. Something between them taught him to love. Something between them taught him to time travel. Here began the lessons of Big Inner. On that day in August, when the earth shifted into the shape of Matthew E. White, there was so much to listen to, so much to put your heart into, already. The dusts of the Delta had swirled into Rock and Roll. Alan Lomax’s recordings sat in a big building in Washington, DC. Lee Perry had built The Black Ark in his backyard in Kingston. Somebody else lived in Big Pink. Mac Rebennack was Dr. John. King Tubby was dubbing. Terry Riley was overdubbing. Sly Stone had hit #1. Randy Newman’s Sail Away was a decade old. Caetano Veloso had just turned 40. Muddy Waters was just about gone. Jimmy Cliff had had sung “Many Rivers to Cross.” So had Harry Nilsson. White shared this common inheritance. He stitched his own flag out of it.


Check out the rest of this announcement below and make sure to visit their artist pages to start immersing youself into all of this great music.

Magic Sword
From Indian Lakes
Yip Deceiver
Wild Ones
Vinyl Williams
Rose Quartz
Wooden Indian Burial Ground
What Moon Things
Two Sheds
Lost Lander
Father Murphy
Native America
And And And
Street Fever
Unconditional Arms
Sun Blood Stories
Old Death Whisper
We Are The Willows
Like A Villain
C.J. Boyd
Future Death
Be Calm Honcho
Marshall Poole
Annie Girl & The Flight
Naan Violence
Bud Bronson & the Good Timers
Deep Creeps
Toy Zoo
Everyone Is Dirty
Us Lights
Orquestra Pacifico Tropical
Little Barefoot
King Brat
Muscle and Marrow
Sugar Candy Mountain
Braided Waves
The River Arkansas
G. Green
Transistor Send
Eleven and DJ Jason D
Bat Manors
Oso Negro
Dedicated Servers
Adam Wright
Hex Girl
The Commonauts
House of Hoi Polloi
Methods Of Dance
Felt Neighbor
Tribute to Paul Revere