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Get Bendy with Yogafort at Treefort 2015

The first Yogafort, in 2013, was born out of a phone call between Celeste and Marisa mere days before Treefort began that went something like this, “Hey, want to teach a workshop at 9:00AM as part of ‘Yogafort’? Sure, why not…but 9:00AM!?!” Like true hardcore yoginis, we showed up mats and iPods in hand to be utterly shocked that 30 plus additional festival goers also set an alarm to sweat out the previous nights activities and freshen up for the new festival day ahead (the good ol’ Detox~Retox).

From there, Yogafort has grown to be Boise’s first and only 3-day yoga festival and boasts a complete collaboration of musical artists with yoga/movement instructors. The vibe at Yogafort 2014 escalated to near enlightenment as local, regional and national instructors gave workshop participants an experience of movement that was inextricably tied to the experience of music. There was an epic kale shower by the ladies of Werkout Palace, transcendent kirtan led by the legendary David Stringer with Sheila Bringi, a groove fest with EarthRise SoundSystem, booty poppin’ dance, kettle bell swinging, a no-BS power vinyasa yoga class, a surreally serene yin yoga class, creating sweaty smiles for days.


This year Celeste and Marisa’s conversation went something like this, “Lets make Yogafort even more awesome. DONE!” (high five) We like to say that the tagline for Yogafort 2015 is “now with more yoga” because we heard your feedback, Treeforters, and now every part of Yogafort is a workshop experience. Yes, your favorite zebra-print yoga capris, inspirational quote tank tops and sparkle sneakers will be put to use for over twelve workshops, each paired with live, musical performances. We are ecstatic to welcome Micheline Berry, DJ Drez, and Marti Nikko as our featured Yogafort guests and assure that your Yogafort 2015 experience will be nothing short of transformational. You’ll move your body and spirit in ways you didn’t even know was possible. See you on the mat and dance floor! Get all the deets here under the Activities tab and grab your passes here or click the orange button so you don’t miss a single stretch!

XOXOMMMM, Marisa and Celeste

Get Bendy!