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Treefort App v4.4.0 Now Available

appgraphicGet your hands on the new-and-improved Treefort Music Fest app! v4.4.0 is available now on all platforms.

iOS: http://apple.co/21y7jPg
Google Play: https://goo.gl/Zkwxur

Scheduling, favoriting, and custom playlists are all now available on the Treefort app! If you have already downloaded the app, you may need to visit your app store for a refresh to include schedule updates and cool new features such as creating your very own playlist or one for a friend.


Major Features Released in 4.4.0:
– Home – This view now includes your upcoming shows and will auto-update once the festival begins. Additionally, you can view the most recent news announcements.
– Playlists – In order to digest the 450+ artists playing at Treefort, we have curated numerous playlists of songs of varying genres. We highly suggest you have a listen to the lists and now you can even create your own!
– Push Updates – The app fully supports native push notifications (sometimes a few!) on iOS and Android. You may have noticed this in previous versions, if you haven’t be sure to allow push notifications from us as we’ll be sending you real time updates during the festival — no stress, we won’t blow your sh*t up.

A HUGE HUGE thank you to Boise-based organization WhiteCloud Analytics and our entire Appfort Team to dedicating the time, energy and knowledge into building such badassery and watching it come to life at Trailhead Boise!