Day 5 of Treefort 2021

From the soul stirring sounds of Arooj Aftab to Poolside’s dancing plants, we wrapped Day 4 in tees & tanks. It’s the last day — finish out this exceptional Treefort in style! Spray on your sunscreen, clip the fanny on and dig up that last clean mask up it’s the last day of Treefort 9. … Continued

First Thursday with Treefort

Treefort is just around the corner! First Thursday has become an annual tradition for us; it’s the day that kicks off Treefort month! In March 2020 that First Thursday was meant to lead into celebrating our ninth festival, but alas thoughtfully painted windows sat on empty businesses for weeks (maybe even months!) after we first … Continued

Treefort 2020 Schedule

Plan your moves to enjoy all the grooves at Treefort! The Treefort 2020 schedule is a living & breathing document. Don’t be surprised to see additions or changes as the festival nears. Download the Treefort App to make your own schedule and share it with friends. We will also keep the schedule updated online. Treefort … Continued

Treefort 2019 Second Chance Shows

Second chance shows are official unofficial Treefort shows. While these shows are not “technically” part of Treefort (you won’t find them on the schedule), they are hosted by our friends, pals and partners and give you a chance to see an artist you may have missed due to conflicts in your schedule, napping, catching up … Continued

Alefort 2018 Breweries, Cideries & Events

With Boise being home to so many delectable beers and Idaho quickly climbing the ranks in hops and barley production, it’s only natural for Alefort (March 23-25) to bring the best of beer worlds under one tent. More than 30 local and regional breweries & cideries will be pouring their best, freshest selections in the … Continued

Storyfort Launch Party

So, you think you can spell? Test your word nerd skills at the Storyfort Launch Party on Saturday, March 18 from 6-9 pm at Woodland Empire. Storyfort Launch Party [STOHR-ee fohrt LAWNCH pahr-tee] Noun A spelling bee for grownups, competing for fame, glory, street cred and swag An event where teams of 1-4 friends can spell their … Continued