Storyfort Interview: Idaho’s New Writer in Residence Malia Collins

Throughout the years, writer Malia Collins has been involved with Storyfort in so many wonderful ways. From bringing us fantastic visiting writers through the College of Western Idaho to telling bone-chilling stories set in Hawaii at Scaryfort, to bringing the community events like Refugee Artisans: Quilting a Narrative (2019), Malia has been one of our … Continued

Storyfort 2019 Panels + Podcasts

From panels, podcasts, and poetry, to journalism, stories, and readings, Storyfort 2019 is LITerary. Storyfort 2019 Storytellers will share their work and experiences with us at a variety of compelling panels, podcasts, conversations, and readings. Learn why podcasting sucks (and why podcasters still love it anyways), or discover what it’s like to be a refugee … Continued