Treefort 2019 Survival Guide

Are you Treefort Ready?! From what to bring and what to do, to where to eat and how to get around, we got you covered. This is your survival guide to the best five days ever — Treefort 2019, March 20th-24th. You’ll be trotting around every day for hours at a time, dancing, singing, eating, … Continued

Trail Mix

Get yourself into listening shape with The 2017 Treefort Trail Mix One of the best parts of planning Treefort is experiencing and discovering the kickass music. Once again, we have paired up with our pals at Generous to bring you the annual Trail Mix — a compilation of 50+ songs that we just can’t seem to take off repeat. … Continued

A New Season Calls For New Tunes!

With the changing of seasons comes a longing for something new, yet familiar. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a Treefort Fall Playlist to give your ears a sonic oomph. The playlist contains over six hours and nearly 100 songs — featuring a wide variety of fresh tracks from artists who have played Treefort, like … Continued