Timber Giant Pale Ale

It has many names. None of which fairly characterize its true nature. Call it…..misunderstood. No matter what you want to label it thought, it’s wild, adventurous, irreverent. Sound familiar? Introducing TIMBER GIANT, a beer inspired by Idaho and Treefort Music Fest. Brewed just for you in Nampa by Mother Earth Brewing Company This sessionable dry-hopped pale ale … Continued

Alefort 2019 Beer Bars + Specialties

Alefort 2019 is gonna be fresh! Alefort is the beer, cider, and food tasting component of Treefort Music Fest. Alefort aims to present unique and high-quality food and beverage experiences that illuminate the intersection of beer and cuisine with Boise’s greater culture. Alefort has changed up a few things for its eighth year, including a … Continued