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Treefort 2017 Survival Guide

We’re getting ready to kick off Treefort 2017! We put together a list of things to bring, how to get around, where to stay and how to keep Treefort clean. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your festival experience is fun & eco-friendly:


  • COMFY SHOES: You’ll be doing a lot of walking, dancing, and jumping so be prepared to run wild all five days of Treefort!

  • LAYERS OF CLOTHES: As the locals say “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” In Treefort’s past, we’ve had everything from clear, sunny skies with 70 degree weather to snow, so you have to be prepared for anything. Nights might get a little chilly. If you’re in need of some Treefort swag, click here.
  • SUNGLASSES AND/OR HAT: Maybe the sun will be in your face, other times the wind, or maybe you just want to look cool.
  • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE AND/OR STEEL PINT CUP: Gotta stay hydrated! This year, Main Stage will only serve draft beer in steel pint cups to eliminate single use cups. Main Stage will also not have single use water cups. Buy a Treefort water bottle or steel pint cup or BYO.
  • FANNIE PACK/BAG: For your phone, wallet, merchandise purchases and other belongings. Don’t have a fannie pack? Treefort has your back (or rather, your hips).
  • EARPLUGS: 5 days of rocking out will take a toll on your earholes! Protect yourself from hearing loss with your own pair of reusable earplugs.

Optional (but highly recommended):

  • SKATEBOARD/BICYCLE/SCOOTER: The faster you can get to that show, screening or panel discussion, the better, right? Plus it’s more fun to glide around the city from one amazing event to the next. You could join the skaters at Skatefort or join the Treefort Social Ride hosted by Boise Bicycle Project! BBP sets up bike racks all over the festival so your bike has a home at every venue. And if you don’t have any of these alternative transportations, Boise Green Bike is a great option.
  • YOGA MAT: For you yogis who will be attending a Yogafort class, please bring your own mat.
  • MOBILE CHARGER: What if you see Mac Demarco at the Thick Business show but your phone’s dead so you can’t take a #cool #selfie? On-the-go charging will save your life when you’ve lost your friends or forgot when Liza, Liza, Skies are Grey starts. (FYI: it starts at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 23rd at The Owyhee)



From our largest venue to the smallest, Treefort Music Fest on occasion will have fans lined up outside the venue. By purchasing your 5-day wristband, you have priority entry, however if you like to bounce around, we recommend jumping to the front of the line by upgrading to the ultimate ZIPLINE pass!



Forget breaking the bank on booze, we keep the prices low for your drinking pleasure (seriously, it’s only $6), plus we have some badass local and regional beer, wine & cider for you to sip on over the 5 days. Keep an eye out for Payette Brewing’s official Treefort brew, Axe Handle IPL which will be available at multiple locations during the festival. And don’t forget your steel cup!



RECYCLE & COMPOST: Treefort has always had recycling bins around the festival and inside venues. Since 2014, we have had full-fledged trash, recycling and compost stations made of recycled pellets. The stations are run by our Green Team, a special fleet of volunteers that keeps Treefort tidy. After the festival, the compost goes to Whole Foods Market. Although there are many ways and opportunities to recycle during Treefort, ultimately it is up to you where you put your recyclable and compostable items. Be sure to find a recycling bin when you have the following items:

    • Aluminum/Steel/Tin: cans of Cool Water*, soda, etc.
      *Fun fact – did you know Treefort vendors no longer sell plastic water bottles? Last year was the first year Woodland Empire filled aluminum cans with Cool Water as an alternative to plastic water bottles.
    • Plastic: Numbers 1-7 only; this means no plastic bags or utensils.

  • Paper: This means all paper except for paper that has been in contact with food and drink such as paper plates and napkins.
  • Corrugated Cardboard

These items are compostable:

  • Fruits & veggies
  • Coffee grounds & tea bags
  • Any sort of Earth stuff such as leaves

Everything else…is TRASH: It does not belong on the ground or anywhere besides the trash can! So please take the time to throw it away properly so we can keep the festival and the city clean.



Whether you are a down to the minute scheduler or the ‘go-with-the-flow…stumbler of whatever happens happens’, the Treefort App is your new best friend! In an effort to reduce single-use items, we’ve moved away from the Trail Guide so the app is your main hand-held schedule of events at Treefort, download it now to start your adventures!



  • WALK: Treefort venues are all within walking distance.
  • SKATEBOARD/BIKE/ROLLERBLADE: If you got one, bring one. If you don’t, there’s always Boise Green Bike, a service providing bikes to rent at stations all across town.
  • VALLEYRIDE TREELINE: This is the first year Boise’s Valley Regional Transit bus system has provided the Treeline, a shuttle service that will exclusively take Treefort attendees around downtown for free. The route will run six stops down Idaho Street to the north, Main Street to the south, 5th Street to the east and 14th Street to the west.
    You can also show your wristband to any ValleyRide bus operator and ride all the buses for free!
  • CARPOOL: Fill the van with all your friends and come on down to the shows!



Treefort is all about discovery. Take some time to check out the artists on the 2017 lineup, have a listen to their tunes and discover a new favorite band. Click over here for all the artists rockin’ Treefort 2017 and be sure to explore even more with all of the other activities we have over the 5 days!.



Forget trying to clone yourself! There’s now an easier way to see more bands outside of their official festival set! Check out this year’s Showcases, Day Parties and Second Chance Shows — all are free and open to the public.



With nearly 500 bands over the 5 days, you’re going to want a nice, comfy spot to recharge in between sets. Click here to book your room at one of our preferred shacking spots.



Your bag is packed, hotel is booked and you’re committed to keeping Treefort clean & green. Now all you need is your 5-day Treefort Music Fest pass! If you still don’t have one, passes are available online or at the Record Exchange.