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Strengthfort 2017

Strengthfort? Yes, Strengthfort!

Yogafort isn’t the only place you can test your physical capabilities at Treefort this year. Meet Strengthfort!

In a cozy space hemmed in by white picket fence on 12th south of Grove, you’ll be able to wile away at 12 pm – 5 pm Saturday of Treefort 2017 doing things like:

  • Swinging a hammer to ring a bell. You know you’ve always wanted to.
  • Winning the silver medal at the 1896 Summer Olympics (or hoisting a dumbbell that would have nearly been good enough to do that, anyway).
  • Testing your mettle against petrified watermelons ranging from adorably wee to bigly yuge.
  • Perform the most uncomfortable and discouraging biceps curls of your life.
  • Playing the sport President Herbert Hoover used to physically torture his cabinet members.
  • Learning how to tear a phonebook, nail, or frying pan — bring your own if you want!
  • Watching as immensely strong local athletes achieve feats of strength you can’t conceive of.
  • Sweating and straining without touching a single weight in a push-up/pull-up jam
  • Flexing anything and everything!

Strengthfort is free, fun, and kid-friendly. No Treefort wristband is required. Shirts and shoes optional, leopard-print leotards preferred. Bring an open mind and a willingness to feel the good hurt!

Though the public has access to Strengthfort events, if you want to get the full vibe of the festival, you should buy a 5-day Treefort pass.

Get your Treefort pass now here or swing by the Record Exchange!