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Storyfort Launch Party

So, you think you can spell? Test your word nerd skills at the Storyfort Launch Party on Saturday, March 18 from 6-9 pm at Woodland Empire.

Storyfort Launch Party

[STOHR-ee fohrt LAWNCH pahr-tee]


  1. A spelling bee for grownups, competing for fame, glory, street cred and swag
  2. An event where teams of 1-4 friends can spell their way to victory while enjoying local craft beer
  3. The incomparable kickoff for Storyfort 2017

Origin: Boise, Idaho

Example sentence:

Hey honey, let’s buzz over to the Storyfort Launch Party at Woodland Empire! We should be there soon because Spelling Bee team sign-ups start at 6pm!

To learn more about Storyfort and the 2017 artists, visit www.treefortmusicfest.com/storyfort.

Though the public has access to Storyfort events, if you want to guarantee being at a reading or event during the festival, you should buy a 5-day Treefort pass. Treefort passholders have priority entry into events before the public.

Get your Treefort pass now for $165 (plus fees) here or swing by the Record Exchange!