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Storyfort 2017 Lineup + Events

Storyfort is excited to announce the writers, panelists, and storytellers at the literary and story-centric festival during their fourth year at Treefort Music Fest! Storyfort will be located on the second floor of The Owyhee with breakout venues at nearby joints like Rediscovered Bookshop, El Korah Shrine, Sage Yoga & Wellness and Tenth Street Station (yup!).

As always, Storyfort is free and open to the public. Anyone with a Treefort Music Fest wristband have preferred entry when the venue is at capacity.

Dive in and discover all that Storyfort has to offer:

  • BURY THE LEAD – The Media Of Our Brave New World
    From tweets to podcasts, fake news to the algorithm bubble, click bait, the modern media landscape can feel like shifting quicksand – where does information come from and how can we make sense of it? Storyfort has a panel of esteemed journalists ready to dive deep into fundamentals of news and how we can make sense of how news and information spreads in our fast-changing world.Shawn Vestal of the Spokesman Review will moderate the conversation with panelists Frankie Barnhill of Boise State Public Radio, Anna Webb of Idaho Statesman, Patty Bowen, editor in chief of Boise State Arbiter, Harrison Berry of Boise Weekly, Greg Hahn, current associate vice president of Communications and Marketing at Boise State University and formerly Idaho Statesman.
  • AMERICAN LIVES – Refugee Stories
    A refugee’s path to a new life and a safe community is long, difficult and dangerous. Since 1975, Idaho has been a resettlement home to refugees from all over the world. In collaboration with the Idaho Office for Refugees, Storyfort is bringing stories from refugees who journeyed through persecution and resettled in Idaho.Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, a longtime supporter of the refugee community, will be the host and moderator as refugees from Somalia, Iraq and Bosnia tell stories of their experiences as new Americans.
  • THE RISE OF THE PODCAST – Boise State Public Radio present Lizzie O’Leary of Marketplace Weekend
    Have you heard? We’re living in the Golden Age of Audio. Or maybe it’s more like the Wild West. Podcasts are popping up in all corners of the media landscape, bringing new listeners to audio storytelling through their smartphones. So, what’s sparking this auditory Renaissance? Award-winning journalist Lizzie O’Leary of Marketplace Weekend will host a lively discussion about what makes a compelling radio story – and how podcasts are stretching the boundaries of her craft.This Storyfort event is generously sponsored by Boise State Public Radio, which broadcasts Marketplace Weekend.
  • GHOSTS & PROJECTORS PRESENT – Poets Valerie Hsiung and Bhanu Kapil
    Storyfort and Ghosts & Projectors are pleased to bring two brilliant poets to the Storyfort stage. Brooklyn-based Valerie Hsiung is the author of three full-length poetry collections and currently works as a love detective and matchmaker. Bhanu Kapil teaches at Colorado’s Naropa University, and has written five full-length works of poetry/prose. Hsiung’s lush multi-narratives and Kapil’s complex prose will be an unforgettable poetic experience.
  • DOOR STORIES – The Bouncers Tell All
    Storyfort and Boise’s oldest bar, the iconic Tenth Street Station, are throwing a kick-off party and you’re invited! Join in for raffle goodies and strong drinks while local bouncers regale us with hilarious and hair-raising experiences straight from the front doors of Boise’s gritty and glorious watering holes.
  • THE GIRL WHO SLEPT WITH GOD – Val Brelinski reads and examines fiction, fundamentalism, and coming of age
    Val Brelinski debut novel, The Girl Who Slept with God deals with religious fundamentalism, damaging secrets and a family’s search for truth and redemption. Vanity Fair called the novel “a revelation,” and that’s no understatement. Brelinski will discuss the craft and art of fiction, growing up in rural Idaho and what it means to write fiction in our modern world.
  • THE LITERARY FELLOWS – J Reuben Appelman and Alan Heathcock
    Appelman and Heathcock have so much in common: they’re both fantastic writers, they both were two-time recipients of Idaho Commission on the Arts Literary Fellowships and they’re both going to be at Storyfort 2017! Appelman and Heathcock will be reading and chatting about the writing life. Appelman will read from his upcoming cold case memoir, Blood, Semen, Saliva, Prints and Heathcock will from his newest fiction VOLT.
  • CIGARETTES AND BEER – THE NEUROLUX YEARS – photos, music, stories of the scene
    For decades, the Neurolux has been Boise’s go-to for good music, stiff drinks, and jukebox tunes. Today, the Neurolux still a thriving and progressive music venue (and a memorable Treefort stage). Boise’s Rick Kosarich will showcase his dynamic photo essay from his early years bartending and carousing at the Neurolux, the fringy heart of Boise’s early- and mid-nineties cultural and music scene. Take in scenes of the Neurolux’s boisterous beginnings and listen to five old-school Neuroluxers telling stories of how it was to work, drink, bartend, and take in shows at the club back in the day.
  • GODFORSAKEN IDAHO – The Fiction of Shawn Vestal
    Novelist, short story writer, and journalist Shawn Vestal will bring some bleak, sweet, and heartfelt fiction to the Storyfort stage. Vestal’s work includes the unforgettable novel, Daredevils, and his debut short stories collection Godforsaken Idaho. Mormonism, Evel Kneivel, south-central Idaho, polygamy… Vestal’s stories have got it all. He’ll be reading and chatting about the whole process at Storyfort.
  • THIS IS HIP-HOP – Storyfort and Death Rattle present an in-depth conversation with contemporary hip hop and spoken word artists
    A new addition this year, this hip-hop Q&A is a collaboration between Storyfort, Death Rattle Writers Festival and Treefort Music Fest. We’ll be providing artists performing at the fest a platform to explore the nuances and creativity of their work. The complexity of the hip-hop genre is vast and varied, and this Q&A will provide an opportunity for panelists to answer questions about what influences their process and how their art informs audiences both new and old. The goal is to emphasize the common bonds of hip-hop/spoken word and the literary world, and how hip-hop artists utilize language to describe everything from cultural hardship to the mundane and droll.
  • A NOVEL LIFE – Willy Vlautin and Jonathan Evison talk fiction, music, beer, Boise
    Novelist Jonathan Evison, whose work includes The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, will take the stage multi-genre songwriter, novelist and musician Willy Vlautin. This dynamic duo will read from their literary work, talk culture and life, play us some tunes, and engage with the audience regarding the novel, favorite craft breweries and the Northwest writing scene.
  • HACK + STORY: THE GAMING NARRATIVES AND WHY THEY MATTER – A Conversation with programmers Ann Lemay and Toiya Finley
    What do Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Fat Chicken have in common? Compelling adventures and two talented writers. This Hackfort and Storyfort crossover event will feature Ann Lemay (Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition) and Toiya Finley (Fat Chicken) discussing the process and techniques used in writing narration for video games. Lemay and Finley co-authored the book The Game Narrative Toolbox and their dialogue will shed light the unique world of authoring video games.

  • SPOKEN WORDS – THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT – Big Tree Arts presents G Yamazowa
    Rooted in jazz, beat poets, and oral traditions, slam poetry is often a powerful outlet for social criticism. Storyfort and Big Tree Arts are proud to present the renowned Los Angeles-based slam poet G Yamazowa – National Poetry Slam Champion, Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist, and Southern Fried Champion. Yamazowa will be rocking the Storyfort stage with good words that you won’t want to miss!
    Good stories should be followed by good drinks! Join Storyfort for a special happy hour at El Korah Shrine’s Oasis Bar. Raise a toast to the great music and stories, then settle in for a night of storytelling from a handful of Boise’s most dynamic bartenders. Histories of whiskey, fights, wine, scotch, sex, fools, and gin: nothing is off limits when we pregame Treefort week at Cocktail Stories.
  • POETS & MIMOSAS – Featuring Kerri Webster, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Devin Becker and Josh Booton
    Treefort 2017 is coming to a close, and you’ve danced your butt off, sang your heart out, and stayed up way past your bedtime. You know what you need now? Mimosas and poetry, that’s what. We got you, boo. Grab a brunch cocktail and a scone and kick-start an epic Sunday with Storyfort and these award-winning poets.
  • THE WINNERS!– Residency and Storyfort micro-fiction contest winners reading
    Our annual contest writers compete to win cash money, Treefort Music Fest swag, Storyfort fame and local glory! Raise a glass to our contest winners as they read their superb fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction pieces.
  • DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON – Death Rattle Writers Festival Storyfort Close Out
    Poets on stage listening to poets? Sounds right up Storyfort’s weird alley! Storyfort and Death Rattle invite you to experience this unconventional examination of the creative process. During an introspective performance of art and poetry, Mike Young, Griffin Birdsong and Ameerah Bader will listen to their own poetry along with the audience, in the style of Samuel Beckett’s famous play “Krapp’s Last Tape.” Recordings feature original musical compositions by Brett Hawkins.
  • KID + STORY – THE COMIC BOOKERSAll-ages comic book workshop with Mystery House Comics
    Boise’s very own Mystery House Comics is joining forces with Storyfort for an all-ages comic book workshop. Local comic book artists and writers reading and working with adults, teens, and kiddos on creative comic book writing. Come on down to Rediscovered Bookshop (your friendly neighborhood indie bookstore!) and experience this Kidfort-approved mashup of art and story.
  • YOGA + STORY – The Mythology of Yoga: The Movement and Stories of Your Favorite Yoga Poses
    Each yoga pose tells a story, rooted in a deep history and tradition. Join Yogafort and Storyfort for an interactive yoga workshop at Sage Yoga & Wellness, as three talented, storytellin’ yoga instructors take you on a journey of iconic poses and the origin stories that built them.

  • TALKING PUBLISHING – Authors, booksellers, and publishers breakdown their multi-faceted world
    As a writer, the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of publishing often feels like a mysterious, uncharted dimension. Never fear– Storyfort is here to help! We’re bringing together a panel of insiders from all aspects of the publishing world to answer questions about writing, refining, and publishing in the contemporary literary terrain. Come with your questions, your pitches, your frustrations, and your triumphs– we want to hear it all. Rediscovered Bookshop will be hosting this enlightening panel for writers of all experience levels.
  • EDUCE PRESS PRESENTS – The poetry and essays of Matthew Babcock and Frank Giacomino
    The editors of Educe Press, a progressive boutique publisher, are bringing two of their favorite authors out to Boise. Matthew Babcock and Frank Giacomino will be reading beautiful poetry and creative nonfiction at this special event, hosted by local indie bookstore Rediscovered Bookshop.
    Storyfort is so pleased to have the wonderful poet and fiction writer Alexandra Teague back for another year. Join us at Rediscovered Bookshop as Teague reads from her forthcoming novel The Principles Behind Floatation, and chats about the multi-genre writing process.
  • KID + STORY – The Kids Are Alright, A Reading Party
    It took a lot of guts, pencils and snacks, but Kidfort and Storyfort have collaborated to bring you the very best poetry, fiction, and essays from some of Boise’s younger writers. These kids got game and know stories, and we’re giving them a stage to share their work with Boise and beyond. Come down to Rediscovered Bookshop to cheer on the next generation of famous Idahoan authors.
    Make room on your Storyfort schedule! Kazu Kibuishi, author and illustrator of the Amulet graphic novel series, will be at Boise Public Library during Treefort Music Fest. On Thursday, March 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., come talk with Kazu and get your favorite booked signed. In addition to the Amulet series, Kazu is the creator of popular web comic Copper, the eight Flight anthologies and was chosen to redesign the cover of the Harry Potter 15th anniversary edition. This event is Kidfort Approved! More information can be found here.

To learn more about Storyfort and the 2017 artists, visit www.treefortmusicfest.com/storyfort.