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So Long Plastic Beer Cups

Hey all you Treefort beer-drinkers!! You will now be a part of eliminating support for single use plastics, cause Treefort is moving away from single-use plastic cups at the 2017 Main Stage!!

At the Treefort Main Stage, you’ll enjoy your delicious beers from New Belgium Brewing and Payette Brewing at the festival responsibly with sustainable, reusable 16 oz. steel cups. And the best news — it’s going to be easy for you and will have a huge positive impact on the environment (booyeah!).

So how does this work?

  • Bring your own cup if you have one!  We don’t care where it’s from or what logo it carries… however, it must be steel and 16oz. (or)
  • Simply get a 2017 branded Treefort 16oz stainless steel cup for only 2 tokens and it’s yours to keep!
  • Treefort cups can be used with the carabiner (will be available when you buy a cup) to clip them to a backpack, belt loop, or fannypack so you can keep with you throughout the festival and wherever your next adventure takes you.

As a result of your support, Treefort has become a ground-breaking, trendsetting festival of festivals. Let’s continue the trend by not filling another dumpster with plastic cups! Get your beverage in a steel cup for the festival, for your life, and for the Mother Nature.

If you would like to share your thoughts about this change or have any questions, please email green@treefortmusicfest.com

Haven’t gotten your 5-Day Treefort pass yet? Buy now before the price goes up on March 1st!