Shiny Around the Edges


Loveland, CO // Denton, TX

In the past twenty years, the members of Shiny Around the Edges have… released three albums on as many labels, an EP recorded at Electrical Audio, a 7", and a number of tracks for compilations. They've mostly lived in Denton, Texas, occasionally driven in a van for hours at a time playing shows across the country, organized bake sales, played museums, played houses, enjoyed deli trays, provided voiceover for anime films, graduated members to Neon Indian, played as Castanets for a bit, and on one particularly magical evening were joined onstage by Black Flag’s Greg Ginn for an extended drone. They expect more of the same over the course of the next twenty years and are currently preparing their next album for release in 2023. Most recently, two songs from their long out-of-print debut album on Chris Schlarb’s label, Sounds Are Active, can be heard in the film, The Hoot Owl, streaming just about everywhere.
Fri 3/24 5:40pm: Shiny Around the Edges at Neurolux
Shiny Around the Edges