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Meet Yogafort 2018 Headliner Kate Swarm

Standing over six foot tall in a leather jacket and white Doc Martens boots, Kate Swarm is the epitome of badass with a complementary attitude of radical acceptance and lovable playfulness.

She’s a mom, a wife, a yogini, and a doula, a woman of ultimate vulnerability and she’s coming to Yogafort 2018 in force!

Kate is leading two unique workshop experiences at Yogafort 2018: a VinSaucin’ class on Friday, March 23rd, and a partner yoga class with Gordon Ogden on Sunday, March 25th.

This is Kate’s first time at Yogafort, but she has been collaborating and rabble-rousing with Yogafort founders Marisa Weppner and Celeste Bolin for two years after meeting in Borovets, Bulgaria at the Udaya Live Yoga Retreat. Whether you meet her on the yoga mat or at the front of the crowd at your favorite Treefort band, she will win your heart over with raw enthusiasm for all the magic we share at the festival experience.

To get to know her better, here are some words from Kate herself about how when worlds collide in music and movement, we all combine into one.

Worlds Collide

The synergistic union between wellness and music gatherings.

From the moment I stepped in to my first yoga class, I could sense yoga was about more than a workout. Similarly, the first music festival I attend turned out to be much more than seeing my favorite band. I, like many people have spent my life in search of community, connection and a place where I could openly express myself. Within both the wellness and festival communities I have found this sense of home. The similarities between the experiences are palpable, and the evolution of incorporating elements from each is inevitable. I have felt the power of a bass rattling my soul, while a vocalist sings words that awaken the deepest truths within me, and hypnotic lights shift me to a heightened state of euphoria.

I have also felt the magnitude of being journeyed through an exploration of the physical body, and the bliss and empowerment that comes with a celebration of the physical form. The shift in consciousness that is experienced within the music festival environment, is the same place of transcendence we carefully curate through yoga and other wellness happenings. It is in these moments that our fear, and ego are dissolved, and our bodies resonate with universal truths of equality, love, acceptance, and understanding. I go to yoga, I meditate, I dance, I drum, I sing; because when I do, the world makes sense. If only for a brief moment the universe reveals itself in all its infinite glory. Just as, bearing witness to others in their moment of creation acts as a conduit to this source of oneness, insert all lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ here.

You get the point, we have all had these moments of blissful transcendence, but what I would like to emphasize, is that these experiences are not an opportunity to tune-out, but to tune-in. The practice is becoming intentional about when and how we “get lost in the sauce”. Yogis, sages, mystics, philosophers and other seekers of divinity have been exploring these outlets of human experience for thousands of years. You can get as heady and existential as you want, but if you ask me it all comes down to this: We all just want to have a good time.

We are all just trying to figure it out, and it is really nice to be surrounded by others who are doing the same. I have found that people from both communities are willing expose their deepest vulnerabilities: their flaws, their creation, their knowledge; and because both communities create safe spaces of connection we are able to grow and learn from one another. So, just imagine the potential if our tribes joined together, we would be an unstoppable force of cosmic awakening… and that’s what I am counting on.

Join Kate Swarm and the many amazing yogis gathering for Yogafort 2018 by getting a Yogafort pass. And while you’re at it, snag a Treefort pass, too!

Yogafort 2018 Lineup