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Ready: Player 1 – Hackfort 2018 Announcement

We’ve dropped hints here and there, given you just enough to keep you thirsty, but it’s finally here: first round of performers and tracks for the Hackfort 2018 lineup.

From tech innovation to cryptocurrency, video to board games, future of gaming composition to future of UFO findings, we’ve got all your insatiable tech curiosities covered.

Be aware: most of these events are first come, first served, so save those pennies (3,500 to be exact) and be prepared for when Hackfort Badges go on sale in February!

Making Music for Video Games

Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck is our featured Hackfort Keynote for 2018! He’ll be doing a presentation about how he crossed over from composing for NIN to video games.

There is limited availability and this will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

LEVEL UP: Write your own game level

Ubisoft Montreal veterans Ann Lemay and Ceri Young will be leading a workshop about writing narration for video game levels. Bring your pencils and your thinking cap, because this is an in-depth look at level creation. Play Assassins Creed Origins and then come hang with these rad and talented ladies.

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

Sound Years Ahead: The Future of Sound

Producer/DJ Christopher Willits and former OSSIC engineer Sally Kellaway will be holding an on-stage dialogue about the future of sound, Willits from the macro-perspective, Kellaway from the micro-perspective.

Secret Sauce: How to Pitch Your Tech Story

Boise transplant Jennifer Kite-Powell (Forbes) will be moderating a panel on how to get your newest innovation featured by top tech publications. Panel participants include Neel Patel (Wired), Alejandro Rojas (HuffPost), Chris Longo (Den of Geek) and more.

AMA w/ Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone

Ever wondered how to build your own video game from beginning to end? Spent 100+ hours of your life building a farm on Stardew Valley? Eric Barone created Stardew Valley from top to bottom – built the artwork, wrote the story, created the music – all on his own and it’s become one of the top 10 games on Steam. He was also listed as Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017. You won’t wanna miss this event!

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

The Truth is Out There: Innovation in UFO Technologies

The search for alien life didn’t go off the air with the X-Files! Alejandro Rojas (HuffPost) and Marc Dantonio (astronomer/innovator) will be discussing the newest technologies in the search for life beyond our home planet.

Foraging Beats: Sound Engineering with DJ Michna

Returning to the Hackfort lineup for a second year, DJ Michna will be teaching us how to snag organic sounds from the world around us and how to modify, distort or repeat them to create some awesome beats/mixes.

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

Coin-Counting: How to Diversify your Crypto-Index

Local data genius Cameron Crow (Kount) has developed a solid system for figuring out when to buy/sell one of the many cryptocurrencies that currently exist and he’s going to share his ‘trade’ secret.

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

BLOG CRASHERS: Internet Pros Remodel Your Blog

Local internet experts Nathan Barry (ConvertKit) and Marshall Simmonds (Define Media Group) will review and rejuvenate your blog to help you achieve your 2018 content creation goals.

Submissions will open prior to the event and will be open to blogs of all types. This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

Operate Machinery Under the Influence: Hardware Hack

Tristan Andreas is back for yet another Hardware Hack. This year, in addition to the family-friendly build, he will be hosting a beer-fueled grown-up build session at Hackfort Happy Hour featuring free beer and DIV instruments.

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

Hackfort Happy Hour: Board Games & Beers

Come hang with the makers of Decemberists’ Board Game ILLIMAT – Twogether Studios – and innovation game-builders Elephant Laboratories to play the best of what board games have to offer! Both ILLIMAT and SOL will be available for play (with guides to help you) while you sip on your favorite brew.

INTERNET SHARK: Circling Pools of Net Data

Marshall Simmonds crunches internet data trends, stats and tools so you don’t have to. Simmonds will provide hacks to ensure your content performs well on the internet.

Tabletop Tinker: Board Game Build

Elephant Laboratories, creators of the super innovative board game Sol: Last Days of a Star will be hosting a workshop teaching you board game mechanics and puzzles. Materials will be provided.

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

The Search for the Motherboard: Laptop Hack

Brooke Lacey is back for the laptop hack workshop. Bring in that old laptop clunker (or we’ll provide you with one) and get messy learning about the guts of your ancient laptop!

This will be an early sign-up – Hackfort Badge priority – event.

Tune in for the next level of Hackfort 2018! Hackfort badges will be available after all programming is announced. In the meantime, you can buy your Treefort pass!