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Food Trucks At Treefort Main Stage

The food truck selection at Treefort Music Fest is something extra special: every truck you see has a close, personal relationship with the festival and many have been with us since year one. Every truck strives to meet Treefort’s Green Mission, uses locally-sourced ingredients, and help feed all the hungry bands that work hard performing for you at Treefort. Our food vendors are an important part in making the festival a fun and delicious experience. Get to know the truck lineup below and be sure to keep them in mind when making your dining decisions at the festival.


  • Archie’s Place  All unicorn meat served on Archie’s famous grilled cheese sandwiches is sourced from local Idaho spearhunters.
  • B-Town Bistro  B-Town’s diverse menu is like 5 food trucks forming a giant robot superhero food truck.
  • Boise Fry Co.  When you’re tired, worn out, and delirious, you don’t want to make choices. You want a damn burger.
  • Calle 75 Tacos  You’ll know what we’re tacoing about once you have a delicious bite from Calle 75.
  • Genki Takoyaki  In Japan it is pretty common for businessmen to party all night then go straight to work. Takoyaki makes this possible.
  • Gyro Shack  Traditional Greek gyros forged in the bowels of Mount Olympus by Hephaestus himself.
  • Kanak Attack  What? Your specialty is island-style giant roast pigs? Just take our money.
  • Neckar Coffee  This coffee is the only thing that will be keeping you alive by the end of Treefort.
  • Pie Hole  If one attends Treefort and does not eat Pie Hole pizza, did one actually attend Treefort at all?
  • Poutine Your Mouth  Gravy on french fries. If we have to explain why this is delicious you should probably attend a different festival.
  • Proud Source Water Mineral water from the depths of Idaho – because you can’t live off beer…can you?
  • Rice Works  Treefort is the only acceptable place to eat a rice bowl by stuffing your face into it, though they also provide chopsticks.
  • Secret Aardvark  Because 55+ bands from Portland wasn’t enough, we had to bring their secret sauce, too.
  • Soulcraft BBQ  Run by sleepless cyborgs, Soulcraft’s smoker will be running 24/7 so you get the sweet, sweet meat sweats.
  • Spoonthumb Ice Cream  We weren’t allowed to have penguins at the festival because of some weird guidelines, so we got delicious local ice cream to help chill you the f out.
  • The Funky Taco  A Boise-based team of mutant ninja teenage crime-fighters would only eat The Funky Taco.


Though the public has access to all these delicious food trucks, if you want to get the full festival experience, get your 5-day Treefort pass now for $185 (plus fees) here or swing by the Record Exchange!