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Filmfort Weekend: The Official Filmfort 2020 Showcase

Watch some movies with Filmfort!

Treefort Music Fest presents FILMFORT WEEKEND, three days of short films, documentaries & emerging independent cinema.

Let the binge-watching begin! On the weekend of September 25-27, you can watch a selection of the 2020 Filmfort lineup online for free or catch three feature films at The Flicks in downtown Boise.

Learn more about the festivities below.


September 25 – 27 @

In partnership with Filmmaker Magazine, a selection of films from the Filmfort 2020 lineup will be available to binge-watch online for free beginning September 25, 2020. Tune in at

Get a refresher on the Filmfort 2020 lineup at



September 25 – 27 @ The Flicks 

Filmfort will host three feature film screenings (one per evening) at The Flicks in downtown Boise with extremely limited seating over the weekend. Note that all three films feature content that is best suited for adult audiences.

Friday, September 25 at 7pm: FEELS GOOD MAN, dir. by Arthur Jones
A funny, trippy and thought-provoking film about how the Internet transformed an unlucky cartoon frog, then the rest of the world.

Saturday, September 26 at 7pm: FREELAND dir. by Kate McLean and Mario Furloni
In the remote hills of Humboldt County, California, 65-year-old black market pot farmer Devi faces stark choices when forced to adapt to the new economic reality brought by legalization.

Sunday, September 27 at 7pm: BEAST BEAST, dir. by Danny Madden
Three interwoven stories of youth navigating identity, first love, petty crime, and gun violence in a Southern, American town.
++ Q+A with the LA-based director (Danny Madden) and the lead actor (Will Madden) following the screening

Tickets are $10 per show or $25 for all three and are available to purchase through The Flicks: pre-sale tickets available online or day-of tickets available at The Flicks box office.

Seating is limited to 50 per show to accommodate social distancing and patrons are required to wear a mask at all times during the event.

More information on safety precautions to expect can be found at