Celebrating a Decade of Discovery

There are thousands of artists who have graced a Treefort stage since our first year in 2012, many of which have gone on to be multiple Grammy winners (we’re looking at you, Lizzo), bands who have ended their project like The Walkmen and others we will sadly never be able to experience again, like Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley.

Join us this March 23 – 27, 2022 for our big celebration of a Decade of Discovery at Treefort Music Fest.

Lizzo at Treefort 2017


Prior to donning designer fashion at the Met Gala, The Grammys, AMAs, BET Awards, the list goes on…. Lizzo brought the heat and her own badass style, along with her all female crew to the Treefort Main Stage in 2017 (playing before Mac Demarco)!

As we all know by now, this multi-talented flautist, rapper, performer is a force to be reckoned with. The rowdy crowd jumped, cheered, danced and absolutely freakin’ lost it when she performed her hits “Phone” and “Good as Hell”.

Since Lizzo’s Treefort set, she has worked with Cardi B and Ariana Grande (among many) and has racked up three Grammy awards and seven nominations, not to mention appearances on The Late Show, Tonight Show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, SNL — basically becoming a household name.

Were you there to witness this history in the making?

Run the Jewels at Treefort 2014

Run The Jewels

Killer Mike and El-P’s project Run The Jewels released their first record Run The Jewels in the summer of 2013. Mere months after their critically acclaimed debut album, the hip-hop duo headlined Treefort Main Stage in our third year.

Do you remember when Killer Mike wore a Treefort beanie in the chilly Boise weather shouting “F*ck Ronald Reagan”?

Man, we were young and they were on the cusp of their incredible career — now they’ve been nominated for a Grammy and have taken home awards from the likes of NME and more!

Odesza at Treefort 2014


Electronic duo Odesza made their way to all of the charts in 2014 with their bangers “How Did I Get Here” and “Lights”. Now, you can’t even listen to a curated electronic playlist on Spotify without Odesza popping up into your ears.

Odesza was nominated for their first Grammy in 2016 with their hit “Say My Name” (RAC mix). Since then, they’ve gone on to receive multiple Grammy nominations and have taken home oh, so many awards!

Did you catch them playing at The Knitting Factory in 2014?

The Walkmen at Treefort 2013

The Walkmen

Headlining the Treefort Main Stage back in March of 2013, The Walkmen wooed the crowd in our second year of the festival.

The New England based indie rock crooners, fronted by Hamilton Leithauser formed in 2000 and ultimately entered an extended hiatus in December 2013.

The Walkmen belted out all their hits to thousands of fans! Were you there to behold this monumental moment with The Walkmen on stage alongside the Treefort monster, not knowing it might be our last?

Sharon Jones at Treefort 2013

Sharon Jones

Who can forget the steam coming off Sharon Jones when she took the Main Stage with her backing band The Dap Kings at Treefort 2013? …or what about those “bacon-wrapped dates”? LOL. Ms. Jones brought alllll the funk, soul and groovy dance moves to the second year of Treefort.

The following year, she was nominated for her first Grammy for Best R&B Album with Give the People What They Want. Oh, Sharon Jones sure did give us what Treefort wanted and needed!

Sharon Jones died in November of 2016. We were so lucky to share in her set at Treefort and will never forget it!

Charles Bradley at Treefort 2016

Charles Bradley & The His Extraordinaires

WOW! What a fantastic performer Charles Bradley was. When the “The Screaming Eagle of Soul” headlined the Treefort Main Stage in 2016, there wasn’t a soul in the crowd that wasn’t moving or moved by him.

Emotions poured out of Bradley when he sang the lyrics to his hit “Changes” (yes, a Black Sabbath cover) and throughout multiple (dare I say FABULOUS) costume changes Bradley’s headlining set ended with a heartfelt delivery of red, long stem roses into the crowd.

Charles Bradley fell ill later that year and ultimately died in 2017. May he rest in peace.

Slow Magic at Treefort 2013, 2014

Slow Magic
2013 & 2014

One of the earlier masked performers at Treefort, Slow Magic is a one man looping machine, paired with live drumming, the anonymous performer did a surprise pop-up show just before Odesza took the stage at The Knit back in March of 2013. Later that year, they released the “Waited 4 U” (Odesza Remix). Coincidence, I think not.

Since his performances at Treefort, he has dropped loads of singles, finally releasing his fourth studio record, it’s the end of the world, but it’s ok back in December 2020.

Jungo Blizzard puppet at Treefort 2017

Jungo Blizzard

The varying puppets of Treefort take many shapes, sizes, looks and feels, but there was something about Jungo Blizzard — the giant albino ape that appeared at Treefort 2017 that really stood out. Maybe it was the sheer height of the creature that towered over the crowds? Maybe it was his awesome 3D shades or gold chain that he rocked throughout the festival? Or maybe, just maybe, it was because he danced his booty off when Lizzo took the Main Stage!?

Regardless of the reason, Jungo goes down in the Book of Discovery at Treefort! Colossal Collective’s largest creation to date (standing 20 feet tall with an arm span of nearly 40 feet) reminded fans to let loose, get weird and ultimately HAVE FUN! Long live Jungo!

Jamila Woods at Treefort 2018

Jamila Woods

When Jamila Woods took the Main Stage in 2018, she brought her themes of Black ancestry, Black feminism, and Black identity and self-love. An activist, award-winning poet, and singer/songwriter, Woods’ performance was stunning and we were so lucky to catch her early(ish) in her career!

Jamila Woods has gone on to collaborate with Chance the Rapper and most recently paired up with Bonobo for some seriously sexy songs.

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