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Artfort 2020 Artists + Showcases

Art has always been a huge part of Treefort, but now it’s official!

Artfort consists of all things art at Treefort Music Fest: performance art, mixed media, Treefort Gallery, theatre, Dragfort, and more.

In its first official year, Artfort will host special events such as an Interfaith Sanctuary showcase, a Trópico 208 showcase, and a crossover event with Hackfort.

Artfort takes place every day of Treefort 2020 (March 25-29) with many of the events being free and open to the public. For the the full experience, snag a Treefort Pass.

Explore all that’s in store at Artfort 2020:


Los Angeles-based dance duo and City of Boise grant recipients WHYTEBERG created by Gracie WHYTE and Laura BERG will create an immersive dance theatre tour through downtown Boise on a party bike turned sad bar, in which audience members witness the unfolding of a range of scenarios exploring the relationship between comedy and sadness.

By collaborating extensively with other artists, Brendan Duggan will blur the lines between performance and reality, seeking to upend expectations and invite audiences into moments of reflection and engagement.

Local performing arts troupe LED will perform multiple times in unexpected places throughout the fest. Audience members will find themselves in the middle of it all.

There will also performances by local and regional dancers Caitlin Cullen / Dance, Carlene Renee, and Meaghan Novoa.




Boise artist collective Sector Seventeen will lead a Treefort Mural Project in collaboration with Pennsylvania artist Evan Lovett, California artist Deity, Oregon artists Wokeface, PONO, eyedrawp & Samuel Farrell, and local artists Tony Caprai & Ashley Dreyfus.

Originally based in graffiti, Sector Seventeen has evolved in to a multi-faceted group that provides a diverse range of creative works ranging from custom canvases to large scale murals.

Evan Lovett is a professional artist with over fifteen years of experience in design, illustration, tattooing and large scale public art.

Self-taught painter and muralist Deity was born in Hollywood, California. She is best known for her soft, ethereal female characters and is inspired by nature, folklore and traditional culture.




By mixing oil, water, and dye, outdated digital and analog equipment, with a few creative souls, Bleeding Torch Fellowship have joined the ranks of many liquid light show artists before them.

Portland artist Jeffrey Pish will showcase 2D and 3D artwork that exhibit the color and whimsy that inspires him to create.

Western inspired painter and designer Jess Mudgett will be showing his large-scale imagery.

Local artist Brigette Nelson uses as much reclaimed material as possible to reduce waste and create one of a kind works of art.

Oregon-based artist Heather Tomlinson‘s focus is in clothing and fiber arts. She is drawn to the beauty in the macabre, and, through her artwork attempts to achieve order, beauty and resolution in the chaos of death.

Visual artist Animoscillator (animal+oscillator) uses a mix of analog and digital equipment to live mix visuals to music.

Create and Ruin hand cut analog collages from recycled magazines and books (mostly the long forgotten ones you find in Grandma’s basement.)




Interfaith Sanctuary Showcase will feature works from ten guests staying at Interfaith Sanctuary.

The Homeless Art Collective represents any artist who is currently homeless and would like to create their art with our collective. The Collective helps fund their tools for creating their work of arts and this platform will allow them to be a part of the art community and sell their pieces to help support their lives




Trópico 208 Showcase will feature works from six local Latino artists paired with live shows from bands hailing from Brazil, Netherlands, Bahamas, and Mexico.

Lupe Galvan was born in rural Idaho in the Snake River Valley, home to the historic Shoshone people, and works in the medium of oil painting.

Bobby Gaytan is an artist and a former migrant farmworker. His artwork is influenced by his graffiti and cultural background.

The themes of Sara Esquivel work the last few years have centered on representation of the human skull as a reminder of impermanence, vitality, and how it is interwoven with multiple Mexican-American spiritual practices.

Air Theurgy (Angel Ramirez) creates macrame wall hangings. He is inspired by feelings he can’t quite explain and just put in that energy to work to create my crafts.

Migel Delgado makes medium to large scale paintings on panels. His work is a process of building up multiple planes.

Carly Jackson (NUNA earrings) makes earrings inspired by first people designs. Her creativity comes from things around her whether it’s the colors of the sky or the greens in the hills.




The Horrific Puppet Affair brings a collection of original experimental shadow-plays forging classic forms and methods of shadow puppetry alongside modern technologies to create a new form of visual storytelling. Taking visual inspiration from German expressionism, surrealism, psychedelic imagery, and sci-fi and mysticism, our shadow productions utilize 4 overhead projectors, hundreds of shadow puppets, full-body shadow puppetry, 3D shadow landscapes, 8 puppeteers, and cooky original scores to tell unique, thrilling and visually stunning stories.

Though puppets may be a childs’ entree to the weirdness of real life, the playmakers at HomeGrown Theatre know this to be true: puppets aren’t just for kids. A punk-rock continuation of the Victorian art of Toy Theatre, THE HORRIFIC PUPPET AFFAIR tells strange stories through a wide variety of puppets, hand and rod, shadow-play, marionette, and other bizarre summations.




It’s official! Dragfort is for reals a fort.

Fort of Drag was so successful last year we decided to put a ring on it. Dragfort is a celebration of your best, most authentic self. It’s more than just drag, kikis, and queens (though it’s definitely about that), it’s about creating a safe space for everyone to express themselves.

Dragfort will welcome headliner AJA, genderqueer artist and rapper to perform at the Dragfort Extravanganza, and headliners Brandon Harrison, founder and father of the Kiki House of Flora in Portland, OR, and Daniel Giron, father of the Kiki House of Ada in Portland, OR to host the Dragfort Kiki Ball and lead workshops and talks on ballroom culture and fundamentals.




Nancy Baker Cahill and Jesse Damiani will have a Fireside Chat at Hackfort talking about new ways of experiencing art in XR, AR public art, and how artists are engaging the medium in innovative and unexpected ways.

They will also be hosting a workshop about augmented reality using the Spark AR app. Bring your device!

Nancy Baker Cahill is an artist working at the intersection of fine art, new media and activism.

Jesse Damiani is Deputy Director of Emerging Technology at Southern New Hampshire University, a Forbes Contributor, and works as a freelance curator and producer of new media exhibitions and experiences.