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Final Wave of Artists for Treefort 2020

Treefort Music Fest 2020 will showcase nearly 500 bands — that’s a Treefort record!

And that’s just the beginning. Treefort is for everyone. Catch a flick at Filmfort, bring your kids to Kidfort, listen to a panel at Storyfort, laugh out loud at Comedyfort, experience something new at Artfort, nerd out at Hackfort, find your zen at Yogafort, grab a bite at Foodfort, and enjoy a drink at Alefort.

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For a full list of artists, check out our lineup page.



( eugene, oregon )
Epic, crushing, and heavy beyond words, YOB has achieved legendary status in recent years due to their unmatched aesthetic and incredible body of work. Formed in 1996 in Eugene, Oregon under the leadership of doom metal mastermind Mike Scheidt on guitars and vocals, the group initially released a three song demo tape in 2000 that garnered them international attention. Drawing comparisons to groups like Neurosis, Sleep and Electric Wizard, YOB succeeded in developing modern sounding doom metal that hearkened back to the classics.

Fast forward to 2017 where YOB signed with Relapse Records for their incredible 8th full-length recording Our Raw Heart. The album was conceived amidst dire circumstances that nearly left frontman Mike Scheidt dead after suffering from an extremely painful and potentially fatal intestinal disease.




( los angeles, california )
SNBRN has become one of dance music’s most compelling new voices. The LA-based producer, real name Kevin Chapman, has mastered the art of the anthemic house hit, as evidenced by blockbuster singles like “Gangsta Walk,” “Raindrops,” and “Beat The Sunrise.” It’s no coincidence the producer has already racked up official releases on Atlantic, Astralwerks, Spinnin’, Ultra, Republic and Sony. Simply put, his sound is infectious.

Now SNBRN has found himself at the forefront of a burgeoning house and indie dance scene. With over 80 million streams on Spotify and counting, the producer is perfectly poised to continue his ascension of the the dance music world. With new collaborations alongside budding artists like Blu J and Strange Club, and a high-energy live show that continues to attract new fans, SNBRN has certainly found his groove and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.




( christchurch, new zealand )
In the early 2010s, the members of Yumi Zouma spent time together on a New Zealand street that gave its name to their first single, “The Brae.” After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake destroyed that street and much of the city, its members took off for other parts of the globe and soon began writing their first songs over email.

As a result, the band was born, and distance became a recurring theme in Yumi Zouma’s work. This makes sense given the far-flung cities the group of musicians currently call home: New York City for Josh Burgess, London for Charlie Ryder, Wellington for Olivia Campion, and Christie Simpson remaining in their native Christchurch.




( lafeyette, indiana )
Inspired by the familiar sounds of Herbie Hancock, Flying Lotus, and KOAN Sound, Haywyre simultaneously draws influence from lesser known prodigies such as 19th century Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Haywyre’s eclectic vision and fluid dexterity as a pianist parallels effortlessly with his wicked take on contemporary dance music.

In 2014, Martin made monumental leaps with his highly acclaimed Two Fold, Pt.1 LP, followed subsequently by a modern rendition of “Smooth Criminal” which immediately achieved viral popularity, and succeeded in astounding music critics across the board.

After earning the admiration and respect of some of the biggest acts in the industry, Haywyre has since been inked as nationwide tour support for likes of Gramatik, Mat Zo, Zedd, and GRiZ.




( london, england )
Born and raised in north-west London, Georgia is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. Her eponymous debut album was released in August 2015; written, performed, produced and recorded by Georgia in its entirety at her home-studio; it presented a very necessary new talent, one with real spirit and one that is unabashedly herself. 2019 sees a return from the Londoner, establishing herself as one of the most singular and irresistible UK pop talents.

Georgia’s music is fascinating and sharply paced, packed with injections of lightness and fun, pared with rich, bubbling melodies that makes listening to it an experience that takes you into the party, through electro-pop into R&B, and back again.




( melbourne, australia )
C.W. Stoneking is an artist for whom ‘unexpected’ is probably the default setting. How else to describe such a fine purveyor of American roots music who also happens to be a towering, youthful-faced white Australian man? He surprises first-time listeners, throws curveballs at long-time fans, and everything he does contains at least some background level of bafflement for all involved.

There are multitudes in Stoneking’s music. It’s probably easiest to describe him as a ‘blues artist,’ but the term disguises what makes his music special. There’s so much in there. A 1920s pre-war blues sound is key, but there’s almost equal helpings of New Orleans jazz, jug band music, hokum, country and calypso, and he’s lately brought in elements of jump jive, early rock’n’roll and gospel.




( los angeles, california )
Fleetmac Wood is a lovingly curated remix project and party dedicated to one of the greatest bands of our time.

With exclusive remixes and edits crafted for the dance floor, this DJ set and AV show is not a tribute act, but a rave that re-frames the music of Fleetwood Mac. Twirling through disco, techno and house, DJs Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing have taken this dance party from Berlin to Burning Man and shared their passion with like-minded hedonists around the world.





( portland, oregon )
This project, EL AGUA DE MI SER, is a collaboration between Latin folk artist Luz Elena Mendoza of Y La Bamba, the Camas High School Choir under the direction of Ethan Chessin, and arts education nonprofit Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington.

The choir will be performing new music, composed by Luz Elena Mendoza specifically for this collaboration. Building on the success of a composer-in-residence partnership Young Audiences has fostered between contemporary artists working in the professional music industry and the Camas High School Choir since 2016, Mendoza has been working with Chessin and his students this school year to create an original performance for a rock band, woodwinds and 200 high school singers.




( boise, idaho )
Since 2008 East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound meditation’ ceremonies around the world. While his “blissful” (NPR) and “beautiful wash” (Paste) of ‘electro-acoustic orchestral ambient pop’ can be contextualized along with Aphex Twin, Philip Glass and Sigur Ros, the fundamental mission of his project is to create sonic architecture for others to explore their inner space.

Thus, it is a process of creating thresholds for the listener to cross over — whether through his music, ceremonies, retreats, podcast, meditations/talks or myriad other offerings. His albums and collaborations have charted #1 on iTunes three times (August + May 2019, Aug 2016) and have been among Billboard’s top ten.




( boise, idaho )
Tylor & the Train Robbers, a Boise, Idaho based band, possess a depth of thought steeped in Americana Folk without losing it’s country root grittiness. Hailing from small town Helix, Oregon, lyrically focused frontman and songwriter Tylor Ketchum conjures up his long dead outlaw ancestor, Black Jack Ketchum as the inspiration for their new album, Best of the Worst Kind in a musical necromancy that is delivered in full with the title track, The Ballad of Black Jack Ketchum. Released on the anniversary of his hanging, April 26th, the music video for the ballad was was filmed at Black Jack’s grave during the bands most recent tour through the South West United States.

From good cowboys gone bad to the woesome troubles of the modern American wanderer, Tylor & The Train Robber’s songs explore a span of generations linked by a common spirit.




( tacoma, washington )
Guayaba is a round, tender, tropical fruit considered an invasive species in the Pacific Northwest. Considered to have psychedelic and spiritual properties, it is rich in vitamin C and is a nutritious addition to your sonic and visual palate. Please enjoy the refreshing taste!




( portland, oregon )
Summer Cannibals’ fourth album Can’t Tell Me No is a defiant release whose very existence is the result of taking back power—after escaping a manipulative personal and creative relationship, guitarist/vocalist and bandleader Jessica Boudreaux chose to scrap an entire record that had been finished for over a year and start from scratch. Along with Cassi Blum, Devon Shirley, and Ethan Butman, Boudreaux wrote, recorded and mixed many of the new tracks during 14-hour days, emerging with Summer Cannibals’ first entirely self-engineered and produced album.

“Writing this record and making it ourselves was about liberation from the parts of an industry that have protected abusers for way too long, and about saying fuck you to the people who have invalidated my and so many others’ experiences of abuse,” says Boudreaux.




( los angeles, california )
Le Shiv are a blister hot branding iron just come out of the fire on the path to searing the eardrums and bass drums and every last bastion of six string sinners from Sydney to the City of Angels.

Terms and conditions need not apply sunscreen, son of a filth-sand beach will you ever find a band that eschews eccentricities reeking of The Flaming Lips and theatricality reeling of Queen, such is the raw deal, reek n reel will never die; so say the collective we of wee thought and greater jab, for that’s all that’s left and right of us until, of course, Pencil, Mossy, and Jarleth – less jar, more lisp – plug in and the music plays.




( seattle, washington )
Sharlese Metcalf has worked in the local music community for over 10 years. In 2009, she became the producer of the show, and in 2012, was promoted to host and KEXP’s Music Community Events Coordinator. In 2018, Sharlese resigned as host of Audioasis and now manages education at KEXP, leading various community focused programs such as Mastering the Hustle, 90.TEEN and KEXP’s Youth Resonance Board. She also is a rotating host Expansions on KEXP and champions the local music community as a DJ and promoter of events, additionally serving on the board for Northwest Film Forum, the Seattle Music Commission and is a member of the collective TUF.

Sharlese will be performing a DJ set at Treefort 2020, along with the various Music Talks workshops she is participating in.




( seattle, washington )
Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Michael Manahan brings DJ and live sets that are influenced by cutting edge electronic styles, psychedelia and traditional sounds.

This DJ/producer and space cowboy is an innovator and mainstay of the West Coast Festival culture.

When not worshipping trees, mountains and moss, Michael is also a co-label boss at Hunt & Gather Records, lead producer of Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival and Co-Owner of the Re-bar (Seattle Theatre/Night Club).

With singles and remixes on Hunt & Gather, uniting souls music, recovery tech, activated records and over 20 years behind the dex, his performances always up the love!




( oakland, california )
Its 1976 and you just stepped inside a smokey club in Bamako, Mali. The air is thick with the gritty analog sounds of funky folkloric music, psychedelic guitar swirling with jazzy horns and hypnotic bass. As the crowd shakes their bell bottoms to the infectious grooves, the singer commands the stage with her soulful vocals and dance moves that give James Brown a run for his money.

This is the vibe that Oakland’s own Orchestra Gold creates in their live shows as well as on this latest EP Orchestra Gold: Vol. II. Recorded at Guerrilla Studios in East Oakland, Vol. II brings together the powerful vocals of Mariam Diakite with the arrangements and guitar playing of Erich Huffaker, along with an all-star cast comprised of some of the finest musicians from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz.




( seattle, washington )
The Black Tones album title Cobain and Cornbread is a description of the band that lead singer/guitarist Eva came up with playing at a show, in answer to the most commonly asked question, “What does your band sound like?” This tasty adroitly description sums up her and her twin drummer Cedric David’s Seattle-spawned punk-blues. “Sometimes we don’t even sound like our influences,” she explains, “So the best way I found to describe The Black Tones was to talk about our environment we were raised around, which was a bunch of southerners living in the Northwest.”

Louisiana-bred, though born and raised in Seattle, The Black Tones’ reference to grunge god Kurt and the Native American quick bread cuisine, evokes “Southern influences in the grey of the Northwest,” Eva says. “It sort of creates this offspring of rebellion and soul. We eat gumbo in our flannel shirts, and we eat red beans and rice while head-banging!”




( boise, idaho )
Recently named by Dance Magazine as “25 to Watch” for 2020, LED weaves signature contemporary choreography, original musical compositions, and elements of film into thought-provoking narratives and inspiring stories that are redefining the boundaries of performing arts. We are a dance company. We are a musical project. We are a film studio. We are creators.

Founded in 2015 and proudly based in Boise, Idaho, LED is shaped by the artistic vision of husband and wife co-founders, Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas. Lauren and Andrew are intimately involved in the creative production of each artistic work, building each piece from the ground up, and relying on a network of extremely talented artists, dancers, musicians, designers, and technicians to bring each creative experience to life.




( olympia, washington )
Howardian is an American (NYC, Chi, Oly) pop collective fronted by Ian Vanek (x-Japanther.)

The group uses loose poly rhythms, sticky synth melodies and dynamic vocal hooks to make strange songs for weird people.

The resulting infectious art-rock is authentic and catchy. Howardian’s tracks feature fuzzy, distorted walls of sound and plenty of samples, all with a scuzzy garage-rock vibe.