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Day 2 of Treefort 2018

Woah! Day One‘s festivities really got the ball rolling. And we’ve only just begun!

The rain won’t stop us from getting down tonight. On day two of Treefort 2018, you’ll find more forts, more shows, and more fun. Get out on the town and explore!

Before we dive into today’s festivities, let’s relive yesterday thanks to our amazing Treefort film crew:



Everything from indie rock to funky soul at El Korah Shrine tonight! Locals Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars open the night, along with funk-punk band The Muckers and electrifying seven-piece ensemble The Dip. Later in the night, Houston’s award-winning group The Suffers and the fence-swinging anthemic sounds of The Districts will set the mood for Chicago rockers Twin Peaks.

Dance your way over to Neurolux* and listen to Los Angeles group Dark Rooms, soulful trip-hip duo Rituals of Mine and electro-pop artist Kelly Lee Owens.

Can’t get enough indie rock? There’s more to discover at Linen Building featuring Brooklyn band Titus Andronicus and Boston post-punks Vundabar.

Get your Vitamin C fix from the tropical sounds of Guayaba and Toronto-based, Colombian-born interdisciplinary musician Lido Pimienta at Boise Contempoary Theater.

Party with Seattle indie rock duo Hobosexual at Hannah’s*! Don’t miss locals Zack Quintana Band and The Guardians of Virginity just before them.

If you’re looking for some eclectic rock, go to Tom Grainey’s* and listen to organized chaos-makers Mother Yeti, cosmic hip-shakers Jupiter Holiday, and seven-piece musical brotherhood Shakewell.

Get your whiskey sippin’ swing on at Pengilly’s Saloon* with help from the hopping mad rhymes and rhythms of Quinn DeVeaux, the musically captivating and upbeat tunes of Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints, and the classic and original arrangements of local favorites The Frim Fram Four.

Groove the night away at Fatty’s* with DJs Ardalan, Lux Groove, Alastair, and Deeveaux!

It doesn’t stop here! Catch other amazing acts at The District, The Olympic*, Boise All-ages Movement Project (BAMP), Knitting Factory, Ha’Penny*, The Shredder, Grainey’s Basement*, The Reef*, First Presbyterian Church, Spacebar* and Adelmann Building (North & South)**.

Full schedule is here. Download the Treefort App to share your schedule with friends!

*Must be age 21 or over to enter.
**Must be age 18 or over to enter.



Storyfort provides us with a full day of captivating podcasts, inspiring stories, and amazing authors.

Catch Storyfort events at The Owyhee all day! Watch a live recording of NPR’s The Big Listen, a broadcast about podcasts hosted by Lauren Ober at 11:00am. At noon, August McLaughlin will be on stage reading from her newest book, Girl Boner**. Refugee storytellers and advocates deliver the entire spectrum of the refugee experience in America at 1:00pm, followed by authors Lidia Yuknavitch, Chelsea Bolan, and Adam Voith discussing how to make your fiction writing stand out at 2:30pm. Five veterans with experience from Vietnam, the Balkan Crisis, and post-9/11 Iraq and Afghanistan tell their stories at 4:30pm. The evening at The Owyhee ends with live podcasts of Girl Boner hosted by August McLaughlin at 6:00pm, and That Baseball Show hosted by Jimmy Bowman and Matt Melton at 7:30pm.

Come hang with a bunch of Storyfort podcasters, and fans of the pod, at The Mode Lounge*, Friday, March 23rd, 5-7pm! Lauren Ober of The Big Listen, August McLaughlin of Girl Boner, Larry Rosen and Bridget Quinn of GrottoPod, Joel Wayne and Lacey Daley of You Know The Place, and a whole bunch more will be there quaffing, conversing, and toasting to Treefort!

But wait, there’s more! Listen to authors Cynthia Hand and Samantha Silva talk about one of their biggest influences, Charles Dickens, at Rediscovered Books at 7:00pm. Also at 7:00pm, writer Stewart O’Nan invites you to read, write, and drink with him at The Cabin.

*Must be age 21 or over to enter.
**Adult content, recommended for age 18 or over.



Treefort Gallery

Treefort Gallery is free and open to the public. The gallery is located at The Owyhee and will be open 3-8pm.

Learn more about the Treefort Gallery 2018 artists and exhibits by listening and talking to the artists themselves. Today, Melanie Billark will be talking about her work at Treefort Gallery 5:30-6:00pm.

Performance Art

Catch Tispur‘s music set at the Boise Contemporary Theater at 7:00pm, then stick around to watch Ballet Idaho dancers perform with Tispur 7:45-8:00pm. In collaboration with Storyfort and Death Rattle, local authors Diana Forgione, Alex Yann, and Dig Reeder revisit the tales of The Odyssey to create original works of poetry and fiction which will culminate in a live reading, followed by the performance of three short contemporary ballets based on the work choreographed by Daniel Ojeda of Ballet Idaho, Lydia Sakolsky-Basquil of Project Flux, and independent choreographer Sayoko Knode.

This year, we have a new Performing Arts venue, the Treefort Underground Performing Arts Center (T.U.P.A.C.), on 8th & Myrtle. The first performances to be held in the space will be this evening! LED will debut their immersive piece, “Artificial Flowers”. They will perform the piece five times: 6:00pm, 7:15pm, 8:30pm, 9:45pm, and 11:00pm. This show is free and open to the public, but due to the limited capacity of the space, tickets for the event were available on Eventbrite a few weeks ago and subsequently sold out. There will be a waiting list if you are still interested in attending. This performance is supported by the City of Boise.



Treefort 7 just got a whole lot funnier thanks to Comedyfort!

Tonight marks the first comedy show of Treefort 2018. Tonight’s Comedyfort headliner, Daniel Van Kirk, will have you slappin’ your knee and laughin’ ’til you pee 8:00pm at Liquid Lounge*, alongside Emma Arnold, Alex Falcone, Anchor Soong, Becky Braunstein, and Lady Bizness. Wanna give comedy a shot yourself? There will be an open mic 10:00pm-12:00am!

*Must be age 21 or over to enter.



Foodfort Meat Up

Foodfort kicks off at the inaugural Meat Up this evening at 6pm, when carnivores will converge in the Foodfort Tent for a fangs-out feast featuring special guest chefs Hugh Acheson (Atlanta), Carlo LaMagna (PDX) and Brad Taylor (BBQ4LIFE). In addition to piling plates high with grilled Snake River Farms American Wagyu, Filipino-style pork and Kurobuta spare ribs, attendees can also sip on a boozy Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktail, a glass of Split Rail wine or a mouth-puckering specialty sour from New Belgium.

Tickets for the Foodfort Meat Up are sold out.



Emma Arnold: Yes, Please

The premiere of Emma Arnold’s new comedy special is this evening at 5:00pm at The Flicks. Equal parts outrageous and thoughtful, Emma’s standup comedy is engaging, honest, and comes from the heart. In addition to being a successful touring comedian, Emma is a third generation beekeeper and honey farmer. When not touring, Emma lives in Idaho, where she keeps kids and bees with varying degrees of success (and directs Comedyfort).

Walden: Life in the Woods

A radical, western re-imagining of Henry David Thoreau’s classic “Walden” will play at 6:30pm at The Flicks. Taking place over twenty-four hours, the film interlaces Solitude, Friendship and Society: three contemporary narratives about the trappings of modern life and the unlikely transcendentalists who dream dangerously of escape.



Treasure Valley Product Managers Workshop

Hosted by Treasure Valley Product Managers, Experience Designer Summit – The Summit** is intended for industry professionals who need to offer a better and different experience for customers, suppliers, and partners , which is more sustainable and profitable compared to other organizations competing on price, sales campaigns, programs, promotions or features. This workshop starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:30pm at US Bank on Capitol Boulevard. This workshop is for Hackfort passholders only.

Hackfort Kick-Off Party

Super stoked about the lineup for Hackfort? What better way to immerse yourself into our programming than meeting your favorite speaker! At our Hackfort Kick-Off Party*, we’ll drink beers, listen to tunes provided by DJ Michna and the chance to meet your favorite game-boss, tech journalist or robot engineer! Celebrations begin at 5:30pm at the Jump Room at JUMP. This party is for Hackfort passholders only.

*Must be age 21 or over to attend.
**Must be age 18 or over to attend.



Yogafort officially kicks off tomorrow, but you can catch a Storyfort crossover and some Yogafort artists perform today!

Join us for Yoga Mythology: A Journey of the Self through movement, breath, and the power of myth 2:00pm at Boise All-ages Movement Project (BAMP). Yogafort yogis will be engaging participants in the myths and narratives behind the art and practice of yoga through movement and storytelling.

This evening, Yogafort music artists Dave Stringer and East Forest will perform at First Presbyterian Church. Later in the night, check out Sol Rising‘s set at Adelmann North**.

**Must be age 18 or over to enter.


Music Talks

Panels at Treefort Music Fest 2018

Data! What is it good for?

These days there’s nothing but data out there — social media statistics, Spotify artist insights, info about who your fans are, where they are, and when they listen to your music. But what do you do with all this data? And who is really benefitting from it? This panel will be recorded as a Future of What podcast episode where host Portia Sabin talks to experts in the industry about pressing issues facing musicians today. Sit in on this panel at 3:30pm at Inspire Studio at JUMP.

The Future of Music in Advertising and Media

In this ever-changing landscape where technology heavily influences campaigns and successful marketing outreach, what does this mean for agency creatives and musicians? Similarly, how does this affect the creation and application of music? This panel of creative agency insiders, artists, and music licensing experts will help us navigate through the over saturated world of media, while discussing music’s role in emerging and trending channels on the horizon. This talk will be held at 5:30pm at Inspire Studio at JUMP.

Box Office

Pick up your bright, shiny new week-long accessory at The Owyhee today from 4:00-10:00pm. Remember to bring your ID and ticket confirmation with you. Only you can pick up your pass!

Second Chance Shows

Dodgy Mountain Men will play a set at Even Stevens at 2:00pm!

TreeFunk is hosted by PreFunk* throughout the entire festival. Check out bands like Fruit & Flowers and Zee Will from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

Titus Andronicus will perform a second chance set at 5:30pm at The Record Exchange. Make sure to follow The Record Exchange on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates on secret performances during Treefort!

Get another chance to see bands like Hallowed Oak and Dante Elephante at Boise Fry Company on Capitol Boulevard from 8:00pm to 11:45pm.

*Must be age 21 or over to enter.

Other Important Deets

  • Make sure you’re ready to go with our Survival Guide!
  • Don’t forget to pick up your Treefort VII souvenirs at Merch, located inside The Owyhee— everything is in small quantities so snag it up now, while you can!
  • It’s Springtime in Boise, so bring layers!
  • Need help during the fest? The Ranger Station is a great resource.


Yonatan Gat had to cancel, their late night Shredder set on Thursday will be replaced by Kelli Schaefer now!
Host cancelled and the BCT schedule starts later now.


Happy Treefort!