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Final Round of Artists for Treefort 2017

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Now with breaking news, the final Treefort artist announce is here to round out the full Treefort 2017 lineup. We will be rolling out the full schedule in a couple of weeks, so you have plenty of time to do your homework. Below are some recommended places to start in this last group of announced artists — SO MUCH TO BE EXCITED ABOUT! Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg as we added 236 artists today to bring the total to 411. Dig into the full Treefort 2017 artist list over on the LINEUP page.




((( asheville, north carolina )))

“Since Angel Olsen’s first album in 2010, she’s carved out a smoky, country-flavored corner of the indie rock world for herself. Her distinctive voice delivers taut meditations on love and loneliness, sometimes with a shout and other times with more of a whisper. Her music earned her critical acclaim, but also a reputation as a tortured soul — one she wasn’t really looking for. Her new album puts that reputation to rest: It’s called My Woman, and the 29-year-old artist says her latest work reflects the fact that she’s aged a bit. ‘If I were to critically compare this record and the last one,’ Olsen says, ‘I would say the last record is like when you first pick up Dostoyevsky or Kafka and you’re talking with all your friends and you’re like, ‘I understand things now and I’m going to tell people what I understand and it’s going to be important.’ And then this record is more like, ‘I’m going to take a little bit of those things, but I also want to have fun, because fun is important to me.'” — NPR (Sept 2016)// Angel Olsen played Radio Boise Tuesday at Neurolux in April of 2013 to about 25 dedicated fans that had already gotten wind of her. She played Neurolux again in July of 2014 to a growing crowd, but her world travels haven’t brought her back until now. In the wake of her rising success, we’re excited to have her headline our Treefort Main Stage on Sunday night this year.





((( boise, idaho )))

Magic Sword is the most recent Boise project to start getting significant national and international attention. Following the release of their ‘Legend EP’ last year via SIZE Records (label owned by Steve Angelo from Swedish House Mafia), Magic Sword embarked on their first headlining tour of the US. As that tour developed, they also started being recognized as a key artist in the growing synthwave movement and discovered significant crowds drawn to each stop of The Awakening Tour. Last year, you witnessed them in an epic battle with Gertie The Spider at the Treefort Main Stage. This year, catch them wrap their tour with Carpenter Brut at El Korah Shrine on Wednesday night, and then on Friday night bear witness to a very special show with the Boise Philharmonic at the Egyptian Theater (details to be announced soon). When the Magic Sword appears……….good will always prevail.





((( seattle, washington )))

“Chastity Belt’s first show was “a total joke” — at least that’s how Julia Shapiro, lead singer and guitarist for the Seattle four-piece, tells it. Now 25, Shapiro recalls how she and her friends (fellow guitarist Lydia Lund, bassist Annie Truscott, and drummer Gretchen Grimm) joined forces in their sophomore year at Whitman College in Washington state, entering a “Battle of the Bands” with just a single song to their collective name. “It wasn’t until junior year that we started playing shows in Seattle,” Shapiro says over the phone. “We were like, ‘Oh, we can keep doing this after we graduate.’” In the few years since their 2012 cap-and-gown ceremony, Chastity Belt have gone from college-campus lark to a fully fledged band, signed to Sub Pop’s impeccably curated Hardly Art imprint and having opened on tour for breakout singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett and major-indie institution Death Cab for Cutie. They’re still in need of day jobs (Shapiro tends bar), but they’ve already released two albums rich with their particular strain of post-punk: dreary yet melodic songs that volley between taking the piss out of twentysomething concerns and staring them down. (Past song titles include “Nip Slip,” “Cool Slut,” and “Why Try.”) Currently, Chastity Belt are in the process of putting together their third full-length; when Shapiro and I talk in early August, it’s a few days after she and her bandmates have finished recording material for their next album, which is likely due out in early 2017.” — Spin interview (August 2016)





((( san francisco, california )))

As one of the most ubiquitous DJs in Dance Music, Mark Farina’s known for both his unique style of mixing Jazz, Downtempo and House Music as well as being the creator of Mushroom Jazz: West Coast jazzy, organic productions combined with East Coast Hip-Hop, Urban beats. Farina relocated to San Francisco in 1992. Fans embraced Mark’s downtempo style and he started co-hosting a weekly Mushroom Jazz club night in ʻ93. In 3 short years, Farina established a fanatical, cult-like following for his Mushroom Jazz sound and in 1996, OM Records released the first mixed comp CD, simply titled, Mushroom Jazz. Other notable releases include OMʼs Seasons, San Francisco Sessions Vol. 1, Connect, House of Om, Live in Tokyo, and Fabric 40. When Mark’s not touring the world, you’re likely to find him in his studio working on new releases & podcasts for his label, Great Lakes Audio. On days off he’ll be cruising his ’68 Toronado with his son, Dylan (aka “little peanut”), and his Yorkie, Pumpkin. Voted as one of the top DJ’s in the world by URB, MUZIK and BPM magazines, Mark Farina’s taste making skills continue to turn the heads of seasoned Dance Music veterans as well as newcomers to the scene.




((( brooklyn, new york )))

“Xenia Rubinos’ vivid debut album, Magic Trix, drew from noise, punk, and soul, yet it was often described as ‘Latin music’ on account of the Brooklyn songwriter’s Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. ‘I think that my culture plays into that because it’s part of who I am,’ she’s said, ‘but I also don’t think it’s the totality of my work.’ But for the follow-up, her newfound appreciation of hip-hop, rediscovering Erykah Badu, and creating against a backdrop of racist police brutality prompted Rubinos to consider the parameters of her identity. ‘You know where to put the brown girl when she’s fuckin’ it up,’ she chants amid the gnashing synths of ‘See Them.’ ‘Where you gonna put the brown girl now she’s tearin’ it up?’ Black Terry Cat is all about breaking beyond limitations. From mostly keys, drums, and bass, Rubinos and her small cohort bring a funky fluidity to the bright splatters of her debut, and forge a level of inventiveness comparable to Esperanza Spalding’s recent epic, Emily’s D+Evolution. On a day where nothing’s going right, the bass and vocals on ‘Lonely Lover’ spiral downwards, an elegant, defeated groove into the abyss. On songs like ‘Laugh Clown’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Be,’ Rubinos is a brooding neo-soul singer, yet ‘Just Like I’ is an exuberant but abrasive thrash (“with the same teeth, I smile, I bite you…”) that could be by Shellac if not for her loopy vocal trill.” — Pitchfork (June 2016)






((( seattle, washington )))

Sol first captured an audience in 2012 with his Dear Friends EP trilogy. Following shortly after, he independently released the full-length album, Yours Truly, which quickly hit #1 in the U.S. and #4 worldwide on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. Then, at what seemed to be a decisive moment in his career, Sol did the unexpected; he left. As a cum laude graduate of the University of Washington, Sol was offered the prestigious Bonderman Honors Travel Fellowship as he simultaneously was receiving offers from record labels. Ultimately, he chose to keep blazing his own trail and embarked on the 10-month journey across the globe. While traveling, his music continued to flow as his new experiences only added to his already global perspective. Sol’s journey and his new inspiration deeply influenced his next project, the Eyes Open EP, which debuted in the Top 10 on the global iTunes Hip-Hop charts. Just as Sol’s influences have expanded beyond music so have his aspirations. Whether it be through performing at major festivals such as Sasquatch!, Bumbershoot and the Capitol Hill Block Party; touring with artists including G-Eazy, Iamsu!, the Blue Scholars, Zion-I and Grieves; public speaking; or organizing and playing benefit concerts he naturally wants to find ways to connect with people. Operating fully independently, Sol has built everything organically with his fans – reaching tens of millions of streams online on Soundcloud and Spotify alone. With the release of The Headspace Traveler in March 2016, Sol continues on that path, and that path has led him to Treefort 2017.





((( atlanta, georgia )))

Shots pulsing from a vintage Leslie speaker, their guitars, keys and vocals create the psychoactive ingredients of their echo-slathered, doo-wop-indebted indie gems; psychedelic garage bangers, gritty R&B shuffles and spaghetti-western weirdness. Taking cues from Santo & Johnny, The Stooges, Ritchie Valens, Marc Bolan, Percy Faith, Sam Cooke, the men working on the chain gang—uh! ah!—they’re all here, their electric ghosts reaching across time, tapping Gringo Star on the shoulder like the crossroads devil to Robert Johnson, bestowing secrets, passing torches.





((( portland, oregon )))

“Some people take a little more time to grow,” sings Courtney Marie Andrews on the title track of Honest Life. It is a telling statement from someone who has been knocking around for a while, honing her skills, before finding it within herself to craft an absolutely perfect little gem of an album at the sixth attempt. Andrews is only 25 but has already spent almost a decade on the road as a professional musician, touring since she was 16, singing backing vocals for arena rock band Jimmy Eat World and travelling as lead guitarist for cult Americana star Damien Jurado… Andrews’s voice is pure and sweet with nuanced warbles and flutters and a little break on the top notes, bringing to mind the tremulous flow of Emmylou Harris with hints of Joni Mitchell’s worldly wisdom, while the poetic economy of her lyrics is right up there with such masters of the country vignette as Guy Clark and John Prine.” — The Telegraph (January 2017)





((( anacortes, washington )))

Artist and producer Karl Blau rides the wave of a coastal country-fied soul album “Introducing Karl Blau” in which Blau sings tunes from 60s and 70s Nashville scene and beyond. “Introducing” came out in May of 2016, and has taken him on tours of the US and Europe with band members from NW sensation LAKE. Hailing from Anacortes, WA, Blau currently releases his music on London’s Bella Union label founded by members of the Cocteau Twins. Karl Blau after 20 plus years of recording has over 40 solo albums under his belt buckle. Stylistically all over the map, the thread that ties all of these different incarnations together is his silky baritone voice. Blau first performed in Boise in the late 90s on tour with then The Microphones also from Anacortes. Some of the other bands he’s played in are EARTH, Malaikat Dan Singa, Laura Veirs, The Bundles, LAKE, Bright Black Morning Light.





((( vancouver, british columbia )))

Led by the hypnotic vocals of Andrea Lo, Belle Game weaves ethereal soundscapes into, blown-out, crush-pop confessions. Sonically, Belle Game exists somewhere between new-age visions and unkempt basements. Keyboards and guitars swell between the cracks as a foundation of subsonic rhythm is splayed across the floor. Their debut album Ritual Tradition Habit earned the band critical praise from the likes of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone; while their emotional live performances prompted Paste Magazine to name them one of the “10 Great New Bands from CMJ”. From hushed anthems to distorted instrumentals, Belle Game is always teetering between two worlds. Whatever the mood, it’s always a celebration of the hard times and a refusal of fear. Check out the band’s new single, Yuh (produced by Dave Hamelin, executive produced by Kevin Drew.)





((( portland / olympia )))

“Gather ’round, children of the ’90s. Justin Trosper and Sara Lund of the late, great Unwound have linked musical arms once again, and there’s a reason we mention the ’90s broadly as opposed to Unwound in particular. Nocturnal Habits is a different beast than what’s expected if you didn’t know about its participants’ new musical lives since Leaves Turn Inside You and that Trosper quite enjoys hopscotching over and around genres. [NOCTURNAL HABITS’ “NEW SKIN FOR OLD CHILDREN”] Lead-off tracks “Ecophilia” and “Good Grief” are beckoning those who can’t afford the asking price for vinyl of the last MBV, “Wall Of Early Morning Light” is the piece Philip Glass never collaborated with Dead Can Dance on, while “Sketchbook” and “Ice Islands” pensively hum straight outta the Midwest where Shudder To Think collides with Bob Mould’s maturity. Trosper and Lund trading in ratcheting angular noisiness for alt-indie filtered through lush orchestration may be bemoaned by some, but it works. And it’s a lot easier on the senses.” — Magnet Magazine (December 2016)





((( philadelphia, pennsylvania )))

Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision come out of hiding in 2017 with their new psychedelic-rock album RAW ROCK FURY. RAW ROCK FURY is the 2nd LP for the band, and follows 2015’s critically acclaimed SONIC PRAISE, which saw them traverse the globe with the likes of UNCLE ACID & the DEADBEATS and YOB. RAW ROCK FURY exhibits the band locking in on primordial-caveman-esque Detroit rock grooves, krautian motorik sounds that recall that obscure one-time collaboration between NEU and the MC5, grimy harmonica flourishes that evoke Beefheart as his rockinest, and the Hawkwindian primal world heavy psych their debut showcased to the world’s respite. All of this is captured on one of the dirtiest sounding recordings since KICK OUT THE JAMS. Miss the times when heavy rock records had that bone crushing girth to their recordings that made you just want to keep turning it up? Do you crave that searing acid rock guitar sound from back-when, before Funkadelic’s sound got corny? Do you miss the days when rock recordings were dangerous? If so, you must crave RAW ROCK FURY.





((( kensington, california via israel )))

Perfect Stranger is a stage name for Israeli based electronic musician Yuli Fershtat. Perfect Stranger was created around February 2005, and within 2 calendar years became critically acclaimed all over the globe, always showcasing the next step with his multi genre psychedelic dance music, and ultimately culminated being a genre of it’s own, presenting a totally distinctive sound, characterized by groovy playful beats and patiently built compositions. His music often defies genres bridging between progressive trance and techno with a presence of tribal and psychedelic elements.




((( seattle, washington )))

Creating vivid instrumental imagery using complex rhythms and a unique precision that redefines the term “funk” for 21st Century audiences the eight- piece Polyrhythmics are proving to be one of Seattle’s finest exports. With a hard-driving modern afro-psycho-beat sound composed of relentless rhythm, heart thumping bass lines, intricate guitar phrasings, avalanches of keyboard colors, melodic hooks and soaring horn solos the octet delivers a live experience to behold that immediately turns any joint into a funky dance party.




((( los angeles, california )))

Cy Dune is the pen name and mythological rebel persona of Seth Olinsky, guitar virtuoso, vocalist, and songwriter of legendary underground noise punk freaks Akron/Family, and co founder of Lightning Records. Also known for his work with Swans/Angels of Light /YGR founder Michael Gira and post minimalist mastermind Rhys Chatham, as well as collaborations with everyone from Hamid Drake and William Parker to Oneida, Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Nakatani. Cy Dune began in 2012 in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson, AZ when alongside Lightning co-founder, conceptual artist and musician Ali Beletic, the two removed themselves from the conservative, middle of the road hipster culture of the late 00’s to begin again artistically in the sun and raw ancient Americanism of the desert. There he recorded his critically acclaimed first ep No Recognize and forthcoming Desert LP, and first married the primitivist poetic powers of the American blues mythology with the religious rock power envisioned by Patti Smith and the 70’s NYC art/punk movement.




((( portland, oregon )))

“For the Portland, Ore., band Y La Bamba, creativity and talent have combined and crystalized to form a unique sound. That sound is the sum of many individual musical experiences and influences, but it also reflects a shared vision. Most importantly, on the new Ojos Del Sol, it sounds as if the group is having a blast playing music. The biggest step forward on the new record lies in how Y La Bamba uses Luz Elena Mendoza’s voice: It’s employed like a musical instrument, as part of an ensemble sound. That may sound easy, but it’s difficult to pull off. Singing delicately in her upper register, she seems enmeshed in the instrumental arrangements, which gives her bicultural storytelling an almost otherworldly feel. Ojos Del Sol represents a major step forward for Y La Bamba, not least because it fully establishes Mendoza as one of the most innovative and exciting young vocalists around.” — NPR (August 2016)





((( los angeles, california )))

When it comes 2 the live show, HB will stun U. It’s an all-in-one package deal with sensual vocals, live loops, groovin’ drum machines, manic guitar lines and thick synths, all at the hands of one being. It’s no secret that this multi-instrumentalist and producer is influenced sonically and ethically by The Artist himself. And If Prince is his king, Sade is his queen, as they reside over an ever expanding court of every genre that falls in between. He’s not what U’d expect and that’s what makes HB’s language all the more engaging. Cause its a language of disconnection, a speak that breaks down stereotypes and genres. He’s not all funk, he’s not all RnB, and he sure ain’t pure pop or rock either. Sexual and sensitive, ambiguous and androgynous, who is this alien creature, sending us encoded messages like we got ESP? Don’t U wanna know? So what do U say, R U ready 2 get EVER so Freaky with ya very own Harriet Brown?





((( largo, maryland )))

A native of the DMV area, Cauzndefx brings an eclectic mixture of both old school and new school vibes with an added lo-fi feel. When he’s not watching anime or playing Smash Bros., he’s usually drafting up his next song with wordplay that displays a slight Rhymesayers vibe enhanced with a sort of “positive-melancholy-esque” instrumental backing. Being an upcoming monolith with unforgettable shows and energy to spare, Cauzndefx should definitely be on your playlist.






((( los angeles, california )))

“Kyle Field, professionally known as Little Wings, is a living legend. He is the modern embodiment of the traveling bard and the singing troubadour. Kyle’s discography is vast and impressive, full of tunes that are plucked from the lexicon of great American songwriting. On his latest effort, EXPLAINS, he crafts melodies so haunting and familiar; it’s as if he’s not composing them at all. He is tapping into something greater, acting as a vessel for the collective unconscious that is folk music. This is an album that is immediately accessible and also unfolds slowly, revealing greater depth with each listen. Kyle’s lyrics are direct yet poetic, funny yet sad. EXPLAINS is a fantastic record that celebrates the enduring spirit of a great artist. Its release on WOODSIST is all too fitting – a label whose very foundation seems based on lasting creative integrity.” – Alex Bleeker









((( phoenix, arizona )))

Qais Essar, international artist, composer, producer, educator and experienced live performer, carries on the traditional legacy of classical Afghan instrumentation. A student of both classical and traditional forms of Afghan/Indian and western music, Essar is able to present the Rabab with a fresh new perspective. His innovative approach to musical composition and presentation combined with his media savvy presence makes him a rare breed of artist in the classical music world. In the same vein, the richness of his classical music training and the depth of his responsibility to preserve the culture of his war-torn motherland make his music and narrative exceptionally compelling among young, independent musicians.






((( los angeles, california )))

“Pretty much all you need to know about Death Valley Girls can be summed up by the line from the 1975 sexploitation film Switchblade Sisters that became the band’s unofficial slogan: ‘Everybody’s gotta be in a gang.’ All those images of leather-clad, grime-covered, rebellious fun that such a phrase evokes are just what the Los Angeles quartet personifies. It’s slightly crazy, completely sexy, and just frightening enough that you want nothing more than to be inducted into the club. Luckily, Death Valley Girls are sending an open invitation with their sophomore record, Glow in the Dark. Out June 10th (2016) from Burger Records, the follow-up to 2014’s Street Venom plays like a beacon from space sent to incite a cultural mutiny. Tracks like ‘Love Spell’ and ‘Disco’ beckon the listener to shed the chains of repressive modesty in favor of letting loose in the neon light of the night. ‘Horror Movie’ and ‘I’m a Man Too’ strike out at the definitions laid down by a society enslaved to consumerism and clearly delineated classifications. All of it bursts out in surfy proto-punk layered with sugary shrill harmonies that cut through the garage door like so many steel studs.” — Consequence of Sound (June 2016)




((( atlanta, georgia )))

Contrasting loud and heavy fuzz-laden tones with soft, pop-melodic vocals, BIG JESUS has garnered comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and early Smashing Pumpkins. Alternative Press featured BIG JESUS as an “Artist to Watch,” saying they “tear up the rulebook on the genre and boast one of the very best names in rock to boot.” The band’s eclectic sound stems from their surroundings and upbringing in the Atlanta, GA music scene, with influences ranging from metal, psychedelic pop, shoegaze, hip hop to classical piano music, The first cut on the album, “SP,” starts off energetically, with big guitars, a heavy beat and melodic vocals that give it an almost psychedelic feel. The band’s label debut Oneiric was released September 30th, 2016 via Mascot Label Group / Mascot Records.





((( boise, idaho )))

ChildzPlay was Boise’s very own premier all-original Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band in the 1980s. ChildzPlay was know for their all original music, high energy sound, and spectacular light shows playing at multiple venues such as The Mardi Gras and Whiskey River. Even though there will not be an official History of Boise Rock Showcase this year, Childzplay are reuniting to play Treefort 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited. Check out this live video from 1985 at Mardi Gras and get pumped to rock out with these local legends.




((( toronto, ontario )))

Taking two of the most tireless acts away from their passports has yielded an album and stage show fit to clobber any unsuspecting rap lover. Fresh Kils is a “producer/DJ/sample magician involved with two of the 5 most written about rap albums in Canada”, according to Allya Kanani at Imprint Show Review. PremRock is no slouch either: “The hirsute and hooded rapper casts himself in a very short but worthy lineage…of rhymers artfully influenced by Aesop Rock” says Jeff Weiss of Pitchfork/LA Weekly. Thousands of words have been spilled on the technical prowess of Toronto producer Fresh Kils and his assault on the MPC, while New York emcee PremRock has written thousands more crisscrossing the globe studying Tom Waits and Ernest Hemingway. After three tours, countless studio sessions in Toronto, and numerous jaunts spiked by booze in back alley shakedowns, PremRock and Fresh Kils have officially linked up on record and on the road to milk their notoriety for all it’s worth.



((( los angeles, california )))

Abhi the Nomad is a 23 year old indian boy, dots, not feathers, hailing from the small suburb of Thousand Oaks, CA. Originally from India, Abhi has traveled through multiple different countries, finally landing in the US, to share with you his unique style and killer rhythm. From Hip Hop to Indie, to indie Hip-Hop, Nomad will blow your mind with his kung fu style and abstract artistry you haven’t ever seen before. From the age of 12, Abhi has been kicking rad rhymes independently. Abhi writes all of his material and also produces most of it himself. While working on his own solo projects, Abhi the Nomad has joined Foster to become half of “El Capitán.”





((( atlanta, georgia )))

Beginning in 1991 with infamous psych-rock provocateurs The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Matt Hollywood has trodden many musical paths over the last two and a half decades. From deceptively accessible BJM standouts like Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth and Maybe Tomorrow, to the tripped-out folk pop of The Out Crowd, and the hazy elegance of Rebel Drones, Hollywood’s songwriting has wandered through multiple genres, the playful experimentation always grounded in a core of earnest emotion. Drawing on such diverse influences as Cohen, Hazlewood, Morricone, Gainsbourg, and classic blues and country, Hollywood is returning to the road with music from his upcoming WavePOP Records release, as well as some old favorites and never-heard-live rarities.





((( vancouver, british columbia )))

Ora Cogan’s versatile, haunted voice opens up a mystical reality; hallowed, forlorn and full of promise. Ora combines the intricate guitar picking of americana with grunge and psychedelic dreamscapes, drawing comparisons to 70’s folk legend Karen Dalton and sharing the stage with the likes of Chelsea Wolfe, Grouper & Hope Sandoval while touring extensively throughout North America & Europe.
Ora’s 6th studio album, Shadowland, was released on Hidden City Records and Beacon Sound in 2016. A co-production with Trish Klein from acclaimed alt-folk group The Be Good Tanyas, Shadowland sees Ora’s stunning voice set in an intriguing romantic dreamscape of electric guitar, vintage keyboards, and hypnotic drums. Ora has recently performed at Torstraßen Festival in Berlin, Handmade Festival in Italy and will be on tour through 2017.




((( denver, colorado )))

Ever since winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, Trout Steak Revival has quickly become a quintessential Colorado band. The band won an Emmy Award for a soundtrack they contributed to a Rocky Mountain PBS. They’ve collaborated with school children in mentoring programs in Denver and Steamboat Springs. Their music is featured on Bank of Colorado’s radio and television advertisements. Most recently, Westword named them Denver’s Best Bluegrass Band, and they were nominated as a Momentum Band of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association. Defined more by expressive songwriting and heartfelt harmonies rather than any one genre, Trout Steak Revival crosses over and blends the bounds of folk, indie, bluegrass, and roots evoking its own style of Americana. With five band members all contributing unique lyrics, lead vocals, acoustic instrumentation, and harmonies, Trout Steak Revival delivers memorable tunes to an energetic fanbase that grows hand-in-hand with the band.



((( boise, idaho )))

Based in Boise, Idaho, the Hokum Hi-Flyers play old-time mountain music and other forms of unplugged American roots music on fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, and harmonica. Part of the living tradition of “old, weird America,” they sing songs of love and murder, sin and redemption, whiskey and whimsy. High-spirited dance tunes will get you on your feet and hollerin’ at the rafters. Come chase away the blues at their regular square dances at the Mardi Gras Ballroom in downtown Boise. They serve up hokum and they serve it hot. /// Catch them hosting one of their famed Hoedowns on Friday night of Treefort 2017 at the Basque Center.

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2017 Full Treefort Music Lineup


A Mighty Band of Microbes
a.k.a Belle
Aaron Brown and The Invasion
Aaron Jackson
Abhi The Nomad
Alanna Royale
Aldous Harding
Alex Cameron
Ana Lete
And And And
Andrew Sheppard
Andy O. + Weighn
Andy Shauf
Angel Olsen
Anna Tivel
Another Man Out The Window
Arc Flash
Arthur Maddox
Astro Tan
Audio Moonshine
Axiom Tha Wyze
Bad Licks
Belle Game
Ben Walden
Big Jesus
Billy Changer
Black Bolt
Blue Lotus
Blvrred Vision
Bogan Via
Boone Howard
Bread & Circus
Brent Cowles
Brett Hawkins
Brett Netson
Brooke Would
Bryson Cone
Bud Bronson & The Good Timers
Carpenter Brut
Chain of Flowers
Chanti Darling
Chastity Belt
Childz Play
CJ Boyd
Clap! Clap!
Clarke and the Himselfs
Cloudest Speaker
Comfy but Conflicted
Conquer Monster
Courtney Marie Andrews
Cuff Lynx
Cult Bride
Cure For The Common
Curtis/Sutton & The Scavengers
Cy Dune
Dan Had It
Dark Swallows
David Andrews Band
Dead Meadow
Death Valley Girls
Dedicated Servers
Deep Creeps
Delicate Steve
Desert Graves
Deviant Kin
Dimond Saints
Dirty Revival
Dodgy Mountain Men
Dogs in the Fight
Dressy Bessy
Dyllan Hersey
E&J (Eleven and Jason D)
Ealdor Bealu
East Forest
Ecstatic Vision
Edward Stumpp
Eilen Jewell
eL Dopamine
Electric Coconut
Elvice Mwenematale
Elvis Depressedly
Emily Afton
Emma Ruth Rundle
Erik Phillips
Everyone Is Dirty
Far From Giants
Foul Weather
Frankie & the Witch Fingers
Fresh Kils w/ PremRock
Fulton and Hunt
Garek Jon Druss
Gentle Spirit
Get Dead
Get Wet +
Ghost of Paul Revere
Glacier Veins
Glenn Mantang & the GOV
Good Dining
Ghost Tours
Gipsy Moonrise
Grand Falconer
Great Bait
Great Grandpa
Gringo Star
Hallowed Oak
Harriet Brown
Henry Pope
Hillfolk Noir
Hokum Hi-Flyers
Holiday Friends
Hollow Wood
Hot Pursuit
Human Ottoman
Hummingbird of Death
Hurdy Gurdy Girls
Hustle and Drone
Hybrid Sheep Organizer
Ian Velikoff
Illumneye Crew
Izaak Opatz
J&L Defer
Jac Sound
Jack Loyd Gish and Friends
Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners
Jake Leg
Jan Reed
Jared Grabb
Jared Mees
JD Kindle & The Eastern Oregon Playboys
Jeffrey Martin
Jenny Don’t and the Spurs
Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats
Jonn E Combat
Joshua James
Josiah Johnson
Junior Rocket Scientist
Kane Strang
Karl Blau
Kate Tempest
Kathleen Williams
KC Jonez
Kelli Schaefer
Kishi Bashi
Know Reaction
Kosha Dillz
Kurva Choir
Lee Corey Oswald
Les Fortunate
Light Thieves
Like A Rocket
Lily Lorenz
Little Wings
Logan Hyde
Lorna Dune
Lounge on Fire
Low Red Land
Lower Dens
Luci Kolada
Mac Demarco
Madisun Proof
Magic Sword
Marco Benevento
Mark Farina
Marshall Poole
Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings
Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles
Meat Puppets
Mercy Brown
Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs
Mikos DaGawd
Mimicking Birds
My Body
Never Young
New Shack
Nick Delffs
Nico Yaryan
Nocturnal Habits
Nothing But Heros
Nude Dude
Oceans Are Zeroes
Of Limbs
Ola Sweet
Old Death Whisper
Open Mike Eagle
Ora Cogan
Palo Duro
Paper Gates
Parade of Bad Guys
Pat Moon
People With Bodies
Perfect Stranger
Plastic Picnic
Play Date
Pom Pastel
Psychic Twin
Pure Ivy
Qais Essar
Queen Boychild
Red Hands Black Feet
Regular Sounds
Rituals of Mine
Rocci Johnson Band
Roo Nostalgia
Rory Van James
Ryan Duley
Ryan Peck
Sad Horse
Sama Dams
Sculpture Club
Sea’s Apprentice
Secret Drum Band
Shady Elders
Shana Falana
Sheep Bridge Jumpers
Sick Wish
Skinny The Kid
Sleepy Seahorse
Slow Caves
Slow Corpse
Sly Moon Sutra
Sol Rising
Something Spicy
Sonny & the Sunsets
Southtowne Lanes
Space Car
Spike Coggins
Spirit Award
St. Terrible (and The Gospel of Nothingness ∆)
Star Warrior
Storie Grubb
Str3tch Armstrong
Strange Ranger
Styles in Black
Stylust Beats
Sun Blood Stories
Tag Along Friend
Tall Tall Trees
Tango Alpha Tango
Tele Novella
The Album Leaf
The Astrophobes
The Band Ice Cream
The Birth Defects
The Bouncing Souls
The Coathangers
The Dig
The Dirty Moogs
The Fav
The Foxxtones
The Green Zoo
The Growlers
The Hand
The Infamous Stringdusters
The Invasion
The Jerkwadz
The Lawsuits
The Love Bunch
The Lower 48
The Modern Era
The Moody Jews
The Mutineers
The Ocean Party
The Oliphants
The Outfit
The Prids
The Raven & the Writing Desk
The Ravenna Colt
The Sea Life
The Seshen
The Soft White Sixties
The Still Tide
The Sun and The Mirror
The Very Most
The Weary Times
The Werks
There Is No Mountain
Thick Business
This Will Destroy You
Thomas Paul
Touché Amoré
Toy Zoo
Transistor Send
Trout Steak Revival
Tylor and the Train Robbers
Unconditional Arms
Up is the Down is the
Urban Outfielders
Water Slice
We Are Apes
Weezy Ford
Western Daughter
Wheelchair Sports Camp
Wild Powwers
With Child
Wooden Indian Burial Ground
World’s Finest
Xenia Rubinos
Y La Bamba
Yeah Great Fine
Zack Quintana & The Tucks
Zeb Dewar Band
Zee Will