Become A Founder

Minimum Price: $5.00

Contribute whatever amount you’d like – as little as $5 – to help keep Treefort’s main stage community-sponsored.

Product Description

We’re calling on the Treefort community to give what you can – as little as $5 – to become a founder and help keep the Treefort main stage logo-free. Instead of big branding, we hope to cover the main stage with the names that really count – yours! List yourself, your family, or your business ¬†- we will commemorate all the founders’ names, regardless of donation size, on-site at the Main Stage.

Get involved with Treefort. Become a founder! Here are our founder pledge benchmarks:

$1,000 Raised - Founders listed on a wooden Treefort Tower at the Main Stage.

$2,500 Raised – Founders listed on a banner to be hung on the Main Stage tent.

$5,000 Raised – We’ll thank every Founder by name on-stage during Saturday’s Main Stage events.

$7,500 Raised – Founders listed on banners hanging on either side of the Main Stage.

$10,000 Raised – Founders listed on an original mural constructed and painted at the Main Stage.

$20,000 Raised – We will BUILD A TREEFORT at the Main Stage. Founders listed inside and out!

$40,000 Raised – We don’t even know yet. But trust us, it will be cool.