First Artist Announcement for Treefort Music Fest 2014!!

Friends and Family,

Treefort 2014 has a lot of awesome developments in the works with new pieces of the fort starting to take shape. We’ve been fielding some incredible ideas from the community at large and doing our best to implement as many as possible into the living breathing entity that Treefort has become. More details on most of them soon. One big push we have for 2014 is to take steps to further “green” the festival. Our friend David Broderick has stepped up to help spearhead that effort. Greenfort_WebTomorrow we will be opening up a call for suggestions on our social media for ways you think we could be more “green”/sustainable in our operation. Then tomorrow night we are encouraging our crowd to attend the “10 Big Ideas to make Boise Greener” event at The Egyptian Theatre being hosted by Conservation Voters For Idaho. There will be some great speakers leading the discussion of sustainability in our community — well worth all of our time to be there for. Team Treefort will be fielding suggestions in person at the event on the Keep Treefort Green topic. Additionally, we will be operating a pop-up box office and selling 4-day Treefort Music Fest wristbands for $109 ($10 off) for anyone attending/participating in the event. Come say hi!

Oh yeah! We also have a new video series to introduce you to PLUS the first batch of Artists for Treefort Music Fest 2014 to share!!!

As always, this is a festival focused on emerging artists across many genres. We do our best to give you as many tools as possible to get to know artists you may not already be familiar with, so find some time, read through these brief descriptions and click on artist profiles to immerse yourself further in music and videos from all of them. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so get to know these before the next wave hits… Happy Treeforting!

1st Artist Announcement for Treefort Music Fest 2014

run_the_jewels_thumbRUN THE JEWELS with EL-P and KILLER MIKE
((( brooklyn, new york )))

“A theory: Run the Jewels, the acclaimed duo of Atlanta rapper Killer Mike and New York rapper-producer El-P, works because the two like one another genuinely, and it shows. It’s as if Run the Jewels, an evolution of El-P and Killer Mike’s initial 2012 collaborations, were conceived as an opportunity for them to hang out more. — Rolling Stone /// Run The Jewels self-titled debut record was released June 2013 on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records and already hitting plenty of Best Of lists for this year. Word is there’s an RTJ2 record slated for 2014. In March, Run The Jewels will raise the Treefort hip-hop bar to the Main Stage with sets from EL-P and KILLER MIKE culminating in a full band RUN THE JEWELS set. Fist bump.

the_joy_formidable_thumbTHE JOY FORMIDABLE
((( london, u.k. )))

“Since breaking out of their native Wales in late 2010, The Joy Formidable have straddled a line that few bands in a post-Internet world have been able to. They’re not quite artsy enough to be fully embraced by the Pitchfork crowd, and they don’t have the commercial-baiting hooks that both television and modern rock format radio stations love to spin twice an hour, but they’re not completely ignored by either industry either.” — KEXP /// We’re excited to have this Welsh power trio in Boise for the first time to rock the Treefort 2014 main stage, as we feel like their bold, fun and independent approach to their music is in line with the audacity of the Idaho spirit. This inventive video using live footage from the head of Ritzy Bryan’s guitar sealed the deal for us and gives a great glimpse of the energy these three bring to a stage.

Built_to_Spill_thumbBUILT TO SPILL
((( boise, idaho )))

The three night Built To Spill curated and headlined showcase at El Korah Shrine was such a huge hit last year, the band and Treefort are teaming up to do it again in 2014. Like last year, each night will be a unique set and they are certain to have some tricks up their sleeves — stay tuned for more details. Built To Spill toured heavily in 2013 — multiple US tours and a full Europe tour — helping to get the new rhythm section fully immersed as they continue work on a new album looming on the horizon.

((( seattle, washington )))

ODESZA is a production duo made up of Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) based out of the Pacific Northwest. They met while attending college at Western Washington University in Bellingham. The duo have been on a meteoric rise since the release of their debut LP Summer’s Gone and will play Boise for the first time during Treefort Music Fest 2014.

mr_GnomeMR. GNOME
((( cleveland, ohio )))

Inspired by a taste for the surreal, Cleveland’s Mr. Gnome has been creating a singular amalgam of gritty, space-psychedelia since 2005, gaining them an ever-growing cult following across North America and Europe, as well as praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Paste, Bust, and more. We are ecstatic to have popular Treefort 2012 artist back for Treefort 2014 as they start to emerge from their recording hideout where they’ve been working album number four.

warm_sodaWARM SODA
((( san francisco, california )))

“Combining elements of power pop, glam, and garage rock…Warm Soda crush out killer power-pop jams” says Rolling Stone, who recently named Warm Soda one of their “Bands To Watch from San Francisco”. Warm Soda recently paused their rigorous road schedule to dive into the recording of their second studio album, set to release in 2014 on Castle Face Records. Treefort 2014 will bring them to Boise for the first time.

((( london, u.k. )))

“Breton are a peculiarly modern proposition. They didn’t start out as a band but swerved into it when they began producing live soundtracks to their films. That this ‘art collective,’ incubated in south London’s makeshift spaces – all sketchy car parks and vibrant experimentation – should turn out a debut as casually brilliant as ‘Other People’s Problems’ is not surprising in itself. But that it should sound so vital, kind of is.” — NME /// London-based 5-piece live electronica band Breton will play Treefort 2014 as part of their tour of the US in support of War Room Stories, the follow-up to their Fat Cat Records debut album Other People’s Problems, set for an early 2014 release. Psyched to bring the dynamic Breton live show that has been filling bigger and bigger rooms in Europe to Boise and the Treefort stage.

((( columbus, ohio )))

Saintseneca is a young band from Columbus, Ohio led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zac Little.
Following in the footsteps of heartland bands who have sought to twist the music of the old weird America into new shapes – from the Violent Femmes to Neutral Milk Hotel – Saintseneca perform songs that sound familiar and uniquely original, all at once. The group utilizes a wide range of acoustic instrumentation (balalaika, mandolin, dulcimer, Turkish Baglama, floor percussion) with more contemporary elements such as synthesizers and electric guitars to create a seamless blend of soaring vocals and vibrant post-punk energy. Their latest album Dark Arc comes out March 11th (Anti Records), just over a week before they visit Boise for the first time to play Treefort 2014.

((( salt lake city, utah )))

SubRosa is an experimental sludge-doom band from Salt Lake City, a city plagued by the tension of opposites, bleeding with churning counterculture, and a fertile breeding ground for modern pioneers. Their first release on Profound Lore Records in 2011 No Help for the Mighty One hit several year end Best Of lists and garnered them a first wave of critical praise. Their latest offering, More Constant Than The Gods, came out in September of this year on Profound Lore and has been lauded extensively by critics and fans thus far, already hitting a lot of year end Best Of lists. Pleased to include this stellar representation from our neighbors to the South in the Treefort 2014 lineup. Dig deep on this one. You will love what you find.

((( boise, idaho )))

“I could go on all day about the purity of Uzala’s doom. About how their riffs crash upon the shores ceaselessly like waves of distortion, wearing away the edges to reveal smooth surfaces of groove. And how Nutt’s vocals are like the lighthouse standing steadfast against the onslaught. But the bottom line on Tales of Blood and Fire is an essential doom record from a band that won’t be slipping through fingers for very long.” — 8.5 out of 10- Matt Hinch. Scratch the Surface Webzine /// Formed in 2009, UZALA is a fuzz ridden icy landscape hailing from both Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon. With a nod to the masters of early 70′s metal, and yet a unique sound all their own, UZALA is a traditional doom metal band unlike any you have heard before. With the release of their second record Tales Of Blood & Fire this Fall, Uzala toured the US and have garnered a steady stream of raving press. They will be heading to Europe in 2014 in support of the European release of the album. As well as appearing at Treefort Music Fest once again.

((( austin, texas )))

Following 2012’s “All Day Pass”, Boyfrndz have continued to move forward by redesigning their unique approach to adventurous & complex rock. Produced by the former Mars Volta’s organist, Ikey Owens, the five melodic, chaotic and beautiful jewels of “Natures” change up their game; the Austin TX trio have succeeded in creating a protean multiplicity of genres somewhere between progressive, noise, punk-rock & pop. Led by the possessed and powerful voice of Scott Martin, Boyfrndz cast off the math-rock label, forging a strong identity of sonic tension and release. Back in Boise in 2014 to play Treefort for the first time.

((( nashville, tennessee )))

Founded in late 2007 as means for front man Neil Fridd to yell about his romantic mishaps, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! has blossomed into a real juggernaut of epic dance floor revelation. Such a juggernaut that we’ve brought them back with big plans for them this year at Treefort. You know they can lead an inspired, no holds barred dance party — best start doing your stretches now.

paper-birdPAPER BIRD
((( denver, colorado )))

My first experience of Paper Bird was in 2007 in a church basement / art collective / performance space in Denver as part of a community potluck and diy show. Their nods to old swing and big up front three-headed female vocals couldn’t have been any sweeter in the particular situation. It’s been fun to watch them flourish. Their rare and beautiful approach to music led them to be featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and were voted in the Top 10 Best Underground Bands by the Denver Post three years in a row, as well as being 5280′s Top of the Town “Top Local Band.” Most recently, Paper Bird was featured in February 2013 in the New York Times in a story about up and coming Denver bands. In 2014, they will play Treefort for the first time and I couldn’t be happier.

iska_dhaaf_thumbISKA DHAAF
((( seattle, washington )))

“For more than two years, Benjamin Verdoes and Nate Quiroga have been formulating their band Iska Dhaaf—workmanlike in their preparation, committed to a strict regimen of rehearsal and development. Until recently, they weren’t ready; they’ve been in no rush to let the melodic, ’60s-tinted, psychic baroque rock out if its cage. Iska Dhaaf sees Verdoes and Quiroga in roles they’ve never been in before. Quiroga (aka Buffalo Madonna from Mad Rad) learned guitar, bass, and keys; his opal singing voice is now a candelabra centerpiece. Verdoes (singing-songwriting frontman of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) learned to play drums and keys simultaneously while singing and triggering foot pedals, also completing a master’s degree in teaching English along the way. This past December and April, the duo recorded at K Records’ Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia with Ephriam Nagler. In June, they went to New York for mastering with UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound. This August, they put out a 7-inch on upstart Brick Lane Records…” – The Stranger /// Very excited to have this hot new Seattle band part of the early ranks of our Treefort 2014 lineup.

hollow_wood_thumbHOLLOW WOOD
((( boise, idaho )))

At its core, most would classify Hollow Wood as a “folk” band, but they continue to evolve into a well tuned collective of heart, soul, and musical fluidity that reaches beyond that simple description. With their debut LP “Spirits” scheduled to release in early 2014, Hollow Wood is gearing up for a big new year. Since appearing at the first Treefort in 2012 as a three piece, they have now grown to seven and we’re psyched to have them back for a third straight year as ever-strengthening representatives of the Boise music scene. Morgan Schuler of KEXP in Seattle writes regarding their Treefort 2013 appearance, “Even now, I can remember being wrapped up in it as the crowd cheered, danced and clapped their way through the set.”

magic_sword_thumbMAGIC SWORD
((( boise, idaho )))

Since debuting the live show at Treefort 2013 to a packed China Blue, Magic Sword has made two other appearances to large eager crowds in Boise. Most recently, the release of the self-titled debut LP and accompanying comic book in October at El Korah Shrine. One of the most compelling acts in Boise currently, tastefully bridging the EDM and live band scenes with a healthy dose of fantasy, imaginative and bold show production. The next Boise area Magic Sword experience will be at Treefort 2014. When the Magic Sword appears……….good will always prevail.

modern_kin_bw_thumbMODERN KIN
((( portland, oregon )))

Modern Kin is the re-imagined core of Drew Grow & The Pastor’s Wives featuring Grow, drummer Jeremiah Hayden and bassist (and former Boisean) Kris Doty. In 2012, they entered the studio as this new re-tooled trio and emerged with a new name, a recombined sense of purpose, and a record spun with the elbow grease and fervent drive that had first brought them together. Modern Kin’s debut was also the debut of Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Wild Flag) as a producer. Bound by tenacity, friendship, and a compelling desire to make formidable music together, Modern Kin released their self-titled debut album October 22, on Amigo/Amiga Recordings. Says Mark Baumgarten of the Seattle Weekly after Modern Kin’s first show together, “their electrifying performance in that dark underground club before a handful of people convinced me that Drew Grow is in fact destined for great things.”

((( seattle, washington )))

Drawing on a diverse range of inspirations, from the Breeders and Fleetwood Mac, to the Velvet Underground and 90s R&B, Tangerine is never predictable, but always melodic. Since first appearing on the Seattle music scene in January of 2013, Tangerine has been featured by numerous print and online outlets, including the Guardian, NME, BUST Magazine, KUOW/NPR, Tom Tom Magazine, Everett True’s Collapse Board, KEXP, The Stranger, The Philadelphia Daily News, and The Seattle Weekly.

vikesh_kapoorVIKESH KAPOOR
((( portland, oregon )))

In 2010, Kapoor performed at Howard Zinn’s memorial service in Boston, in front of Zinn’s family and colleagues (including Noam Chomsky). Roused by Zinn’s lifelong battle against class/race injustice, Kapoor spent the next two years in Portland, Oregon working on his full-length debut record. The Ballad Of Willy Robbins, a concept album loosely based on a newspaper article, chronicles the brutal but hopeful story of a working class man who slowly loses everything: ambitions, health, family and shelter. It’s a worker’s tale, less specific to the blue-collar life as it is about anyone struggling to make something of themselves. The Ballad Of Willy Robbins, released October 15th via Mama Bird Recording Co., was co-produced by Adam Selzer (M. Ward) and features Nate Query (Decemberists, Black Prairie), Jeff Ratner (Langhorne Slim) and Birger Olsen (Denver).

marshall_poole_thumbMARSHALL POOLE
((( boise, idaho )))

Boise State students all under the age of 21, Marshall Poole may very well best represent the healthy future of the Boise music scene. With rock-n-roll / rhythm & blues chops well beyond their youth, the true green shoots show in the vibrancy and confidence of their writing — crafting inventive rock songs reminiscent of everything redeemable about the heyday of “classic” rock while fitting naturally with their more contemporary heroes like Ty Segall and the neo-garage scene currently thriving with the likes of Thee Oh Sees and newer faces Warm Soda. Marshall Poole is Melanie Radford (bass/vox), Michael Hoobery on percussion, and Rider Soran (guitar/vox). They self-released a very solid debut EP The Misconception last week with a local release show. Our hope is that we here at Treefort can do whatever small part we can in ensuring these kids find the mountains of ears their music deserves here in our great State and well beyond our Idaho borders.

hustle_and_drone_thumbHUSTLE AND DRONE
((( portland, oregon )))

Ryan Neighbors, the former keyboardist for Portugal the Man, as well as Kirk Ohnstad, are Hustle and Drone. Hustle and Drone are an electronic beat based indie rock band from Portland, OR. Blending synthesizers, heavy bass, and intricate harmonies into well crafted pop songs with a strong emphasis on a great live show. “Like a smarter Starfucker that’s slightly less for girls and still sexier than shit.” — Bim Ditson, Willamette Week

((( portland, oregon via moscow, idaho )))

In the fall of 2012, Psychic Rites’ collaborative single with Black Ceiling “Catching Metal” sold out in weeks. They quickly followed with their self-titled EP released on Aural Sects in December, which was hailed as “superb” on the UK’s Netverk. Their local house shows in the basements of rural Moscow, ID regularly filled to capacity with people who want to dance. They’ve since relocated to Portland and the future looks bright. They played Boise with Soft Metals this summer and the refined live show was truly harnessing the potential of their stellar recordings.

summer_cannibals_thumbSUMMER CANNIBALS
((( portland, oregon )))

“The Portland, Oregon four-piece pick up where locals like The Wipers and The Thermals left off, with modern-grunge burners that aren’t so angry as to preclude a windows-rolled-down car singalong.”– NYLON /// “Backed by a bopping drum beat and strutting riffs, Boudreaux delivers an irresistible come-on…”– SPIN /// “Summer Cannbals is my new favorite Portland band.”– Hutch Harris of The Thermals /// “The glowering tough-girl punk of Summer Cannibals, a band named for a Patti Smith song, is particularly arresting.”– Portland Monthly /// Summer Cannibals debut LP No Makeup was released by New Moss Records last Summer and they’ve been picking up steam fast. Treefort 2014 will be their first time playing Boise.